2024 Horoscopes

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Your must-read guide to the year ahead - 2024 astrology predictions.

This is my 10th year of writing the must-read annual Horoscopes & Astrology eBook and I'm delighted to be sharing my wisdom and experience with you once again.

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2024 Horoscopes eBook - now half-price, only £12

  • Would you like to know which areas of your life are worth pursuing in 2024, so you know where to channel your time and energy?
  • Would you like to know what’s coming up with regard to your love life, your work & career, your health & wealth?
  • And, would you like a guide to your year helping you plan for what’s coming up, so you stay in flow and avoid being tripped up by the unknown?

Your 2024 Astrology Predictions eBook can offer you all the above and more. It will reveal the astrology that you can use as your personal guide ensuring you give yourself the best opportunity to navigate your year ahead well.

2024 Astrology

The eBook covers the major astrology coming up in 2024 in easy-to-understand language and how that relates to your star sign. It’s a big year coming up!

The eBook includes 2024 horoscopes for all 12 star signs so you can read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign. Plus, you can find out what’s coming up for your loved ones, your friends & family and help plan your year ahead.

Here’s what you will receive:

  • The complete astrology predictions eBook is over 200 pages long. It includes 12 horoscopes, one for each of the 12 star signs (approximately 3,500 words per sign), and it covers all major aspects of your life.
  • In addition, you will find out your top tips for 2024 & your luckiest dates so you can use the knowledge of astrology to boost your luck.
  • There will be an extensive section on the year’s astrology, so you have all the key information at your fingertips.
  • This includes chapters on the major planetary movements including Pluto’s move into Aquarius, Jupiter’s move into Gemini and the major planetary aspects of 2024 - n.b. they all include lucky Jupiter.
  • There will be sections on Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, the Eclipses, the New & Full Moons & more.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The major themes for your star sign in 2024 – where to seek success and where challenges may come your way
  • Which areas of your life are boosted while the planet of opportunity and abundance Jupiter moves between Taurus & Gemini.
  • What to expect from Jupiter's planetary aspects in 2024, including the challenging Jupiter-Saturn square and the innovative & exciting Jupiter-Pluto trine and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.
  • Which months include powerful eclipses so you know where change is likely and how you can best deal with any challenges which may come your way.
  • When the inner planets, Mercury & Mars are retrograde. Learn what to avoid and how to work with retrograde planets successfully.

Lovely Things You Say About The Horoscopes eBook

I was blown away at the accuracy of your predictions, I literally had to re-read some of it, as your words were transpiring into events in my life.


I am looking forward to devouring this through my 2023 experiences. I am new to astrology since 2020 and your yearly horoscope continues to be by far the most comprehensive for a self study student like myself.


A warm thank you for your eBook. So far I have read my Sun and Ascendent sign and it makes complete sense. You write with compassion, responsibility and positive information and I’m grateful for your insights.


This is the most extensive yearly horoscope I have ever purchased. A lot of love and labour definitely went into this and it shows for sure! Thank you for doing all that work.


I love your yearly horoscopes. You’ve got a lovely, encouraging, positive tone – so thank you!

Jodie B

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your Horoscopes eBook. You are always so thorough and explain things in a very understandable way which makes sense and can be applied on a personal level.

Enrica M

I love your Astrology writing, finding it to be incredibly accurate and very personal.


Thank you, Sally, I bought one last year and it kept me going all year. It was brilliant for us Cancerians. I get attached to things so I was reading it once a month. You are great.