Aquarius Monthly Stars October 2013

Aquarius KitschensyngkAquarius (20 January-18 February)

The hamster wheel of life continues to turn at times relentlessly as Saturn your ruler dominates your career sector and this month and next is joined by Mercury, the planet of communication.

This ups the ante with regard to work and for some it means taking your work or career to the next stage, moving up a level and arranging meetings or interviews to further your position.

Take note especially on the 8th and 29th when Mercury and Saturn get together in the heavens. A meeting with your boss or an important presentation may take place and the 8th is certainly an easier date than the 29th as you’ll hear shortly.

This is likely to be a busy period for you whether you’re in or out of work as job hunting can take up as much time and energy as a full-time career. What’s important is that the contacts you make and the jobs you apply for before the 21st will be successful but you may have to wait until mid-November to find out the good news.

This is because on the 21st Mercury turns retrograde and will be on go slow until 10th November. Mercury retrograde is hidden and secretive and either you or a company you’re involved with may not be telling the full story. You’re waiting for new information to come to light which will begin to emerge mid-November. Until then you’re effectively in the dark and have to feel your way forward.

Scorpio is one of the water signs and with Mercury in this placing for two months, talk and chatter aren’t especially well-starred. You may have to remain silent or be working somewhere quiet but there could be other reasons why communication is suspect.

On the 5th an important aspect takes place for you and this is a quincunx or blind spot between your two ruling planets Saturn and Uranus. What’s interesting about this potential blind spot is that Uranus is in the sign of Aries and your communication sector. So look for places in your life where you can’t speak up or you don’t have a voice. It may be an issue around free speech or the fact that your boss is impossible to talk to. Where in your life would you benefit from a freer flow of communication and how you can help make that happen?

For now, you may only be able to take small steps in the right direction but Mercury retrograde is always a good period to review and rethink your situation. Come mid-November you may well find that your career compass is turning in a completely new and different direction.

Difficult communication, whether arguments or lack of it, could also surface at the time of the Cardinal T-square which takes place on the 2nd/3rd between Sun Libra opposing Uranus Aries square to Pluto Capricorn. The Sun is your partner planet so this may concern a personal or professional relationship and someway or other not seeing eye-to-eye.

Think back to late August and mid-September when similar planetary aspects played out in the heavens. This may give you a clue to early October’s events and how best to handle them. It may help to make an effort to see the other person’s of view although if their behaviour is out of order then why bother. At the very least try and find a way to calm things down if an argument or dispute does arise and agree to disagree.

A sibling or neighbour may also be involved whether your other half doesn’t get on with one of them or it’s you who has a problem with their behaviour or way of thinking.

It’s certainly a feisty first half of October as Mars, the passion planet, is in your opposite sign of Leo bringing more arguments but sexy liaisons too. Add to that Venus, goddess of love, in your friendship sector from the 7th and you’re in for an enjoyable yet lively month on the love front.

The New and Full Moon phases this month also fall across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart turning the cosmic spotlight towards learning and education, beliefs and philosophy. The New Moon on the 5th is a great day to book a holiday or a course or to have an interest if thought-provoking conversation that expands your experience of life. The Full Moon on the 18th may prove more challenging as it’s also a lunar eclipse that often coincide with dramatic, turn-around events.

A weekend away either to travel or go on a course will be packed full of thrills and spills and you’d be wise to keep a flexible outlook and approach to life. What you learn or discover could be the start of a life-long interest or you may decide to sever ties with an educational organisation, a country or other place of learning.

Finally this month, keep close tabs on money matters after the 15th once Mars, planet of action, enters your joint finance sector. Neptune opposes Mars on the 20th the day before Mercury turns retrograde suggesting muddles and confusion. The more thorough you are and the more you sort out and deal with mortgages, debts, savings, monies owed before this date, the better. Otherwise Neptune’s opposition may mean that money slips through your fingers so keep a tight ship on the cash front.

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