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Hello, I’m Sally

I'm a top working astrologer, horoscope writer, podcaster, author, blogger and lover of the symbolic language. I'm based in St Leonards-on-sea in the UK.

With over 35 years experience as an astrologer, I’m known for my ability to bring the symbolism of astrology to life, so you can make wise choices in your own life. When you engage with astrology with your heart and soul, you'll discover so much more about yourself.

The art of astrology can help you see the bigger picture of your life and the deeper meaning behind the events that are unfolding. You’ll gain greater self-insight and will learn to be in tune with the universe so your life’s in flow.

If you’re spiritually-minded or astrology-curious, you’re in the right place. I feel truly grateful to be walking this unique path in time and space alongside you. Dive in deep and work with me and let's deepen your connection with yourself and the universe.

Sally Kirkman - UK Astrologer

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The stars are within you and you are in the stars

Catch me and other big-name astrologers on this FREE three-week summit starting June 10, 2024. My friend and colleague Suzanne Gerber has gathered together 21 top astrologers to teach you how to use the wisdom of the stars to find your sacred purpose—and more.

From June 10 to 29, you will have an opportunity to learn from 21 leading astrologers with different backgrounds and specialties, from Evolutionary to Traditional to Humanistic to Galactic and more.

The summit kicks off on June 10. When you sign up, you will receive one email a day for three weeks with a new hour-long interview that you’ll have 72 hours to watch or listen to. Plus, all of the speakers are offering a free gift to expand your knowledge base!

My talk is entitled 'Saturn, Neptune And The Sacred'.

Click below to sign up for this absolutely free 20-day event that will teach you how to use astrology to find your sacred purpose—and learn a lot more in the process.

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Invest In An Astrology Reading

An astrology reading is an investment in yourself. We will dive in deep to discover your true authentic self and gain insight into your purpose and the reason why you’re here on this earth.

Whatever your questions, astrology has the answers. An astrology reading with Sally is an extraordinary experience that combines ancient wisdom with counselling, coaching and rocket fuel for the soul.

Buy Your Star Sign Book

In 2018, I was commissioned by Hodder & Stoughton to write 12 star sign books entitled ‘The Art of Living Well & Finding Happiness According to your Star Sign”.

They are the perfect gift and introduction for anyone interested in astrology and will reveal how the stars are integrated into all aspects of your life. You can buy them at and in all good book shops.

Read My Astrology Blogs

I’ve been writing astrology articles on this website since 2011. I’ve covered eclipses, Mercury retrograde, New and Full Moons, sports and celebrity predictions and a whole lot more.

My intention is to help you discover the inter-connectedness of all things. When you learn about the sun, moon and planets, you realise they have a story to tell that’s meaningful and relevant to your life.

With Sally Kirkman & Christina Rodenbeck

Christina and I are good friends and fellow astrologers. Once a month, we come together to chat about our favourite topic – the language of the stars.

We relate the astrology to the month that’s gone, the big events playing out around the world, the new star sign season and what’s coming up in the month ahead. We do this through the lens of accurate, relevant and helpful astrological guidance. Our aim is to bridge the gap between sun signs and real astrology.

We’d love for you to listen in, so make yourself a cuppa and join us. Click below to listen to the latest episode. We are also on YouTube - you can watch here: Astrology Talk Podcast.

If you stop & listen to the universe, it’s always talking to you

SALLY KIRKMAN - Stars (400 × 400px)

Astrology Talk Podcast: Why Is Elon Musk So Rich?

Astrology Talk are branching out and bringing you a new series of podcasts to run alongside our regular monthly astrology podcast.  You may know us as Christina and Sally but we’re turning detective. Kirkman & Rodenbeck will be using their astrological lens to investigate a new topic each month. You can also ...
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New Moon Gemini: Make A Wish

New Moon [16 Gemini 17]  London – June 6, 2024 (13:38 GMT+1) New York – June 6, 2024 (08:38 GMT-4) Sydney – June 6, 2024 (22:38 GMT+10) This week, on June 6th, there’s a New Moon in Gemini, the star sign of duality. Gemini rules communication which means this is ...
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June Horoscopes 2024

June Horoscopes Here are your horoscopes for June 2024. You can also check out your Top Tips Astrology for June 2024 here. Aries The air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, are where the action's at this month. Air signs are social and represent ideas and the passing of information. For you, this is ...
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