Scorpio Monthly Stars June 2013

Scorpio Kitschensyngk 2Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Eclipse season is over for another six months and in June there’s a lot that’s starting to go your way. It is a case, however, of slowly, slowly and using timing to know when to make your best move.

One area of your life that’s all stations go is money and joint resources. This is because Mars, your traditional ruling planet, entered Gemini on the 31st May where it remains throughout June. You have until the Full Moon on the 23rd to pull out the metaphorical big guns and attack money and financial matters with a sense of urgency.

Gemini rules money that’s shared or controlled by other people. This includes investments, savings & debts; taxes, insurances & mortgages; inheritances, bonuses and lucky breaks.

It’s a great month to instigate a financial audit and get your personal books in order. In addition, you may begin to see the culmination of your effort and hard work of the last 12 months. This is because Jupiter, planet of opportunity, has been in Gemini since last summer and Jupiter’s now on its final leg through this sector of your chart.

Two dates this month are key to your success potential: the first is the 8th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini and the second is the 19th when the Sun and Jupiter connect. New Moons are great for new beginnings and taking the initiative to make things happen. The Sun and Jupiter connect once a year and in Gemini this must bring good news for money matters.

Together these two planets feel abundant and prosperous and they’re about celebration and experiencing good times. If you’ve been waiting for good news on the money front, this could be your chance. Remember, you have to be in to win and in addition this month’s stars complete what you began 12 months ago.

The big shift this month concerns the sign of Cancer, a fellow water sign, and for you Cancer rules travel, study, philosophy, spirituality and anything else that widens your horizons and opens you up to the world. This is where you find meaning in life and it’s about discovering a deeper purpose beyond the everyday. The Sun joins Mercury (mind) and Venus (relating) in Cancer on the 21st, the date of the summer solstice and the longest day in the northern hemisphere.

The most important movement, however, is Jupiter, planet of opportunity, also entering Cancer on the 26th where it will remain until summer 2014. If you have an urge to travel, move abroad, write a best seller or learn something new, this is the reason why. You may feel restless with such a strong emphasis here and hunger for something more. Exploration and adventure also come under this sector of your chart.

In addition, this month and next there are five grand trines in water signs. A grand trine is a triangle in the heavens and as Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces are connecting in trine aspect this month on the 11th and next month on the 19th, you’re entering a watery realm.

As the personal planets plus Jupiter move through the early degrees of Cancer, they all connect with Saturn and Neptune. Water signs rule emotions, nostalgia and sentimentality and following your intuition. You do something because it feels right and not because you think it’s right. This journey of exploration can take you literally anywhere once you tap into your passion and follow your longing to turn a dream into reality.

Work and regular jobs are unstable at the moment and for you astrologically. When you have Uranus in your work sector, anything goes and sudden changes become the norm. If you find a job comes to an end this summer, it may be the impetus you need to follow a dream and if you don’t find a way to channel your need for adventure, you’ll soon grow dissatisfied.

View this as a journey that will play out over the next 12 months and don’t feel that you have to rush into anything. In fact, right now you’re best biding your time and using this energy to feed your imagination and fuel your vision and plans for the future. On the 26th, Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and will be on go slow until mid-July. At that point, new information may come to light which is why it’s wise to proceed slowly.

If you’re in a relationship or married, you’re in this together and it may be that changes to your partner’s life are the catalyst for change. With Neptune prominent, you can’t discount the fact that one of you may also be lusting after something or someone else. Be honest with each other and build your castles on the ground and not in the air.

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