Women’s World Cup Solar Eclipse Semi-Final

Update: Well, England were eclipsed, not the USA. But, even more of an eclipse story on the big night itself.

Megan Rapinoe was eclipsed and never played! And, Alex Morgan, who scored the second goal for the USA has her birthday today – July 2nd, 1989. She’s an eclipse baby. Sun Cancer rules on their Solar Eclipse!

Tonight there’s a big semi-final match between USA and England in the women’s football World Cup (see astrology chart on the left).

The match is taking place at the same time as the Solar Eclipse, which falls at 10 Cancer 38.

A Walking Protest

I hadn’t been paying much attention to this football tournament until one of my Facebook readers mentioned Megan Rapinoe, the USA top goal-scorer. She’s been making something of a splash recently (see her magnificent goal-scoring celebration photo below).

The media exposure is not only because Rapinoe plays exceptional football but she also said she’s ‘not f—ing going to the White House’ if the team win the World Cup. That went viral.

A vocal member of the LGBT community, Rapinoe describes herself as ‘a walking protest’. These Cancer/Capricorn eclipses are turning out to be a real trigger for activism opposing anything and everything the Saturn/Pluto duo in Capricorn stand for.

The fact that Rapinoe’s birthday is July 5, 1985 means she’s born only a few days after tonight’s stunning Solar Eclipse. Her Sun is at 13 degrees Cancer, so she’s in the eclipse spotlight.

Freaky Eclipse Astrology

I then checked out the astrology for two of the top English players, Ellen White (b. May 9, 1989) and Lucy Bronze (b. October 28, 1991). This is where it turned slightly freaky. When I don’t have a time of birth, I always draw up the chart for noon.

As you may be able to tell by the birthdates shown, White is a Sun Taurus and Bronze a Sun Scorpio. Yet, both players have the Moon (ruling women) in Cancer. More to the point, the charts I drew up for noon put White’s Moon at 11 Cancer 45 and Bronze’s Moon at 10 Cancer 54. The time I ‘chose’ for both players puts them directly in the eye of the eclipse.

Who Will Win, Who Will Be Eclipsed?

Eclipses often coincide with winners and losers – who will be eclipsed, who will rise to prominence? The astrology chart for the semi-final feels epic as the eclipse and key planets in Capricorn – Saturn & Pluto – straddle the 1st/7th houses.

The USA are the favourites, represented by Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant, in its sign of dignity, Capricorn, but retrograde and conjunct the South Node. England are represented by the Moon, ruler of the 7th, also in its sign of dignity, in the heart of the Sun. In fact, the Moon’s shadow will block the view of the Sun from earth during the semi-final. (n.b. only visible from parts of South America and the Pacific).

That is one powerful Moon in the chart and I wonder whether it means that England will over-turn the favourites, USA? The chart and timing of the match certainly suggest an epic confrontation.

More Than A Football Match?

Thanks to a reminder from my podcast partner, Christina Rodenbeck, this eclipse is also pivotal in the charts for both the USA and UK.

The eclipse falls close to the US Sun at 13 Cancer (the Fourth of July 1776 chart) and the Midheaven (9 Cancer) of the 1801 UK chart (also opposing its Sun at 10 Capricorn).

This truly feels like a destiny moment for the women playing in tonight’s World Cup semi-final. It’s putting women’s football firmly on the map which has been long overdue. I, for one, will be glued to the television watching avidly.

Megan Rapinoe, Women's World Cup
Megan Rapinoe demonstrating how to celebrate scoring at the World Cup

7 thoughts on “Women’s World Cup Solar Eclipse Semi-Final”

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, there’s your eclipse! Megan Rapinoe and not the US team! Well, at least if the score remains the same.

  1. Good birthday for Alex Morgan. It appears she has Sun opposite Saturn both 10 degrees, so catching a direct hit, but not eclipsed, unlike Rapinoe.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Oh wow – Alex Morgan born on July 2nd – the true eclipse footballer – so much Cancer eclipse energy tonight.

  2. Ha! This is the most impact I’ve ever had on the internet. Thanks for following up on Megan Rapinoe! I was super intrigued about how her stars are playing out.

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