Meghan & Harry: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Meghan & Harry

Bang on cue, new royal couple, Meghan and Harry, yesterday announced that they would be taking a step back from the Royal Family. It’s not that surprising considering that Meghan has been hounded by the press over the last couple of years, but it is a definitive turning point in the Royal family.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

This coincides with the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, a symbol of the end of the old order. Many astrologers have been braced for change to the Royal Family for some time, as Uranus, the planet of change triggered the Queen’s Sun at 0 degrees Taurus and Charles’ Moon at the exact same degree (Mummy’s boy?) over the past couple of years.

There was speculation of abdication as Uranus is the planet of splits, often prominent in divorce cases. And, Meghan and Harry’s move does feel like a divorce, a split, a significant cutting of ties from the old ways and a traditional role. Uranus is evident this week too, as it turns direct at 2 degrees Taurus on January 11, 2020, the day before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

There is talk of the couple becoming financially independent, which fits Uranus in Taurus’ symbolism, the independent planet in the sign of money. Yet, it’s the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is showing strongly in the charts of the Royal couple. Most importantly, it falls conjunct Meghan’s Descendant at 24 degrees Capricorn.

This is the end of a relationship but not with her significant other. Instead, it’s with someone theoretically more important, the Queen, the leader of the pack. And, it is personal for the Queen because her Ascendant-Descendant axis is the exact opposite of Meghan’s with the Queen’s Ascendant at 21 degrees Capricorn. A painful placing for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Harry & The Royals

You can see how the major conjunction is playing out for Harry too with his Moon at 24 degrees Taurus. The Moon symbolises the mother and Harry’s relationship with his own mother must have felt like that Moon in Taurus, nurturing, safe & secure. Until, it wasn’t any longer as she was cruelly taken from him.

The Moon is Harry’s family as the Moon sits close to his IC (home/family point) at 17 degrees Taurus. He doesn’t want to lose the woman he loves or the son he’s devoted to. Archie (b. May 6, 2019) has his Sun at 15 degrees Taurus, bang on Harry’s IC at 17 Taurus and in close affinity to Harry’s Moon at 24 Taurus. Archie is the apple of Harry’s eye.

Also, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction plays a key role in the charts of other members of the Royal Family. It’s exactly sextile Charle’s Sun at 22 degrees Scorpio, who may turn out to be a supportive influence to the couple.

And, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is trine William’s Venus at 25 degrees Taurus. More importantly, it squares William’s Pluto at 24 degrees Libra, co-ruler of his Scorpio Midheaven. It’s likely to hurt William most. Although, with Harry’s Moon at 21 Taurus and William’s Venus at 25 Taurus, they are always going to share a loving bond.

‘Stepping Back’ Announcement

The announcement of the couple’s decision to step back from the Royal Family came on the day when Jupiter, King of the Gods, was conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (see chart below).

The ‘dissolution of the firm’, the potential beginning of the end of the Royal Family. Certainly, a significant shift away from tradition and another nail in the coffin of a difficult period in the life of the Royals.

The chart for the announcement of the ‘split’ yesterday puts the Ascendant at 14 degrees Leo and Meghan’s Sun is in the royal sign at 12 degrees Leo. Most tellingly, Uranus in Taurus sits at the top of the horoscope, very close to the Midheaven.

This is Meghan’s decision to cut ties and split away but it’s not going to help her profile or her reputation. Hopefully, people will be kind to the young couple.

It doesn’t feel like the best move with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction so strongly placed in Meghan’s birth chart. The last thing she needs is to have more people turn against her, which is the flip side of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on her Descendant – the ‘other’.

Eclipses & The Royals

Note that this announcement also coincides with the Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on January 10, 2020 falling opposite the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

The Royals are closely tied in to the eclipses. They often make major decisions or plan big events that coincide with an eclipse which involves the King & Queen of the skies, the Sun (King) & Moon (Queen).

Chart Data:

Meghan Markle b. August 4, 1981, 4:46 am, Los Angeles, California, USA

Prince Harry b. September 15, 1984, 4:20 pm, Paddington, London, UK

‘Stepping Back’ Announcement: January 8, 2020, 6:30pm, London, UK

13 thoughts on “Meghan & Harry: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction”

  1. How fascinating! I’m just getting into astrology, I had no idea that events could be predicted to such an accurate degree through the stars. I wonder if the royal couple’s close birthdays make them the same star sign?

    1. Hi Ellie, Harry is a Virgo, Meghan a Leo, although Meghan has the planet of love, Venus, in Virgo, Harry’s star sign. They don’t have great synastry as a couple, although they did have very loving stars when they met 🙂

      1. Nothing remarkable, Lesley. I’ve added their birth charts to the article. They don’t have great synastry between them although the transits when they met suggested love.

        1. Mmm…am I right in thinking strong nodal contacts indicate longevity in a relationship? My worry is that their plans are an attempt to avoid their realities rather than work with it. Her father’s documentary will be worth a watch. ‘ Walmart with a Crown ‘ he says they are creating!!

          1. I wouldn’t say nodal contacts are about longevity, usually a fated relationship that is meant to happen and you both learn a lot from it. I think they’re doing the right thing, Lesley, even though it’s not easy. I don’t think they had an option because of the endless onslaught of the media. You only need to take a quick glance at this article to see how biased they are against Meghan and for Kate:
            This is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on her Descendant, she’s being vilified. Also, her family don’t help her cause at all…

  2. I am sad that they are going but uneasy about the truth of it all being about the media and I don’t feel her father has it all wrong either. They have focused on the tabloid press but they have not fully used all the loving support that there has been for them here. Anyway I have sensed for a while that they were going and I hope it’s the right thing for them but my capricorn sense is unconvinced!! Thanks for your comment on it, Sally.

  3. Older and wiser

    I have to say that as this has unfolded, it’s increasingly reminded me of unhappy women I’ve dated. The blame is always put on other people or circumstances, and it’s always “I’ll be happy when …” And then when that box is ticked, they come up with the next thing they think will make them happy … engagement, marriage, redecorate house, baby, holiday, sue the papers, move house … When you’re in it, you don’t notice it (especially with Libra or Cap moons) because it’s all stated so calmly and rationally.

    Meghan has that Moon-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction which stifles self nurturing while expanding the rational Libra approach to dealing with feelings. Sadly, these sorts of people are in huge emotional pain but aren’t dealing with it by looking inwards, they’re trying to fix the world around them. I’m sure Meghan has a ton of emotional baggage from her childhood and onwards that is causing her pain but she keeps running rather than face it.

    On Harry’s side, his Virgo sun thinks it will fix her unhappiness by doing all these practical things she wants done. His Taurus moon isn’t going to see the emotional pain. The thing that has really struck me over the last few weeks is that he has married his mother! Meghan’s “no-one has asked me how I’m doing” interview was so reminiscent of how Diana would complain about how she was an outsider at the palace.

    Will be interesting to see what happens once they’re settled in Canada because if I’ve got this right, Meghan’s going to need another change to rationalise her unhappiness. And Harry is desperate please her, as well as keep his emotional baggage at bay.

  4. well,charity starts at home right? Good thing for MM to begin to ponder methinks

    They’ve lots of the Pisces archetype going on, within their own charts & synastry, composite

    Plus heavy Uranus

    This isn’t pretty, never was, never will be

    They’ve a chance to live their life as they wish. They’ve personal wealth already & oodles of opportunity for more….That might make M happy…but will it make H happy?

    He grew up with ‘fame’ and wealth….he wants the average things that we all take for granted (& that he has too!)

    Wish them well, but, I never saw this union lasting. M has a history of broken families & relationships. And H has his own emotional issues. They aren’t a good, healthy productive fit for each other

  5. Hi Sally.
    Very interesting article to read. Now that Queen Elisabeth has made the best decision by letting go of the couple and, above all, by removing their tasks towards the Royal family and the English. I admire the Queen : she is very smart and strong. And after her Prince Charles will be a very good King as per my opinion. Regarding Meghan Markle I am sorry but I do not appreciate her : for me she is a kind of arrivist. I fear that this marriage will not last long and that Prince Harry will be the one to suffer most. But then he will regain his status and again work for the Royal family.

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