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My weekly horoscopes and astrology newsletter is the most popular service I offer. It's where you can dive deep into the hidden wisdom of astrology and use it to find a more powerful sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

We live in a disenchanted age and often experience division and separation on many levels. One of the wonders of diving deep into astrology is that it will reconnect you with the mysteries of the universe and reaffirm the interconnectedness of all things.

You will start to get a stronger sense of your rightful place on this earth and feel a greater sense of connectedness with yourself, with other people, with nature and the cycles of the Sun, Moon and planets.

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  1. You will know exactly what's happening when. You won't waste as much time or energy when you have insider knowledge into which areas of your life under the cosmic spotlight and how you can benefit the most.
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  3. You gain direct access to my 30+ years' astrological insight and knowledge. My horoscopes and astrology explanations are written in such as a way as to be reassuring, uplifting and easy to understand.

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You have all the astrological information at your fingertips so you know the important dates and planetary movements coming up in the week ahead. Maximise your potential and plan your week in line with the ancient wisdom of astrology.

You receive long and luxurious weekly horoscopes for all 12 star signs. Written especially for you in my easy-to-understand style with a huge dollop of spiritual guidance. Each horoscope is between 300-400 words.

You benefit from my 30 Years + wisdom & experience. I’ve spent all my adult life immersed within the language of astrology and I love sharing my knowledge and passion of this ancient art with you.

Astrology is an excellent navigational tool to help you make the best possible decisions in your life. It will help you be more in flow with life and make sense of what’s happening in the wider universe – ‘as above, so below’.

You receive discounted rates on personal astrology readings and gift reports. Save money on your ongoing astro-education when you become a subscriber

You get a free copy of your birth chart and can learn more about your personal horoscope as you work with the timing of astrology.

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In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order - Jung

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Testimonials - More Great Reasons To Subscribe

My last week in the sample newsletter you sent was described so accurately which was why I subscribed. I have been able to sense a shift, a need to end something, then acted on it. Seeing it written in my horoscope was such a confirmation.


As always, your weekly newsletter gives me great solace. Now I understand why my meltdown last week took such a toll. It has allowed me to see work in a different way and that's exactly what was needed. Thank you.


Tomorrow is Sunday and I look forward to your newsletter already several times during the week. Sunday doesn’t come soon enough. I certainly use it throughout the week. I copy it and read it when I feel stuck or unmotivated. I wake up with your newsletter and enjoy my coffee even more while reading it.


Thank you for the offer of a free birth chart. Thank you also for the excellent free video on reading a chart. This membership is very good value.


I’m glad I didn’t missed this week’s newsletter. It’s such a strong and inspiring one.


I just wanted to thank you for always sending through the horoscopes on time. I really appreciate having these on a Sunday and being able to digest them before the week gets going. Knowing that the challenging aspects won't last forever is not only comforting but incredibly useful.


Love your Weekly Newsletter. It is brilliantly done and what I like most is the key astrology explanations before the actual weekly readings. You explain yourself beautifully to people who, like myself, do not have a full understanding of astrology.


Thank you for a beautiful newsletter. It has your humanity as well as your wisdom in it. I feel so blessed to have your wise counsel in my life every week.


Thank you for all that you do. You communicate so clearly, making the complex straight-forward and useful. I look forward to learning more from you as I do every week.


I’m so excited to be connected on a regular basis with you. I love your newsletter and how insightful and caring your messages are.


Just wanted to say how accurate this week's predictions are.


I've just listened to your tuition class, what a wonderful experience. I learnt more in that hour than I did on a 6 week course here in New Zealand! A truly incredible experience and I am forever grateful to you for sharing your knowledge


Just like to thank you for your emails they help me so much, especially of late. I realise I don't thank you enough but I AM so grateful. Bless you.


I feel a huge comfort that you are always there every week helping me, guiding me with you wisdom and knowledge through astrology.


Every Sunday morning without fail, Sally's fabulous newsletter drops into my inbox. Stuffed with brilliant tips for getting through the week ahead, geared to each star sign, I thoroughly recommend a subscription to Sally’s weekly stars.


I've just finished reading your weekly newsletter and wanted to let you know just how much I enjoy reading it every week. You have such a lovely way of explaining the astrology of the coming week and giving good advice. I am very grateful to you for the content you produce. You have helped to reignite my own interest in astrology and that's encouraged me to keep learning.


Without your gentle hand Sally steering us all in the right direction each week, the last few years would have been even harder to make sense of and manage.


Been putting off subscribing forever. Too much going on and such a crazy time. I’m so glad I did. It helps with mindfulness and staying in the flow.


Thank you for your insight and opportunity to receive your forecasts. Always enjoyable, optimistic and helpful.


I love your weekly predictions. They are written in such a great way. Not full of gobbledegook. They make astrology easier to understand.


Just received my very first weekly horoscope newsletter from you. This packed, detailed, well designed and generous series of insights, phases of the moon and astrological observations is a very welcome addition to my Sunday mornings.


I found your insights to be intelligent and authoritative, not always easy qualities in the greater astrology world.


Really looking forward to having you back in my inbox - my Sundays have not been the same without you and your weekly words of wisdom


Sally Kirkman you are the best - I love everything you write


Thank you for taking care of me and my newsletters from you. I am very grateful and wish you all the best with it. Your customer service and work is fantastic.


Just wanted to say how accurate this week's predictions are.