Libra Monthly Stars June 2013

Libra Kitschensyngk 2Your ruling planet Venus starts the month in the air sign Gemini but very quickly changes signs and moves into Cancer up at the top of your chart. This is important as Venus paves the way for the bigger changes happening later this month that are bound to impact on your career and where you’re heading in life.

I’ll come back to this shortly but firstly, there’s a lot of exciting activity in the sign of Gemini this month and for you this puts the spotlight on travel, study, spirituality and anything else in life that expands your horizons. Think adventure for your mind, body and soul.

The key dates are the 8th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini, perfect for new beginnings, a weekend away or launching a new project. The real humdinger date of the month, however, is the 19th when the Sun and Jupiter make their annual connection and this time around it’s in your fellow air sign of Gemini.

Jupiter expands what it touches so this date has real potential for an adventure, good news and the chance to experience something special. Use your enthusiasm to make things happen as it’s a day to believe anything’s possible.

The third planet in Gemini is Mars, your partner planet, and if you’re in a relationship, this could mean good news for your other half. However, as some of you already know, when you have Uranus in your opposite sign, it doesn’t make for a routine love life by any stretch of the imagination. Uranus brings the unexpected; it keeps love exciting but as it’s unstable it may mean you and your other half have to spend more time apart than usual or you may even split temporarily. This may be a classic case of the holiday romance/long-distance relationship for some Librans, exciting but not easy.

Let’s return to Venus’ stay in Cancer at the top of your chart ruling your career and vocation, your status and reputation. This is the beginning of a strong emphasis on this part of your life as on the 26th, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, enters Cancer where it remains for the next 12 months so you’re at the start of the next stage in your work or vocational life.

In addition, Venus forms a grand trine with two other planets in water signs, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. A grand trine consists of three planets forming a triangle in the heavens with all of them in the same element. As this is the watery world of the zodiac, the focus is on emotions and doing what feels right rather than what you think is right.

The date to note is the 7th and it’s Neptune that dominates the party. This is both good news and bad news as Neptune heightens your emotions and enhances your imagination but it can be hard to discern between what’s real and what’s fantasy. This may play out in different ways but it suggests you need to dig a little deeper with work or a contract that sounds perfect on paper.

Neptune is the planet of seduction which rules gloss and glamour but without Saturn’s love of boundaries, rules, effort and hard work, a dream cannot become reality. If you take on a job or role with the promise of a salary further down the line, be warned. You need to ensure you get the whole package and not just the fancy wrapping.

This is, however, a work in progress and there’s nothing wrong with conjuring up new ideas and dreaming up new career possibilities. In fact, there’s a lot right doing so, so let your mind soar and use your vivid imagination to create a vision board and plan ahead. This is preparation time and you’re wise to have the first stage done and dusted by the time of the Full Moon that falls on the 23rd.

This is because on the same day that Jupiter enters Cancer on the 26th, the planet of communication Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and up until mid-July, nothing is certain. So bide your time, do your research and wait for the right time to make your move and bid for world domination!

But seriously, Jupiter in Cancer is good news for you especially if you’re at an exciting stage in your career or you want to do things differently. It’s all about timing and knowing when to act and when to let things be. July paints a different picture which could well be a masterpiece or a genius work of art.

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