Venus enters Libra: Love Is In The Air

wedding rings and pink rosesLovely Venus is on the move this evening Monday 29th September [exact 21:52 BST] as she enters the sign of relating, Libra and it’s not surprising to find that Venus, Goddess of love, flourishes in the sign of relationships as this is her domain.

So far today I’ve been reminded of two weddings; the first between Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney which took place on Saturday in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice, with the civil ceremony happening today.

The second taking place tomorrow between dear friends who live in Greece and no doubt their day will be equally as romantic.

Venus in Libra is the happy-ever-after tale, the big wedding, the love story that makes us ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. When you have Venus in Libra in your natal chart, there’s a side to your nature that secretly or otherwise adores and believes in romance. Either that or you have an eye for style and design and channel your Venusian charms into artistic endeavours. Venus in Libra is beauty personified.

So as we move forth into October’s choppy waters, be reminded that with Venus in Libra until October 23rd 2014 there’s a place for kindness, generosity, sweet-naturedness, tolerance and open-heartedness. Venus in Libra is about Love with a capital ‘L’ and not solely romantic love but love for mankind, nature, animals, life, colours, the air we breathe.

In other words, wherever you want to spread a little love, this is your perfect cosmic opportunity. Venus in Libra deserves nothing less than total devotion at the altar of love.


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