Pisces Monthly Stars October 2013

Pisces KitschensyngkPisces (19 February-20 March)

As the month begins Mercury, planet of communication, is in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, ruling travel, study, philosophy, spirituality and any activity that expands your horizons.

More importantly on the 1st Neptune, your ruling planet, makes a wonderful trine aspect to Mercury and promises a day when your imagination can soar and you can start to see what steps to take in order to make a dream come true.

Mercury remains in Scorpio until early December so there’s a strong focus on this sector of your chart whether you’re planning a sabbatical, thinking of emigrating, up to your eyes in study and learning or you’re contemplating a retreat or spiritual path.

There’s lots to explore and discover with Mercury in this placing and it boosts your enquiring nature. With Saturn in the mix, you may become an authority in your chosen field or alternatively find that at times you lose your way and can’t make sense of what you’re currently discovering and learning. Saturn can add commitment and discipline to your life or it can bring obstacles and a dead end. If you are studying, it’s eyes down for the next two months.

Whatever journey you’re beginning however, you’re not going straight from A to B and it’s important to realise that it’s the journey that’s the key rather than reaching your destination. This is because on the 21st Mercury turns retrograde and will remain on go slow until 10th November. This is often a case of taking one step forward followed by two steps back. You have to repeat stuff or you have to redo things and most importantly review and rethink your situation.

It may feel as if it’s back to the drawing board and looking at new ways and plans of fulfilling a dream or vocation. Often when Mercury’s retrograde you find that you don’t have all the information you need which only comes to light once Mercury begins to pick up speed again which will take place mid next month.

Take note of who comes into your life this month however and who inspires you, especially the women you encounter. This is because Venus, the feminine goddess of the heavens, enters Sagittarius and your career sector on the 7th where it remains throughout the rest of the month. Use your contacts and your networks and there’s a real possibility to strike it rich on or around the 16th when Venus connects with Uranus in an easy trine aspect as Uranus is in Aries and your cash sector.

This is the best day of the month for money matters but you do need to take special care of your cash situation and ensure that everything’s ship-shape and safe as houses. This is because the challenges that appear this month are connected to your cash sectors, both your own and other peoples’ money.

Firstly there’s a Cardinal T-square which takes place on the 2nd/3rd between the Sun in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto in Capricorn. Think back to what took place late August and mid-September when there were similar planetary aspects in the heavens. You may not be fully involved in what goes on as your planets and your sign are out of the equation and yet what takes place may well affect you too. So aim to be on the side of justice and to get involved and help negotiate if there’s a problem between friends or within a group that’s cash-related. If money’s disappearing into a bottomless pit, the sensible advice is not to do more of the same.

The New Moon and Full Moon this month also focus on the signs of Aries and Libra and your money sectors. The New Moon on the 5th is a great day to balance the books and begin a new joint venture or savings scheme that can benefit you financially. Think safety and security however and avoid high risk.

The Full Moon on the 18th is more complex as this is a lunar eclipse which often coincides with dramatic life-turning events. By this date, it’s a really good idea to ensure that your finances are as safe and secure as they can be. You may find that unexpected expenses come your way or perhaps a cash bonus that you weren’t aware of. The scales tip precariously from side to side and somebody wins and somebody loses. Ensure you act fast and do your best to take advantage so that you end up on the winning team.

Finally on the 15th Mars, planet of action and passion, enters Virgo and your opposite sign. This adds heat and intensity to your one-to-one relationships which can symbolise either a passionate or a feisty encounter.

The 20th/21st seem particularly confusing or complex for love and relationships when your planet Neptune opposes Mars and Mercury, your partner planet, turns retrograde. This could be a case of crossed wires or muddled information and it may take a while to sort things out. Remember that when Mercury’s retrograde (21st October-10th November) it’s not the best period to make any big decisions and this applies for relationships too.

The date that looks most appealing for love and romance is the 25th when the Sun and Neptune connect in an easy trine aspect. Planning a holiday or even a second honeymoon will restore your love connection.

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