Mercury ‘s Quick Dip Into Scorpio

waterMercury, the planet of communication, is on the move today, Saturday 27th September, as it enters the water sign of Scorpio [exact 23:39 BST].

In the depth sign of Scorpio Mercury is brilliant for research, studying, detective work, thinking deep, heart-to-hearts and all forms of intense communication.

In the coming week, use your mind to explore new realms and have at least one conversation that really matters or make that important phone call. Mercury is however already slowing down in the heavens as it begins it’s Mercury Retrograde period next Saturday 4th October.

Once Mercury turns retrograde, then it’s time to turn your thoughts inward and you may find that for some reason, you’re playing a waiting game and have to be patient. Mercury turns retrograde at 2 Scorpio 17.

Mercury turns direct on October 25th 2014 and re-enters Scorpio on November 8th 2014. So it’s likely that whatever you begin investigating or talking about this coming week has to go on hold for a while. Dip your toe in the waters to determine the temperature but be ready to play a strategic game that you pick up again in about a month’s time.

There is a Solar Eclipse on October 23rd at 0 Scorpio 25 two days before Mercury turns direct on October 25th. As this point is so close to where Mercury turns retrograde next Saturday, it may be that whatever you’re working on, investigating, talking about or thinking about in the coming week is gearing up to be especially powerful.

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can wipe the slate clean to clear the way for a fresh start so bear this in mind when you analyse your life in the week ahead. Mercury’s quick dip into Scorpio could be preparing you for an important change of direction or new beginning in a month’s time.

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