Gemini Monthly Stars May 2014

Gemini.15th centuryGemini (21 May-20 June)

This month is perfect for your dual nature as on the one hand you’re wise to take some time out, relax, rest and look after your well-being and on the other hand, you’ve things to do, people to see and places to go. As long as you balance the busy and quiet times well, there’s a lot you can now achieve.

As the month begins, your ruling planet Mercury is hidden away in your chart in the sign of Taurus and this is where the Sun remains until the 21st. Hence, you’re in need of some down time and a chance to ground yourself, take walks in nature, eat healthily and engage in activities that are slow-paced.

Plus Saturn, the task master of the heavens is currently in your sixth house which rules everyday work but also your health. Saturn doesn’t necessarily mean ill-health but it can mean lower energy and being the ‘get real’ planet it’s always a sensible time to ensure that you’re ticking over nicely. Take yourself off for a medical, check in to the dentist and sort out any aches or niggles and think body maintenance. This is a good month to put your health and well-being high on your list of priorities.

However, there’s a lot going well now and this is partly due to the fact that your ruler Mercury visits your own sign of Gemini from the 7th-29th. This feels sociable and friendly and Mercury ruling communication in Gemini is quick-witted, clever and adaptable. Enter a quiz, read some interesting books, expand your knowledge and let your gorgeous curiosity and love of life run wild.

Meeting new people whenever and wherever can spark interesting conversations so wear a smile on your face and use your gift of the gab not only to enhance your own life but to help out and cheer up others too.

Mercury in Gemini is all about the words, the voice and getting your message across. When it comes to work or your career, you may find that you’re at a crux when what you’ve been doing for a long time no longer motivates you and you feel that your vocation lies elsewhere.

Notice what you’re thinking and feeling on or around the 11th and 28th when first Mercury and secondly the Sun square up to Neptune in your career sector. Neptune’s the planet of dreams and imagination, enchantment and wonder but it’s also a questioning planet and when it’s square to planets in your own sign of Gemini, it means you end up questioning what you do and why.

The key to work happiness is to follow your passion as you now have Mars, the passion planet, in Libra and your creative sector and Mars picks up speed this month on the 20th. If you’ve been experiencing a creative block since early March, you get the green light this month and can start to move ahead with vigour and a clear sense of direction.

The New Moon on the 28th is another key date as it falls in your sign of Gemini, a brilliant day to rebrand, re-launch or start afresh. A New Moon represents new beginnings so the equivalent of your New Year. Set a list of intentions of what you want to do and write a list for living, i.e. the life equivalent of a ‘bucket list’. If you’ve been feeling low or unmotivated, remember what you love and what you want to do in life and this is the perfect way to get yourself revved up again.

This month may also prove decisive for love as Mars in Libra not only rules your creativity but children and love affairs too. There may be good news for a pregnancy on or around the 20th and if you’ve been involved in a new relationship that’s been on go slow, again events on or around the 20th confirm whether you’re on track.

When it comes to love, Venus is in your friendship sector from the 3rd-29th so you may fall for someone you already know or an introduction via a friend leads to love. In any personal relationship, friendship and conversation are essentials and you can’t sustain a long-term relationship or marriage if you can’t have a chat and feel that your other half is your friend as well as your lover.

Take care on the weekend of the 10th/11th however when Venus and Mars oppose each other across the heavens. This suggests a love triangle or falling for someone who isn’t available. Play fair in love if you don’t want to fall out with someone close.

Finally this month, there’s cheering and whooping for money matters on or around the 24th when there’s a brilliant connection between Jupiter in Cancer and your cash sector and Saturn in Scorpio and your work sector. This spells good news for a job, investment, money-making opportunity or a lucky financial break.

This links back to what you began in July 2013 when there was a Grand Water Trine making a similar connection in your chart. If you followed a dream starting last summer, this is the fruition of the seeds that were sown.

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