Sagittarius Monthly Stars June 2013

Sagittarius Kitschensyngk 2This is the big month of the year when your ruling planet Jupiter changes signs. Up until the 26th, Jupiter is in your opposite sign of Gemini and this month signifies the glorious finale of Jupiter in Gemini and your relationship sector.

Key dates to note are the 8th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini, a great day to initiate a new partnership strategy and make things happen and the 19th, potentially the best day of the month, when the Sun and Jupiter come together.

Jupiter expands what it touches so for some this is about a proposal, meeting the love of your life and celebrating love and relationships. There may be good news for your other half and a reason for you both to celebrate together.

Don’t forget, however, that Jupiter is the planet of freedom so for some this is about breaking free and doing what works for you, in or out of relationship. It may be about moving or from a situation that’s limiting or restricts you in some way. You may now feel ready to spread your wings and fly free.

Another reason why June seems significant for your one-on-ones is because Mars, planet of passion and anger, is also in Gemini and your opposite sign. Avoidance is not an option where love and relationships are concerned. Instead this is the month to confront any issues, clear the air and work at love.

Gemini is the sign that thrives on duality so this may not be about one relationship in your life but two or more significant relationships. You may have a current partner and an ex, and even a lover as well. Whatever your personal situation, it’s about finding out where you stand and deciding what works for you in or out of love. This could also be someone influential in your life who isn’t a romantic partner but who benefits you in a big way. When Jupiter’s in action, the possibilities are immense.

Jupiter leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on the 26th and by this time there are already three other planets in this sector of your chart, Mercury (mind), Venus (relating) and the Sun (ego). Cancer rules money and specifically joint resources. It’s about the money you share with others and the complicated financial arrangements that money can bring.

The Full Moon on the 23rd cuts across the financial axis of your chart and before this date it’s a good idea to sort out your money or financial situation. Create a budget if you haven’t already and look at whether you can save money by switching providers or getting a better deal on a debt or savings account. If you need some financial advice, turn to an adviser and find out what your options are and what’s going to be best for you.

This is the time to be doing your research and gathering information, finding out the best deals and considering how to make your money work for you. However, with Mercury turning retrograde on the 26th, don’t rush into any major contract or transaction if you can help it and certainly without reading through the small print. New information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct so wait until mid-July before making any significant changes with regard to your financial situation.

The good news is that wherever Jupiter is you’re blessed and over the next 12 months, you may find that your money situation improves and sometimes in ways you weren’t expecting. This is the bonus, the inheritance or the lucky break. It’s not all plain sailing especially as Pluto, the wipe-out planet, is now firmly ensconced in your personal cash sector but Jupiter promises more wins than losses. Yours is the sign of the entrepreneur simply because you’re an adventurer at heart and if you’re true to your sign, you love to play big and take risks.

This month and next there will also be five grand trines in water signs. A grand trine is a triangle of planets in the heavens and as Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces stay in close trine aspect this month and next, any planet in early degrees of Cancer completes the third point of the triangle.

This links your roots, your home and family to your financial prospects and whether this is about old karma, family money or ties to your past, emotionally and financially everything is interlinked. Water signs rule the emotions and there’s a nostalgic and sentimental feel to these grand trines. You may find it hard to experience the freedom you crave but ultimately it’s these close bonds that will bring you satisfaction at a deep and lasting level.

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