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Astrology Talk Podcast - With Sally & Christina

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Astrology Talk Investigate - With Kirkman & Rodenbeck

New episode on 8th of every month

We are Sally Kirkman & Christina Rodenbeck, two well-known astrologers chatting over a cup of strong coffee or tea about our favourite topic – the language of the stars. Once a month, we take astrology by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake out.

Our starting point is the star sign of the month and the major astrological events coming up.

As the conversation develops, we connect the astrology to what’s going on in the world. Most importantly, we highlight the significance of the month’s celestial manoeuvrings so you can find out what's coming up for you. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Sun signs and the language of real life astrology.

Our new venture is Astrology Talk Investigate with astro-detectives Kirkman & Rodenbeck. Short sharp snippets using the power of astrology to find out more.

We’d love you to listen in so do make yourself a cuppa and join us. Below, you’ll find all our astrological podcasts and latest episodes.

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I listened to your podcast episodes about my sun (Pisces) and moon (Scorpio) and was amazed by the accuracy. I've read a lot about my signs and nothing has nailed my experience like your episodes did! I've since forwarded the podcast to several close friends who have also been stunned by their descriptions.


I always really enjoy your podcasts for the month ahead. I listen to many astrologers, but you two create this feeling of hanging out in your living room…so comfortable and natural, just letting the conversation emerge, and the spontaneousness brings forth intuitive gems. It's truly a gift that you offer! Thank you both.