Cancer Monthly Stars May 2014

Cancer.15th centuryCancer (21 June-22 July)

The key to your happiness this month is to focus on the things you love and for the most part it’s what you do aside from your work that will bring you pleasure.

As the month begins, both the Sun (self) and Mercury (communication) are in the sign of Taurus and your friendship sector. So this is not a month to go it alone and if you have been feeling lonely of late, some sadness may reappear on the weekends of the 3rd/4th and 10th/11th. If you have nothing lined up socially and you’d rather be with friends, then start now and make plans to connect with old friends or make some new ones.

Taurus rules groups, clubs and social networks so even if you feel you’re miles from anyone, you can reach out over the internet to meet people of like minds, or be willing to go that extra distance to join a group and engage with other people.

If you’ve lost your passion for life and can’t remember what makes you happy, here’s your chance to reconnect with your skills, talents and personal hobbies. Put some time and effort into doing the things you love and don’t expect everything to fall into place overnight. Sometimes you have to be as organised with your social life as you are with your work or family commitments.

The turning point comes on the 14th when a passionate Full Moon falls across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your horoscope. This is brilliant for a celebration or party and as Scorpio rules romance in your chart, it’s a wonderful date to fall in love or rekindle your affections with someone close.

The best news this month, however, is the Jupiter/Saturn connection which takes place on the 24th. Jupiter, planet of opportunity and abundance, is in your own sign of Cancer ruling your personal goals and Saturn is in Scorpio, ruling entertainment, creativity, children and love affairs, in other words all those things that make your heart sing. These two planets work well together when they’re in a supportive alignment and you can make things happen.

This links back to July 2013 when there was a wonderful Grand Water Trine in the heavens offering you a chance to turn dreams into reality. What takes place on or around the 24th is the finale, the flourishing of seeds that were sown last summer.

There may be good news about a pregnancy, a love affair that turns into a relationship, you may be a proud parent or perhaps it’s a creative endeavour that gives you pride.

This feels successful and lasting so make the most of this positive energy.

The blip in the month comes from the 11th-18th when Venus in Aries has to negotiate the planets in the Grand Cross that were so dominant last month, especially over the Easter weekend. For you, the Grand Cross focuses on the main areas of life, your self, your relationships, your home/family and your work. In brief, four into one won’t go and when one area changes it has a knock-on effect in all the other areas.

There may be a problem with someone you work alongside, a female boss perhaps or someone being openly vindictive. Try not to get too involved, keep your distance and remain emotionally detached if possible. If someone’s itching for a fight or being mean, you can defuse the situation by taking a step back. You probably know what this is about and how best to handle it so think back to what worked or what didn’t work last month and act accordingly.

Finally this month, there’s a turning point with regard to home or family matters on or around the 20th. Mars, the planet of action, has been on go slow in Libra and this sector of your chart since early March. If a home or property situation has been stuck or it’s not been possible to organise a family get-together, Mars turn of direction is the equivalent of a green light.

This will help ease your mind to some extent at least and with Mercury, ruling your mind and communication, in the most hidden sector of your chart from the 7th-29th, you can talk yourself into a positive frame of mind.

Ditch the negative thinking and remember that when you focus on the past or think only of the future this can cause anxiety or worry, whereas living in the moment and focusing on the present day is the way to change your attitude so you feel more at peace.

Being a Cancerian and influenced by the waxing and waning of your ruler the Moon, it’s easy for you to let your thoughts run away with you and spend too much time going over the past or trying to control the future. Let things be now with Mercury in Gemini, relax, take it easy and work on creating a positive mindset.

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