Wimbledon Tennis 2019

Wimbledon tennis 2019, astrology

Update: “I just feel like it’s such an incredible opportunity missed, I can’t believe it”. Federer said that ‘the stars were aligned’ going into the Wimbledon final. What developed was an epic match that felt like witnessing the Gods going into battle. Jupiter on Federer’s side calling him forth, ‘this is your moment’; Saturn on Djokovic’ side not letting him give in or give up. Djokovic heralded his self-belief and his ability to stay calm in a tough match mentally. For 5 hours they played amazing tennis and, at times, both made costly mistakes. Losing hurt for Federer and winning was well-deserved for Djokovic. My original prediction two weeks ago was for Federer to beat Djokovic, so I’m pleased that my tennis astrology predicted the final. I’ll leave you with Federer’s words post-Wimbledon 2019, “I’m very strong at being able to move on because I don’t want to be depressed about actually an amazing tennis match.”

n.b. New Start Time – 11:00 am not 11:30 am. I have updated the chart – it doesn’t change my prediction below.

Welcome back to all the tennis/astrology fans. I’m on the verge of predicting all four Grand Slams in a row, if I get Wimbledon correct! Probably my best run for a while, so bring it on.

A couple of concerns, however, in that I’m attempting to predict this tennis tournament with a summer cold (snotty nose) on a mini-heatwave in the UK! Let’s see if this impairs my intuitive faculties or not.

Also, this is a fortnight of some extremely complex and intriguing astrology. Will an eclipse or Mercury retrograde throw a spanner in the works? And, does Neptune on the Descendant mean that the astrologer will be fooled & deluded? Let’s check out what’s going on.

Wimbledon Astrology

The chart for the tournament (see above) has a Virgo Ascendant and a Gemini Midheaven, significant angles in astrology. As Mercury rules both star signs, it’s a key planet to note.

Mercury starts the tournament at 2 Leo 49 but makes no planetary aspects before turning retrograde at 4 Leo 27, when it’s conjunct Mars in Leo (7th/8th July) and then it returns to the exact same degree to the minute 2 Leo 49 during the final – see chart below. Does this mean we need to check out players with key planets/angles close to 2 Leo 49? Very possibly.

The Moon is strong in the tournament chart in Gemini, the tennis player’s star sign, conjunct the Gemini Midheaven (success point). And, its next aspect is a conjunction to Venus in Gemini, also in the 10th. That looks good for the favourite doing well. Maybe we’ll see some great tennis too?

Other factors to note: The Solar Eclipse is at 10 Cancer 38 and takes place on July 2nd. We saw the Leo eclipse in January wipe out Sun Leo Federer when he was beaten by Sun Leo Tsitsipas at the Australian Open. And, eclipses often represent dramatic, turning points. Who will be eclipsed and who will rise to prominence?

Also, check out the chart for the final, Venus is the chart ruler in Cancer heading for an opposition with Saturn – the older player? There’s a pile-up of planets in early degrees Leo on the Leo Midheaven and the Moon is at 24 Sagittarius, very close to where lucky Jupiter turned retrograde on April 10, 2019.

Jupiter is always important to note in these predictions – see Djokovic prediction below – and it moves from 17 Sagittarius back to 16 Sagittarius during the tournament. Retrograde Jupiter is not as powerful as being direct but always worth noting. It’s lively fire sign activity in the chart for the final.

Also, can I just add that for the last 16 years, only Federer, Nadal, Djokovic or Murray have won Wimbledon – that is an amazing statistic for the prowess of the Fab Four!

The Players

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

Djokovic won Wimbledon 2018, his first win since 2016. He wasn’t the favourite as he was the no. 12 seed. Yet, lucky Jupiter turning direct on his Midheaven was the astrology that coincided with success.

This time around, Jupiter is still active – just – but moving away from his ruling planet, Saturn, at 19 Sagittarius. Djokovic’ Mercury is at 18 Gemini, i.e. conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart – nice – but otherwise, there’s not a lot going on (n.b. no longer accurate with the new start time).

Yes, he’s surely the one to beat but the astrology isn’t shouting out ‘champion’. Also, note Saturn will be within one degree of conjunction to his Ascendant at 16 Capricorn by the end of the tournament. He’s Saturn-ruled, which can add consistency & determination, but could also signal low energy.

Roger Federer, b. August 8, 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland, no. 2 seed – Sun Leo

Federer has surely got one more Grand Slam in him – if the tennis gods shine down on him. Jupiter is retrograding back to make a trine aspect with his Sun at 15 degrees Leo – almost exact by the tournament final. Venus is conjunct his natal Mars at 13 Cancer on the day of the final.

And then, there’s the matter of the intriguing Mercury symbolism. Federer’s north node, the destiny point in astrology, is 1 Leo 36. In the tournament chart and chart for the final, Mercury is never far away from it. What does this mean? Is he the come-back kid? I will be intrigued to see how the astrological symbolism plays out.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain, no. 3 seed – Sun Gemini

Nadal is the no. 2 seed in the world but seeded no. 3 at Wimbledon. This is because grass is not his favourite surface. Venus in the tournament chart is conjunct Nadal’s natal Mercury, his career planet, at 26 Gemini, a nice signature.

Yet, the astrology doesn’t feel as powerful as it was for him during the French Open. He’s already a tiny bit cross at being seeded 3. And, without some stunning astrology to back him, it’s a tough call to win at Wimbledon.

Kevin Anderson, b. May 18, 1986, time unknown, Johannesburg, South Africa, no. 4 seed – Sun Taurus

Kevin Anderson completes the top 4 seeds. Time unknown so we don’t know what planet rules his career. You’ll see he’s born only a couple of weeks before Rafa Nadal. Anderson’s natal Mars is at 20 degrees Capricorn 25. Saturn turned retrograde almost exactly conjunct his natal Mars in April 2019.

Right now, Anderson has Neptune returning to conjunct his natal Jupiter at 18 Pisces 18. That might fulfil a dream or be a hopeful wish. Dominic Thiem had Neptune almost exactly conjunct his Midheaven when he reached the final of the French Open earlier this month. Perhaps, being placed no. 4 seed at Wimbledon fulfils a dream?

Best of the Rest

Dominic Thiem, b. September 3, 1993, 1:26 am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, no. 5 seed – Sun Virgo

Thiem has Neptune transiting close to his Midheaven – as we know from his success at the French Open. Plus, on the day of the final, action planet, Mars, has reached his natal Venus in the 2nd house – ruling money.

Also, lucky Jupiter is moving back to sextile his natal Jupiter at 15 degrees Libra – exact just after the tournament. However, this time around he’s lacking Mars’ boosting his Ascendant, physical form, which suggests he might not get as far as he did at the French Open.

Felix Auger-Aliassime, b. August 8, 2000, time unknown, Montreal, Canada, no. 19 seed – Sun Leo

Auger-Aliassime is a new name to me. Note the date of birth, the same day as the great Roger Federer, albeit 19 years later. We don’t have a time of birth so there’s key information missing. However, it’s intriguing that his natal Mars is at 4 Leo 55 and his natal Mercury is at 2 Leo 35.

Therefore, the Mercury retrograde phase is significant for him and he’s having his Mars Return during the tournament. This takes place once every two years and is a boost of physical energy. I shall be watching with interest to see how this plays out for him.

His nodes are at 24 Cancer/Capricorn, aligned with the coming Lunar Eclipse which falls at 24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. It’s either a turbo rocket or a fall out! One way or another, it promises to be extreme.

David Goffin, b. December 7, 1990, 2:35 pm, Liege, Belgium, no. 21 seed – Sun Sagittarius

David Goffin is worth a mention because his Sun is at 15 degrees Sagittarius. Therefore, if you’re ever going to do well, surely it’s when lucky Jupiter is moving back to make a conjunction with your natal Sun?

Goffin’s Ascendant is 3 Taurus 34, so Uranus has been triggering the ‘physical body’ aspect of his horoscope over the last year. His career planet is Saturn and he has a major Pluto transit going on – has injury plagued him recently? I don’t know much about his previous form.

Stanislas Wawrinka, b. March 28, 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland, no. 22 seed – Sun Aries

If Wawrinka’s time of birth is correct, the Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer 38 falls very close to his Cancer Ascendant at 9 degrees Cancer. This can either propel you to greatness or wipe you out! Yes, it’s one of those extreme astrological symbols which is quite hard to predict!

Andy Murrayb. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK, playing in the doubles – Sun Taurus

Andy Murray is coming back to form and should be playing the doubles at Wimbledon if I’ve read it correctly. It’s good to see Sir Andy back at the tournament that loves him for bringing the Wimbledon trophy home to the Brits! The tricky Pluto transit to his natal Jupiter (ruling hips) is now behind him.

Murray currently has transiting Saturn square Jupiter – a chance to rebuild his form slowly, test out his hip? Plus, with the Moon triggering the exact degree where Jupiter turned retrograde in April 2019 (not far off Andy’s natal Uranus at 16 Sagittarius), I wonder whether there’ll be a nice surprise for us Brits this year.

Astrologer’s Prediction

Well, I have to say there’s not a lot to go on this time around astrologically. I am looking forward to hear from my fellow astrologers for their thoughts in this complex fortnight of astrology.

And, I may be feeling befuddled by too much sun/a cold combination, but I do wonder whether the old maestro, Roger Federer, has something going on with Mercury picking up his node of destiny! It’s a bold prediction but I’m going for Federer over Djokovic.

Wimbledon final 2019, astrology

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  1. Hi sally

    Finally you have federer as the winner.

    Thx for the predictions and wish you luck getting ur 4th in a row.

    1. Ankit Majumdar

      Hi Sally,

      I was eagerly waiting for your prediction.

      Your prediction makes us more intrigued at par with the tournament itself.

      Sorry for saying this, your predictions fail only when you predict for Federer ( except 2012 Wimbledon) .

      But I pray God that your prediction comes true this time.

      Best Regards.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        And to be fair, this is a very tricky time to be predicting anything with the current astrology 🙂

    2. Hi Amit, actually when Sally started grandslam prediction 7 years ago with Wimbledon, she correctly predicted Federer as Return of The King. What is amazing is that these guys Rafa, Federer, Djokovic are still the top form guys even after several years. Truly Golden Era of Tennis !!!

  2. Ankit Majumdar

    Whenever you make any astrological prediction, I bookmark the link and keeps on following the website till the end of the tournament.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I look at all the top 30 seeds and write about them in the article if their astrology stands out during the tournament. I look more closely at player’s astrology if they make progress. Otherwise, I’d be preparing the astrology for hours!

      1. Ah I see! That’s not a problem, I was only wondering about Tsitsi because he’s a fellow Leo too and wondered if there might be some astro going on for him 🙂

  3. Hi Sally

    I hope you’re feeling better. Thank you for taking time to do this for us. I love read astrology because it’s interesting how predictions work.

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for Wimbledon 2019 chart analysis. I hope you feel better soon. Looks like there will be plenty to discuss this time around!!

  5. Hi Sally

    Thank you for the Wimbledon 2019 astro-analysis. Since you say the astrology Is extremely complex I am sure we will have many brain storming sessions in this blog. Hope you are better now.

    Thanks once again

  6. Sally: “I’m on the verge of predicting all four Grand Slams in a row, if I get Wimbledon correct! Probably my best run for a while, so bring it on.”

    You could be simultaneous holder of all 4 Grand Slams soon.

  7. Thank You Very much Sally for yet another Grandslam prediction. Wimbledon is very special prediction for me as you started with Wimbledon in 2012. As I mention always for many people here, your prediction is the starting point before actually following the grandslam. Not only that over the years this forum had some good astrology passion people contributing with their views. Really a Grand forum to follow for. Me. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart 👍🏼🙏☑️

    Sathia (Sathiamoorthy)
    Sallys Fan Club

  8. So sounds like everyone has something in the chart for them and no major bad stuff!! Sally and fellow astrologers, could you please comment on Nick Kyrgios’s astrology? He will likely meet Nadal in second round. Also, how significant is Nadal’s career planet symbolism in the chart?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      James Green has commented on Kyrgios – I didn’t see anything outstanding without a birth time but will have a look when I have time with the updated birth time that James suggests. I don’t understand what you mean re. Nadal? In the chart I use, his career planet is Mercury at 26 Gemini – so the tournament starts with Venus on his Mercury – a nice signature – not major but a minor factor.

      1. Sally the birth time for krygious has been given to me by another i cannot say how far it is correct

    1. Hi Rinku

      Just checked the order of play. The main show courts start at 1pm and the outside courts remain at 11am.


      1. Roger Fan, If you see BBC article they moved the timings by 1/2 hour. Till last year they used to start 11:30 but from this year they are starting at 11. Sally made a chart as per 11:30 hence I am wondering if it changes anything.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, I saw that – annoying. Actually, it doesn’t change the chart much – the ruler of the ASC/MC remains the same but the Midheaven is 10 Gemini not 18 Gemini.

  9. hello sally thanks once again for your analysis and prediction for wimbledon 2019. you have taken a time of 11.30 am for tournament start whereas i read in the official site of wimbledon that the tournament starts at 11.00 am. so i am taking the time of 11.00hrs and casting a chart to give my views on wimbledon as per sidereal astrology. 23rd degree of leo rises and the mid heaven falls at the 18th degree of taurus making sun as the ruling planet and venus as the lord of success point.the sun is in 17th degree gemini in the 11th house which normally means the favourite will do very well but sun is going to a conjunction with north node and opposition to saturn which is exact on the 9th july.This means the favourite will not be the champion.venus the lord of mid heaven is also in gemini in the 5th degree.the ruling planet going towards a conjunction with north node can show a new champoin but his opposition to saturn can also show a champion who has won before.this aspect is confusing we have to wait and see how it unfolds.the favourite djokovic has transit saturn conjunct his ascendent in retrograde motion and sun opposition to saturn on 9th july is on his ascendent 7th house axis which mostly rules out djokovic as a champion.the 2nd seed federer has transit jupiter in an exact trine to his natal sun which is normally very good for success.sun is federers ruling planet.but jupiter is retrograde and saturn of the tournament chart is in a exact trine to federers career planet venus.so success is not guaranteed.the 3rd seed nadal does not appear to have great astrology at first glance.but venus of the tournament chart is conjunct his natal mercury and on the day of the final sun is trine his natal jupiter and moon of the tournament chart is exact square his natal jupiter.so i do not rule out nadals chances of winning wimbledon.i got a birth time for krygious which says 18.00 hrs.I am not sure of the birth time. but as per this birth time 28th degree libra rises and 10th degree of cancer is MC making venus the ruling planet and moon as the career planet.what is interesting is mercury the tennis planet is very close to his MC throughout the tournament and turns retrograde close to his MC.his second round match against nadal is the one to watch out for.my prediction either nadal will win or a new champion.

    1. You say Federer and the favorite are not guaranteed to win. Federer may not be the favorite. Djokovic is, I believe. So Federer still has the chance of winning.

      1. Translated from a recent interview. I had to laugh when I read it:

        What do you first think of when you think of Djokovic? Is there anything else you need to train? I don’t have so much energy to train anything specific. For me it’s primarily about recovering. It’s like before a test: you can’t catch up the day before. Then you can no longer read all the books. The work has been done before. I’ve played a very solid year so far. The stars are favourable for me.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Maybe, he does consult astrology 🙂 And, that is such a Djokovic comment too – ruled by Saturn, so it’s all about the consistency and the ongoing work throughout the year.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      James, thank you. Fantastic to read your predictions as always. Will check out Kyrgios’ birth chart with new time – I’m very intrigued by the Mercury factor for this tournament – being at the exact same degree/minute during the opening chart and the final chart. So far, this picks out Federer, Auger-Aliassime & now Kyrgios if your time is correct. Having said that, it’s unusual astrology so will it be helpful? We’ll find out soon.

    3. Thank You James Green for sharing your prediction. Interesting angle you are coming with (Nadal & Kyrgios)

        1. Sally,

          I remember seeing this in your blog about Australian Open 2019.
          Sally Kirkman says

          27th January 2019 at 2:31 PM
          “I think the amazing Roger Federer needs some great astrology on his side to continue winning Grand Slams and I don’t see it. In fact, I wonder whether he might retire after Wimbledon 2019. I think that was a significant eclipse for Federer during this tournament, conjunct his north node, the destiny point in astrology. Eclipse influence lasts for six months until you approach the next set of eclipses. Federer has some tricky transits this year, in particular Saturn opposite Mars, which is where you find your athleticism, your competitiveness, and Saturn can be debilitating. Plus, there’s another eclipse in July which falls close to Federer’s Mars. Also, there’s a major progression of his Sun square to Neptune in his 4th house, which is exact in July too. That to me feels like his swan song”.

          From this angle, what do you think? Does your prediction change – both about this wimbledon and his retirement?

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks, Deepak – I think! Well, I was quite adamant back then that Federer was going to retire! To be honest, this is why I only do the predictions closer to each tournament because you have to base it on the best astrology for each individual player during each tournament in relation to the tournament chart and work out who’s going to come out on top. Neither Djokovic or Nadal’s astrology lights up for me this time around and the Jupiter transit for Federer is the ‘best’ astrology, even though Jupiter is currently retrograde.

  10. Well i guess its going to be a toss up between djokovic and federer. I think whoever reaches the final fitter of the two should win. Nadal is always a contender but unfortunately with his draw he may not have too much in the tank even if he does reach the semi’s or the final. But draws are often deceptive there is no guarantee all the seeds in rafas half will hold up so lets see.

  11. Thank you very much for your Wimbledon prediction, Sally! I love your analysis that future Star Felix Auger-Aliassime’s chart strongly coincides with Mercury turning and the Eclipse. As you mention Felix is born August 8th as Federer and the first big Youngster born 2000. If Felix has a Gemini MC like Roger, well possible regarding his outstanding eye-hand skills, this transit is precise then. Moon would trine Mercury in this case and MC conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart. Jupiter trine his natal Leo Sun joined by his Mars Return in a possible forth Round clash against Djokovic expands a brilliant astrology.

    That same day Mercury turns – on Auger’s natal Mars as you mention, Sally. When Mercury turned on Djokovic’s AC in Melbourne 2016 against Simon, Novak produced 100 unforced errors. His March crisis came along with Mercury retrograde in Pisces (square his star sign Gemini). In all these occasions Novak loses certainty in his game as seen so rarely. See also against Zverev in the London ATP final – another Mercury (r) phase. Djokovic has still Chiron on his Moon and we have recently seen him in pain at Paris. Against Alliasime, the Sun opposes his AC and the Moon opposes natal Moon. The Opener may suggest a Youngster crushing the draw with Uranus square Mercury. Can Felix handle Mercury (r) better triggering his starsign?

    Which brings us to Roger Federer who enjoys Jupiter trine his Sun as his birthday brother Aliassime. The astrology gives one hint for him to be there – Venus Mars reminds of Mars Venus for Nadal at Paris’ final. Yet, Roger often is not at his best, too, with Mercury (r) and his career planet is conjunct natal Sun in his chart. Last ATP final was disappointing as for Djokovic. Mercury retrograde at Indian Wells, he lost against Thiem at Final and won Miami as Mercury turned back during the tournament. In the Final against Isner who suffered a foot injury back then which pulled the American out of the game until now.

    John Isner now comes back who reached the Wimbledon Semis 2018. He has Uranus conjunct his Sun and there’s also Jupiter next to natal Uranus approaching a sextile with natal Jupiter. Natal North Node sextiles North Node which could conjunct natal Moon as I assume a Cancer AC. Will the Eclipse fall onto? Coach Macpherson with that natal Cancer 10 degree. Uranus Sun exact with my assumed birth time at July 14th for Isner. What does his astrology mean? Will the young father hopefully not step down? As Isner, Nick Kyrgios has Uranus on his Sun. What will unpredictable Uranus do to unpredictable Kyrgios who emerged on the tour 5 years ago beating Nadal at Church Road? Mars trine Kyrgios’ Aries Moon in the first days and square Nadal’s Taurus Moon in a possible clash in Round 2 speaks for another surprise.

    I can imagine a Leo final between Federer and his potential follower Alliasime if they handle Mercury (r) well, being in their star sign. Felix is the strongest Youngster for me as he shows a similar confidence and certainty as Federer, a Leo serenity. Shooting up to top level in March first when he was up against Isner and about to meet his fellow Leo at the final. He has just played two brilliant grass tournaments just failing championships twice among at the historic Queens Club. So the astrology seems realistic. What an epic final that would be – this guy is still 18 years old. Maybe that’s also part of Mercury turning next to Federer’s Leo Destiny Point? Much will depend on how players handle Mercury, I guess. Interesting: the tennis planet is conjunct Aliassime’s natal Mercury Day 1 and comes back there at Day of the final. 2007, Roger won Wimbledon with Cancer Mercury retrograde.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank, you Patrick. Always interesting when you refer to past tournaments/matches and the astrology happening. Yes, I hadn’t really paid attention to Uranus transits this time but you’re right that both John Isner and Nick Kyrgios have Uranus honing on their Sun Taurus. Often springs a surprise!

    2. Thank you Patrick for sharing your views. Looks interesting to have 2000 Born player in the mix !!

      Sathiamoorthy (Sathia)

  12. What about Feliciano Lopez, the recent Queen’s winner? He is a virgo, born 20th September and is the same age as Federer…..

  13. Hi All. This from Lana. Please tell me what do you think of her predictions:

    Men’s Seeds

    No. 1 Seed: Novak Djokovic

    What can I say about defending champion Novak Djokovic? Novak seems to win even if he has lousy transits, defying the astrological odds!

    At the beginning of Wimbledon he has: Jupiter opposite his natal Mercury – a little over-optimistic or complacent (he will still breeze through it!); Uranus exactly on his Venus to the day, some magic in his private life; Neptune squaring his natal Saturn, something sapping at his energy (though Mars closely trine his natal Sun) or a possible health condition. That is all a bit lacklustre for a start, but it is difficult imagining Novak Djokovic not getting through a first round.

    The picture for the end of Wimbledon shows: Uranus still on his Venus (though waning), Neptune still squaring his Saturn, and Mars squaring his Pluto exact to the day (a hint of danger). These aspects don’t look promising, but I won’t repeat the mistake of counting Djokovic out!

    No. 2 Seed: Roger Federer

    Roger is reportedly worried that not enough good players are coming up through the ranks. He and Novak and Rafael have dominated the top table for so long.

    For the beginning of Wimbledon: Jupiter squares his natal Venus in the 1st House in Virgo, while Saturn trines his natal Venus (a duo of aspects which suggests swings and roundabouts); the North Node sextiles his natal Venus bringing him some karmic satisfaction, but that may be in his private life; Chiron opposes his natal Jupiter in 1st House in Libra, there is some imbalance or healing which needs to be healed; and finally Pluto squares his Pluto in Libra in 2nd House, so he may have some financial wrangles ongoing, and psychologically he may feel challenged.

    By the end of Wimbledon, the picture is looking much more optimistic: Jupiter will be exactly trine his natal Sun, so he is in with a chance!; Saturn will be trine his Venus, holding him steady; Neptune will be opposite his Venus in 1st House in Virgo, personally confusing; the North Node will still be sextile his natal Venus, Mars will be sextile his Jupiter, which is super enthusiastic; Chiron will still oppose his natal Jupiter but also opposing his natal Saturn in the 1st House in Libra; Pluto still square exactly his Pluto and exact to the day. If he wins he will feel it is against the odds, and a memorable achievement among many.

    No. 3 Seed: Rafael Nadal

    Rafael won the French Open at Roland Garros (his tournament) at the beginning of June, but feels aggrieved that Roger Federer has been seeded above him.

    The transits for the Roland Garros win were as follows: Mars on his Pluto, which turned out not to be as dicey as I thought. Jupiter was square his Jupiter, and he used the luck and avoid the pitfalls of that; Chiron was trine his Saturn, a measured healing force. Jupiter was conjunct his natal Uranus (luck and surprise), but on the wane. Uranus was opposing his natal Pluto (great tension) also on the wane; Uranus was also trine his Neptune, so his intuition was strong.

    On to his Wimbledon prospects: At the beginning, Pluto will be on his Mars (again, could be dicey); Chiron will still trine his Saturn as at Roland Garros, a measured healing force; Uranus will still be trine his Neptune also as at Roland Garros, so his intuition will still be strong.

    By the end, that Chiron-Saturn trine will still be there, but not much else of note. So not much help from the stars, not a very distinguished or powerful array of transits at all. He had a lot going on in his charts at the final of Roland Garros. (though a mixed bag). He has very little going on at the end of Wimbledon. Will that be a deciding factor?

    No. 4 Seed: Kevin Anderson

    At the beginning of Wimbledon and throughout the contest, Pluto trines his Mercury, giving Kevin Anderson tremendous concentration and mental stamina, and ensuring a good innings in the competition. Saturn sextiles his Jupiter – bringing good control and balance. The North Node trine his natal Jupiter, also boosting his start at Wimbledon; Chiron trine his Saturn, ensuring good steady work, and Uranus trines his natal Neptune, giving him a command of complexity. Finally in the analysis, Uranus opposes his natal Pluto – some possible negativity, which may see him fall before the final.

    At the end of Wimbledon, Pluto will still trine his Mercury, Neptune will be on his Jupiter – he’ll be feeling very idealistic, but if he is not in the final, it will be directed to some other end in his life. Mars will be trine his Saturn, boosting his determination, Chiron will still be trine his Saturn and Uranus still trine his Neptune. And he won’t have quite shaken off Uranus from the opposition with his Pluto. He could still go far in the competition, though maybe not up to the end.

    Of the four, Roger seems to have the best transits, and is most likely to make the final.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for posting. Not all the astrology is specific enough for me and too much to wade through. Yet, regardless, we come to the same conclusion 🙂 Now, let’s see how the eclipses/Mercury retrograde play out 🙂

  14. Alex Zverev, Tsitsipas , Osaka out of Wimbledon. So we can expect lot of upsets this tournament. I think Djokovic is going to win because his draw is open now.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, here come the upsets! I would guess more too with an eclipse and Mercury retrograde during the competition.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting that it’s the youngsters slipping up at the start of the tournament. Not sure why astrologically. Maybe that means we’re going to see an older winner?

    2. Sally Kirkman

      The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses are about young (Cancer) v. old (Capricorn). So, this could be one of the themes of the tournament and I see that a 15 year old has just knocked out Venus Williams in the first round!

  15. Borna Coric – who was the potential & tricky 4th round opponent for Roger Federer has withdrawn from Wimbledon due to back injury.

    1. But wait… Federer side of draw became bit tougher now… Matteo Berrettini who has been in top form on grass this season has moved to Federer section of draw now due to Coric withdrawal.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        How did that happen? I didn’t think you could move the players around once the draw has taken place? More eclipse trickery?

  16. Lloyd Harris, without a win on grass to his name, has just taken first set off eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer, 6-3 and in no time !!! Upset on the card !

      1. correct. Federer takes the next 3 sets to win in 4. (Federer 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 Harris). Still very very surprising that Federer handed the first set to Harris.

  17. Nadal and Kyrgios second round is coming. What will eclipse do? Given their last grass court meeting, Nadal is an underdog and thus can eclipse reverse that dynamic? What do astrologers think?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The eclipse is today and I assume they only play in two days time? Will be other astrology to take note of.

  18. Well Stan Wawrinka’s been dumped out by an outsider! A 5-set thriller which was unexpected…
    Odd things happening!

    1. Yes. Just checked on Reilly Opelka. He was Junior Wimbledon Champion in 2015. Tallest player in the draw along with Karlovic. Stan Wawrinka in his own admission; is not a great player on Grass.

  19. You can hear players mention the courts are very slow this year. I can also see this on TV. The ball is stopped more by the grass than used to.

    1. I think Wimbledon has gone too far to make the courts too slow. It shows lack of variety. Who makes that decision to slow down the courts?

  20. Nadal be Kyrgios is the third match on Center Court tomorrow. Any astro analysis for this blockbuster match??

  21. Hi Sally and all,

    Well, I’m a bit late to the party, but here are some things I’m looking at. I’m sure I’ll be repeating much of what others have said already, but here’s a go.

    The July 2 solar eclipse. I have read articles in astrology magazines expecting good things from this eclipse, and others saying the opposite. The eclipse strongly impacts Roger’s chart and Rafa’s. It conjuncts Roger’s secondary progressed Midheaven, and it’s near his Mars. This could bring something very good or very bad in his career, depending on how the eclipse expresses. It’s conjunct Rafa’s secondary progressed Moon and near his progressed Sun. There again, it could express in his career.

    I don’t see much in Novak’s astrology that looks significant to me at this time. His secondary progressed Ascendant is at the 29th degree of a sign now, and that could bring a time to reboot.

    Roger has a difficult progression exact during Wimbledon. His progressed Sun is exactly square his Neptune. In extreme expression, this could bring disappointment or even injury. But perhaps it won’t express on the court at all? He also has a favorable progression, secondary progressed Midheaven sextile his Ascendant. This could bring attention to his career. On the day of the final, the transiting Sun opposes transiting Pluto, and both are squaring Roger’s Pluto. A difficult battle? Perhaps the transiting Jupiter trine to his Sun will be of benefit?

    Rafa has two beneficial progressions in effect now, secondary progressed Midheaven sextile his Saturn, and secondary progressed Mercury trine his Saturn. Both should bring stability to his tennis. There is a factor that could be challenging, and that’s the July 16 lunar eclipse near his Mars. The astrology magazines I’ve read said this could be a difficult eclipse. Though the Wimbledon final is on the 14th, sometimes eclipses can express a bit early. I wouldn’t expect this, but it is possible.

    What do you think, Sally and all?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, AstroTennis. Great to hear from you and to get some perspective on the progressions in particular. I don’t have enough time to concentrate on everything writing the prediction so it’s not something I look at in depth. Also, I have a question for you. Do you find progressions are date specific? My experience is that they act as a back drop to the year and it takes a transit or a New or Full Moon to trigger them? As you say, eclipses are quite tricky to predict. For example, I wrote about the Women’s Football semi-final. Megan Rapinoe was born on the 5th July (Sun 13 Cancer) and was ‘eclipsed’, i.e. didn’t play. Whereas her team-mate, Alex Morgan, was born on the 2nd July (Sun 10 Cancer) and the exact day of the eclipse. She scored on the eclipses against England leading her team to victory! So, they tend to mirror the ups and downs of life. And yes, I agree eclipses can express early, also after the event. It’s turning out to be quite a complex tournament!

      1. Thanks, Sally!

        Very interesting the example you mention from the Women’s Football. It seems that all we can be sure of from an eclipse is something extreme, for better or worse!

        It will be interesting to see how the eclipses of July express at Wimbledon for Roger and Rafa.

        Also the progressions. It seems to me that exact progressions are often seen in expression, but I haven’t noticed how they are triggered by transits, etc. It makes sense that they would be.

        Thanks for your continued postings of grand slam tennis and astrology. We love it!

    2. Dear Astro Tennis,

      You are certainly not late to the party. Nice to read your post.

      What is your prediction ? Who is going to be the winner ?

      Any thoughts on today’s block buster match Nadal v Kyrgios ?


  22. Hello Sally and astro tennis yes the effects of eclipse can be felt before or after the day of the eclipse.The ruling planet in the tournament chart sun is going towards a conjunction with north node and opposition to saturn simultaneously North node denotes new champion and saturn denotes old champion so the signal from the astrology is mixed especially with the two eclipses and mercury turning retrograde during the tournament.lot of seeds have been beaten and they were the favourites in those matches let us wait and see how it unfolds

      1. Dear raman for krygious with 18.00 as birth time mars is exact on his MC today and mercury very close to MC and going to turn retrograde in a few days i would say he has got a shot at winning the match but saturn and north node in a square from natal moon can bring about disappointment if nadal wins today he may most probably go on to win the tournament

        1. Thanks a lot Mr James Green for the quick-fire reply.

          Lets see how the match unfolds. Lets hope the match will be spectacular.

          Thanks once again.

        2. I can’t follow Nadal’s good astrology James. Sun trine natal Jupiter is gone at final same as the Moon to square natal Jupiter which travels in Opposition of Rafa’s Mars Pluto conjunction. Venus approaching it’s birth position, but precise two days far off.

          1. Correction: the Noon travels in Opposition to natal Career Ruler and the Sun in Opposition to natal Mars (conjunct Pluto).

          2. Who got the best Astrology? Most people saying Nadal gonna win Wimbledon. People are writing Roger off.

          3. patrick i use sidereal astrology and as per it venus is the ruling planet and sun is the career planet.on the day of the final sun is no doubt saperating from nadals natal jupiter but it is still within one degree.the lord of MC in the tournament chart venus is on nadals natal mercury.And the moon ot the tournament chart is in an exact square of nadals jupiter.all minor transits but taken together can add up quite well.moreover mercury is lord of the 11th house ruling desires and their fulfillment for nadal and mercury is placed in an exact sextile to nadals 11th cusp both in the tournament chart and also on the day of the final.this is why i give nadal the edge over federer and djokovic.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      and then there’s this…. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/04/aussie-bad-boy-bernard-tomic-fined-45000-lack-effort-wimbledon-exit-10107674/
      Not sure what it’s about astrologically yet but fascinating that he’s been fined for not putting in enough effort! I’m sure it’s part of the eclipse/Mercury retro vibe going on. Actually, maybe it’s the Mercury retro as Mercury is the tennis planet. It might be ok to kick back and ‘not be bothered’ in your own life but a little different on the tennis court!

      1. Tomic is a habitual offender on Tennis Court. Come to think of it Nick Kyrgios was fined two years ago for tanking a match against Djokovic in Shanghai.


    2. Isner and Cilic also out. Many unseeded players will reach 3R. Is it the sign of new generational change?

  23. Since astrology shows final between young and old could this be on women’s side. Gauff 15 year old girl is playing brilliantly could possibly make it into the final. Just a thought though.

    1. Ankit Majumdar

      Hard luck for Kyrigous in the tie breaker….two shots just missed the line ….going to be an interesting match ….

    2. Each of the Big 3 is just 2 wins ahead of the Wimbledon title. For Federer and Nadal it would even mean that they would have to win against 2 of the Top 3 to win the title. That should be astrologically visible with one of the 3 because it is so unique? Wouldn’t it?

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Hi Philippe, I don’t quite understand your question. We’re usually left with the top players in the men’s tournament? Also, it’s important to remember that astrology is not a science. It is based on scientific principles but it works very differently. I started this blog to see if astrology could help us in predicting the winners of the Grand Slams. It’s never 100% guaranteed but we do learn about the astrology on the way. And it definitely gives you a better than average opportunity of getting the result right! Sometimes, the astrology is convincing and the symbolism zinging; other times, you have to dig a little deeper as there is nothing obvious to hook your prediction on to. This is a very different way of working with astrology which has its limitations. Astrology speaks loudest when you have a context for its meaning, i.e. when you work with an individual’s birth chart and you speak the astrology to bring it to life. Then, astrology enters the realm of the remarkable. Hope that helps.

    1. Really. His astrology isn’t great!

      I hope Roger can win Wimbledon. But most saying Nadal.

      Who got the best astrology for Wimbledon due to the eclipses?

      1. Most predicted Federer, incl. Sally. James Green is the only one who picked Nadal. Did you read the posts on here?

        1. Yes I have read James but he said that Nadal’s astrology is not strong as it was at RG.

          We’ll have to wait and see.

    2. This 25 second rule is one of the most useless and impractical rule in tennis IMO. It fails to take into consideration that players are not robots. For example, after a lung bursting rally over 20+ strokes, if players do not get a chance to get their breath back, how would the next ball turn out ? Likely 5 stroke or less rally. It takes away the crux of a tennis match, the entertainment factor, and for fans to see sublime shot making and tennis. The most boring matches are the ones involving two big servers, Ace 1, 2,3,4 Game. What’s the fun in that.

      28 seconds – 3 seconds over the arbitrary limit. Is that truly going to matter that much or affect the outcome ? Both players get to take a breather, so it is not like only the server benefits from a a few more seconds.

      1. Timmy, with due respect to your views, there has to be some guidelines that all players need to follow.

        Why we have only 3 best sets out of 5 to decide the winner and why not 5 best sets? Why only 2 chances per serve (first and second serve)?

        If 28 seconds is not going to make much of difference (its only 3 seconds more) then will 31 seconds or 34 seconds make a difference? Please try to understand that not only in Tennis but in other sports as well (for example cricket) players use delaying tactics to disrupt the rhythm of opposition !

        I am saying that Nadal does the same delay tactics intentionally but then somewhere we have to draw a line.

        Coming to your point on long rallies more enjoyable, its very subjective. Some people may like attacking Serve and Volley games where the point is finished quickly however its equally entertaining 🙂

        1. Deepti, With due respect to your views please understand it’s only guidelines and not a rule and very subjective and hence not auto penalty.

          I bet most people did not notice 3 sec till Fed and Fed fans started to brand this as delaying tactic.

          You know during Kyrgios match Kyrgios was complaining why Nadal gets special treatment and Boris Becker replied that Nadal has earned it. So Mayer and Kyrgios want special treatment they will have to earn it.

  24. Cilic and Thiem out from his draw, he defeated Kyrgios and Matteo Beretini added to Federer’s draw!!!… there got to be some stars favoring him. He is only going to get more confident.

  25. Hi everyone :-)…
    I read that someone even gave Kyrgios a favorite at Wimbledon, today especially with Nadal, and when I read it, it made me laugh …
    Because here we go beyond astrology. One like him, a buffoon like him, can never win anything important, regardless of astrology and a transit of Mars to the MC. This is certain.
    And then he is simply a character created and swollen by the mass media, because on a technical level apart from the big serve he has very little else.

  26. You said “most people saying Rafa” and people are “writing Roger off.” That’s simply untrue. Most astrologers posting here picked Roger. James is the ONLY ONE who says Rafa may win.

  27. BTHouson-Frederick

    I have been quiet of late reading and analysing what many are saying here but i have come to a conclusion, Many have this underlying goal of wanting Nadal to surpass Federer and frankly that will not happened. In all of tennis history Federer has the greatest astrology (https://www.dnaindia.com/sports/column-greenstone-lobo-roger-federer-can-go-on-till-2020-win-3-4-more-grand-slams-2586579) and whenever Nadal gets close Federer miraculously extend his lead! I am being quite objective on the matter and though I am a Federer fan I do like Nadal and Djokovic but what is already written in the Cosmos before this three players were born cannot be undone. If Federer Do not win wimbledon he will certainly win US open or Australian because these upcoming events he has the best astrology…..(its like bascially to seal him as the greatest tennis player)…..eclipse in the Federer astrology maybe to shield him from disappointment and give him unbelievable boost to overcome the challenges that he will be facing therefore Federer’s winning wimbledon against djokovic maybe similar to the Australian Open 2017!…..sally what do you think?

    1. Johny Excellent

      Apart from Greenstone’s suggestion about Federer having greatest horoscope who else says that? I had consulted Greenstone and he has said too many things about events in my life in last two years, alas had they come true, I would be at least half millionaire 😂. I am a big fan of Federer, Nadal in that order. I will be happiest if Greenstone is proven right about that 😊👍🏼. Cheers..

    2. Dear Mr BTHouson-Frederick,

      It is true that many in the forum are Nadal fans ; many are Federer fans as well.

      It is also true that all Nadal fans want Nadal to win and all Federer fans want Federer to win.

      I don’t think there is any mala fide intention. on either parties’ minds.

      It is possible that Nadal fans may be wanting Nadal to surpass Federer’s record and vice versa.

      Whether it happens or not will depend on two factors viz., i. Player’s TENNIS merit and ii the grace of stars.

      The TENNIS merit of the players is rarely discussed in this forum.

      The grace of stars on each player for this tournament alone is the subject matter here.

      Thanks a lot

  28. Mercury turning next week will influence all of the Top 3. Novak’s spring crisis came along with Mercury running backward and opposition to his activities in the player’s council. Djokovic with first set loss now, too. Chiron Moon already to mention for him as he receives new criticism for his pulling strings in the ATP Board. Nadal and Djokovic being Geminis and for Federer and Nadal Mercury is also Career Ruler. Roger won Wimbledon 2006 when Mercury was conjunct his NN 1 degree apart from turning at Monday. 2012 he lost the Olympic final vs Murray with this same Mercury (r) degree.

    1. Hi Patrick

      Thank you for giving this to us.

      Could you please explain how does this will effect Roger and the other two at Wimbledon?

      Many thanks

      1. Fedal, Chiron (our wound/pain) conjunct Djokovic’s Moon already has shown at Paris stressful feelings (Moon).

        Please see my prediction at the start of the week where I mention all three stars often struggle with Mercury retrograde. Strongly I experienced that with the Djoker, but I guess you have to take into account the whole astrology for each player. Moreover it’s hard to predict when it plays out tough for one. Best example Roger as I write – Wimb 2006 + Olympics 2012.

        With Djokovic I assume he goes out against Aliassime if Felix wins tonight.

  29. Nadal v Tsonga – What is in store for us ?

    Sally, James, Patrick, Astro Tennis, BTHouson-Frederick – we are eagerly looking forward to your thoughts !!!


  30. Hi Sally,

    Greetings !

    You have been doing great work in this space. You did a great job in last 3 slams (you picked 2 winners for French though 🙂 Although you were way off- mark at times, its quite a difficult task to predict a winner. So congratulations for the good work

    This one for wimbledon, though possible, is very brave prediction from you. I myself, being a student of vedic astrology, studied charts of all Big 3 and found Rafa’s chart very intriguing & promising and it will take a massive effort for any player to take him out of tournament. He is in invincible mode (as per the current dasha he is undergoing) till July 24th. I will put him right there on top along with Novak (Rafa slightly ahead) for wimby.

    It would be interesting to hear from others, who practice vedic astrology here.

    Happy predicting…

    1. Dear Mr Praveen,

      Thanks for your prediction driven by vedic astrology.

      Could you please elaborate the astrology of the Big 3 for the Wimbledon 2019 fortnight ? The same way as Sally, James, Patrick and Astro Tennis.

      Thanks once again.

    2. hi praveen good to hear from you can you please tell why you have given the date of 24th july till which nadal will be invincible.thank you

      1. Rafa is undergoing antardasha dasha of Jupiter under mahasabha of Moon with pratyantar dasha dasha of Venus till 9th july and then of sun till 10th…
        He is gonna have smooth ride till 9th (4th round) because of very good placement of moon, jupiter and venus.. 10th july going to be bit tricky(Quarters) because of prtyantar dasha of sun as it’s placed in tauras in his natal and this year chart… Sun in tauras is not a good placement and can affect his rhythm… Post that he has very good periods of moon and mars till 14th (Final)
        This year muntha is placed in 3rd house for Rafa which is an excellent position for him… And Jupiter’s period which is placed in his 7th house, scorpio( which although talks more about positive development in his personal relationship but also makes his mind clutter free and very efficient in workspace). This Jupiter’s period is until 22nd( sorry not 24th)… this makes him a favorite along with Novak.

        1. Hello praveen nadal is undergoing the subperiod of saturn in the major period of moon Jupiter sub period was over last September

          1. Which system are you using?
            I use lahiri ayanamsa (sidereal) system… You may want to further drill it down properly

            Saturn’s period was over in Jan, then Mercury’s went till March, ketu went till April.. and now it’s Venus till 9th july… So it’s moon/Jupiter/Venus right now

        2. Hello praveen i can see you are using lahiri ayanamsa and the 365 days year in calculating dasas. i use raman ayanamsa and the 360 days year in calculating dasas i used to use lahiri ayanamsa many years ago but after experimenting with various ayanamsas and also the 365 and 360 year i have come to the conclusion that raman ayanamsa and 360 days year is the most accurate.as per this nadal is now running the moon dasa and saturn anthardasa from 30.09.2018 to 22.04.2020.breaking down furthur he is running the sub sub period of venus from 22.04.19 to 26.07.19.Sage parashara has clearly said that for calculating dasas savanah year that is 360 days year only should be used.

          1. Dear Sally, We are entering the 2nd week at Wimbledon and some of key players already out.

            Do you still maintain your earlier prediction ? How will Mercury retrograde effect the top favourites?

            Regards, Cheeka

          2. Hi James Green,
            However ite not mentioner which 360 days-lunar or solar. Since dashas are bases on moon i take 360 tithis based on moon. If you are using jagnhora software, you have this option.
            I dont use sidereal or physically astronomy bases charts. I use suryasidhantha. Its matter of research tgough.

            For me federer’s time works. Nadal with 630. Djokovic – could not work with any given time.


          3. I am not saying in terms of astrology but just a comparison on the basis of current form of Nadal and Federer. If they both meet in the semifinal of Wimbledon this year based on the current form Nadal should win easily. To support my view I will give an example
            The way Nadal dismantled Tsonga in the third round compare the score of Tsonga vs Federer match in Halle open where Federer not just lost one set to Tsonga but laboured for the win against Tsonga

          4. Going by the tennis Nadal is playing right now… He has to be favorite against Roger… as Roger is not playing like he did in 2017… He is playing with more risks and looks anxious at times…Roger off course can’t play his usual serve and volley game against Nadal, and will be vulnerable if rally goes beyond 8 shots…As it was on display against Pouille yesterday
            So going strictly by tennis… Nadal has an edge this year as he is playing very efficient and aggressively

        3. Hi Praveen..are you saying an upset can happen Tomm on 10th Vs querrey ? Tricky as in hard fought or an upset? I’m nervous about this one.

    3. Hi Praveen,

      Nice to get your prediction. I had asked two Indian astrologers who follow Tennis Grand Slams and both of them have predicted that Roger will win one more Grand Slam and then retire.

      I have their mobile numbers and can share with you if you are interested to discuss with them ( mail me at ss23pp2@gmail.com ).

      Thanks to all astrologers for sharing their views and predictions.

      Best Regards.

        1. Johny Excellent

          With all due respect the same astrologer had said That Federer will retire around 2014. And he updated his link later on saying that Federer will retire after winning one more slam AFTER Federer won his 18th slam and not before that😂😂😡😡. This guy said one slam in allegedly before AO 2017; however, Federer has won 3 slams since his come back. So this guy is an apportunist. Please be wary of such astrologers who update the link after results and claim it to have predicted the event before it happens. Take care and cheers. Feel free to share the details or the link of the other astrologer..

        2. It seems that you are a Federer fan… But it s always good to check the authenticity of the astrologer who is making the predictions and also the time when he made it…
          Tbh I found Roger’s astrology not so promising as Rafa’s and Novak’s… That’s yet to be seen though… But after looking at their form so far… Roger is 3rd in the pack..

          1. You seem to be a Nadal fan ….

            I just found the link and published it . So do you consider yourself to be the MOST AUTHENTIC astrologer ??????

          2. Chill Samarjeet..I am a tennis fan and enjoy tennis of Rafa as well as Roger and Novak…. You posted a link of prediction made in 2016… Lol…. that’s why said its good to check the date of prediction..and as Johny said wary of such astrologers who change the prediction after the actual event..

            Cheers !

    4. JOHNY Excellent

      please help us all understand why is Nadal invincible till July 24th, since when did this Dasha started? And what is the name of this Dasha that you are referring to? I am also reading Vedic astrology. Please elaborate..

    1. Johny Excellent

      At 38 years of age, when you are already not at your prime for over 8-10 years, anyone can take you out. Federer and most of us know it. Except for his game style and talent combined with his perseverance, that is not dying even now, he is playing. You may not always count him in, but you can never count him out 😊💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

      1. Roger not at his prime 2017/18? Maybe have a look at his results again. Many saw 2017 his best tennis ever…

        1. Johny Excellent

          Hi Patrick, I did see his results, there are lot of times when you win with your skill and experience. Of course he was close to his best. However, in terms of his physical capabilities, his speed and they way he used to cover the court, her did much much better between 2003 till 2009. He used to be livewire in terms of speed. Yes of course he can produce results even at his 80-90% and I think he has been doing that in last 8-10 years. Come on after 30-32 one gets tired easily, one needs more rest and of course a little more luck and that’s what happened with Roger. I think Roger playing beyond 90%-95% of his prime is good enough for all on Grass and for most of them on hard court.. 😊👍🏼

  31. Outlook for week 2: Nadal has one promising transit in a Semi versus Federer: Sun trine natal Jupiter. The Moon tells another story as it runs into tension with a square to natal MC. Sun Jupiter gone at final when the Moon runs in Opposition to natal Career Ruler Mercury and the Sun in Opposition to the sensitive Pluto Mars conjunction. Versus Roger, retrograde Jupiter enters the 1 degree orb of an Opposition to natal Chiron.

    Federer has the Venus Mars conjunction at final, the Sun will trine natal Moon precise and sextile natal Chiron. Jupiter trine Sun 0,1 versus Nadal and EXACT at final: a strong testimony for Federer to catch No. 21. So Roger has positive transits when Rafa has negative with transitting Jupiter, Moon and natal Chiron.

    We also have to see how Nadal handles Mercury retrograde square natal Pluto in the Quarters part of a T-Square with transitting Uranus and Mars. The Moon is in Opposition to natal North Node. I remember last year, Nadal was favored by the Moon from Round to Round reaching the Semis – this time it’s the opposite. 

    July 10th could be a special day of the tournament when the Sun conjunct NN falls in precise Opposition to North Node. This is also for Novak whose MC Axis snuggles in that planetary constellation. Moon Moon Opposition for the ATP 1 then. He might be challenged by Goffin who has Jupiter approaching his Jupiter into the 1 degree orb these days.

    From tomorrow on, Mercury turning can suddenly change the performance level of the Top Seed of week one, I guess. Looking at the astrology in large, Federer with the best transits and astrological favorite.

    1. Patrick and fellow astrologers,

      For what it’s worth, I believe Nadal has the best chance to win. His draw has cleared up suddenly. He was facing, in addition to Kyrgios, Cilic, Thiem and Shapovalov but they are gone and so, that must soften the blow of whatever Mercury and moon eclipse was going to do.

      Secondly, Federer’s draw has become tougher with addition of Berretini. Everyone agrees that Djokovic has not good astrology from the other end.

      Thirdly, courts will become progressively slower which should help.

      Fourthly, he is coming off a Grand Slam win and is well rested/injury free.


      1. Nadal astrology is not as strong as RG. This about astrology and who has got the best I understand you are not a Federer fan but please respect the astrology that others put up whether is about Nadal or Federer. As you can see Federer got the best astrology.

    2. I’m surprised nobody talks about Raonic. He had a very easy draw. He was a finalist in 2016. I believe he could reach the final again should Goffin defeat Djokovic in semis…
      Nobody mentioned anything astrologically about him. In my opinion, it is the dark horse in this years’ race.

  32. Samarjeet Satapathy

    Hi James,

    Any updates from you on Week 2 ?

    Are you still going for Nadal or a new champion ?

    Best Regards.

      1. Pliskova out too. All the upsets happening on Court 2/women side. Mercury affecting tournament selectively!!

      1. Said the man who declared Federer couldn’t be beaten because he’s born under the best astrology EVER…

        It seems there’s a certain insecurity among Federer fans here. First, you guys moaned how people wrote him off while only James picked Nadal. Then you guys tried to get James change his mind by citing other people’s predictions. The astrology prediction is for fun. You guys’ bullying James and Nadal fans is taking fun out of it. JMO.

        1. Agree with J.C. If the comment had been about disparaging other players to credit their favorite player, I would strongly condemn that behavior. Making a fun and bold prediction that Nadal wins in 3 sets seems like a harmless act. Not sure why Rogers Fan is reading so much into it and be offended. I

          1. I’m.not offended. This is about astrology. That what I’m interested in. Yes I’m a Federer fan but do respect others. I am not trying to change James mind.

          2. Thanks. I am not trying to insult any astrologers here and I prefaced my statement with “For what’s its worth.” I am not an astrologer but maybe guilty of reading what I feel in what astrologers have put out. May the best player win…which so far, in my opinion has been Rafa.

        2. I’m not a bully. If Nadal wins fine.

          I came here to read about Astrology.

          It seems that Nadal draw has opened up. Nadals astrology must be wrong then.

    1. Nadal will not win this wimbledon…just wait…i m neither federer or djokovic fan but the the astrology doesnt go with nadal…he will loss in the quarterfinal..mark this word!!!!

  33. I see there’s another Anish this time in the blog.

    Also, interesting to know both practising sidereal Astro are predicting Nadal.

    I must say after 4 rounds, I’m feeling more confident about Nadal @Wimbledon. Not generally the case in the recent times.

    In the last rounds, he has also improved his serve a ccuracy, which was maybe not as consistent in initial rounds. Other aspects also working well.

    Having said that, havent really followed how well Djokovic / Federer have been playing. Will check it out.

    1. I think, as awesome as his forehand is,his backhand cross court will win him the title here…in my very humble opinion. He may not have good astrology, he is playing plenty good and doesn’t have “bad” astrology.

      1. Fedal…Tomm will be tricky I think..not sure why I am so nervous about querrey. He is a giant slayer n that match will be on court 1 too that causes upsets (:-

        Praveen said below too qf will be tricky ..I hope Rafa wins n in not more than 4 sets 🙂

        1. Somebody has querrey’s astrological features? I foresee at least 2-3 tie-breaks. Really hot potato for Nadal. Expect to receive 20-30 aces from Sam with balls at over 200 kms/h. – just looking at stats from wimbledon. So far, Nadal is serving well too. That could save his match.

  34. It appears Djokovic’s 4th round victory was more comprehensive than previous rounds.

    Federer may want to work on his 2nd serve a bit. Otherwise apparently playing well.

  35. Nadal, Djoko, Fed all playing well. Sally, Patrick, Lana predicting Fed winning. James Green predicting Nadal. Djoko has mixed opinions neither good nor bad. Let’s see how it goes. Quite interestingly how astrology plays out here.

    1. Johny Excellent

      I guess even AstroTennis has predicted Nadal to win. So we have two astrologers for Nadal and two (in this forum) for Federer. So it looks evenly matched 😊. We will see..

      1. Yes, the prediction is balanced in our forum. 2 for Nadal and 2 for Fed. But, Sally also mentioned that predictions may be eclipsed !! means due to eclipse, results may be unexpected one !!

          1. Sally Kirkman

            It’s going to be an interesting end to the week. Sorry, I’ve not been commenting for the last few days. I have been approving/blocking people! but I was away on retreat and I’m back now. I am not sure if there were any significant turning points on Monday when Mercury switched direction? I did wonder about Federer as it’s Mercury that’s so key to the prediction for him to win but it looks as if he won easily. My first thoughts looking at the final 8 is that Djokovic is up against Goffin who currently has lucky Jupiter heading back towards a conjunction with his Sun. That would be the match to watch for me, from an astrological perspective. The women’s side has decimated the top seeds! The highest seed is no. 7. Maybe Mercury retrograde had a hand in that with some big names going out.

          2. Hey… I am not rooting for anybody as such. I noticed both Djokovic and Federer have played very well in their 4th round victories. Not much wrong there. Perhaps not that comprehensive in their previous rounds. BTW.. mine is not an astrological perspective.

            Just mentioned first time in a long time that I am getting good confidence in watching Nadal play @Wimbledon. Last I felt like this about him was at 2012 Australian Open or 2013 US Open. Seemed to be in very good control of his game.

            He seems to have switched to a different mode half way through the mach with Kyrgios. Good for him! 🙂

      1. Samarjeet Satapathy

        Hi Sally, hope you are doing well.
        Are you still sticking to Roger ?
        Wimbledon 2019 has become astrologically interesting also 😊

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I rarely change my original prediction and yes, I wouldn’t go for another player. Federer won easily on Monday, the day Mercury turned retrograde close to his north node, so it didn’t seem to suggest a change of fortune. The match I’m most interested in today astrologically is Djokovic/Goffin as Goffin has Jupiter on his side. Let’s see if it brings an upset for Djokovic.

  36. I definitely go against the current.
    If we are to astrology, only to that and not to the balance of power between the players (which certainly must be taken into account), the one with the best astrology of those remaining is definitely Goffin, Sagittarius ascending Taurus moon in Leo.
    At this moment he has Jupiter in transit on his native Sun, almost in exact conjunction. But what makes me think even more in this sense is its secondary direction: the Sun at this moment is almost exactly on the natal MC, a symptom of something that must be realized.
    Furthermore, it has Uranus transit on the Taurus ascendant, and various other positive aspects.
    Finally, on the day of the final the Moon is in Sagittarius at 22 degrees, the starting time of the final, and it will join his native Venus a few minutes after the beginning of the final.
    I repeat, they seem to me not only favorable but definitely “symbolic” positions.

  37. The following has bee extracted from Lana Wooster’s blog dt 7th July, 2019 :

    Men’s Seeds

    The ranks of the men’s Seeds seem decimated, much more so than the women’s.

    No. 8 Seed: Kei Nishikori

    Nishikori’s current planetary line up shows Uranus squaring his Venus, which may be some tension in his personal life; Chiron sextile his natal Venus (good, healthwise), Uranus trine his Uranus (the power of surprise on his side), Chiron square his Uranus (I wouldn’t rule out injury though), Saturn sextile his Pluto (considerable strength), and the North Node trine his Pluto (powerful karmic help).

    By the end of Wimbledon, he still has Uranus square his Venus, and Chiron sextile Venus, but he has added muscle from Mars trine his natal Mars. Uranus sextiles his Jupiter (an excellent winning transit!), Chiron squares his Jupiter (some challenges), Uranus still trine his Uranus (a considerable benefit), Chiron still square his Uranus (a threat of injury), Saturn still sextile his Pluto, and then that final endorsement from the Universe still (North Node trine his Pluto). He could be a surprise entrant into the final this year, of the dark horse variety.

    No. 15 Seed: Milos Raonic

    Raonic currently has Uranus trine his Sun (the element of the unexpected is working in his favour), Neptune sextile his Venus (harmony in his personal affairs) and Neptune trine his Pluto (not a bad transit to have on your side), but not a lot else going on.

    At the end of Wimbledon all these transits are still in operation. None are difficult, but taken together maybe not outstanding enough to get past the semi-finals.

    No. 17 Seed: Matteo Berrettini

    I haven’t looked at Berrettini’s chart before! He has the Sun in Aries square Jupiter in his natal chart (bags of enthusiasm) and Mars square Jupiter (enthusiasm off the scale), and Sun also square Neptune, so he may be very idealistic. His Mercury is square Uranus, so he may be tense, but brilliant in terms of thinking outside the box. His Venus is trine Uranus, so that could give him charisma, but Venus opposing Pluto may result in volatile feelings from time to time. He has no water planets though, so he is not over-emotional. His North Node conjoins Chiron, so there is healing potential.

    His current transit picture shows: Mars opposite his Uranus (explosiveness), but Jupiter sextile his North Node (karmic rewards). Saturn is sitting on his Jupiter (slightly dampening that natural exuberance) and square his Nodal Axis (something is weighing on him, perhaps his personal life, or wanting to do well for his team and his country).

    At the close of Wimbledon Mars squares his Mercury (irritability), Saturn sits exactly on his Jupiter to the day, and the South Node reaches his Jupiter. On balance, I don’t think his transits will have improved enough.

    No. 21 Seed: David Goffin

    Here is another player whose chart I have never got round to. But Belgian David Goffin does have the resource of a birth time (hallelujah!). He has an intriguing triple conjunction of the Midheaven, Neptune and the Part of Fortune, which is very special. His Sun trines closely Jupiter, which is excellent for sporting competition. His Mercury is conjoined with Uranus, which shows a brilliant mind, able to think quickly on his feet. Mars trines closely his North Node, again showing athleticism.

    At this point, Jupiter (which is his Sun ruler from Sagittarius) is conjunct his Sun (one could hardly wish for a better transit), Uranus trines his Mercury (bringing out the brilliance of his mind) but Chiron squares his Mercury (so mental tension could at times be too great during this tournament). Pluto is conjunct his natal Saturn (it’s a hard slog), and Neptune trines his Pluto (as with some of the other players in his age group).

    For the final, Jupiter is on his Sun still, Uranus still trine his Mercury (tremendous assets), Chiron still squares his natal Mercury, and Neptune still trines his Pluto. Mercury squares his Ascendant, so he could be nervous. I imagine he could be in the semi-finals, but you never know, he could make the final. I don’t think he would win, however.

    1. Samarjeet Satapathy

      “He could be a surprise entrant into the final this year, of the dark horse variety.“

      That means Nishikori has the chance to knock out Federer !!!!!!

  38. Samarjeet Satapathy

    Hello James , where are you ? Missing your updates.
    Hope you update all of us on your predictions.


  39. Hi All.

    This is from Lana Wooster blog on RF vs NK match.

    I think I would still have to go with Roger again, against Nishikori, going on their final transits. It is still a good result for Nishikori getting to this stage, the quarter finals.

    For Wednesday (tomorrow) specifically, the time has yet to be decided. There are some minor benefits (such as the Sun sextile his Venus). But Mars is well positioned: it is sextile his Sturn and sextile his Midheaven, so he has plenty of attack. Jupiter of course is trine his Sun, which is potentially a very successful sign, Saturn trines his Venus, and Neptune opposes his Venus. Then we have the more heavyweight transits from Pluto: it squares his own natal Pluto and trines his Chiron.

    I wrote last week about his initial transits, and the only one still very active is the difficult one Pluto square Pluto, which he has weathered, if not mastered:

    “Pluto squares his Pluto in Libra in 2nd House, so he may have some financial wrangles ongoing, and psychologically he may feel challenged.”

    Tomorrow Nishikori has:
    Saturn sextile his Pluto, Uranus square his Venus, Uranus sextile his Jupiter, and Uranus sextile his Uranus. I wrote:
    “By the end of Wimbledon, he still has Uranus square his Venus, and Chiron sextile Venus, but he has added muscle from Mars trine his natal Mars. Uranus sextiles his Jupiter (an excellent winning transit!), Chiron squares his Jupiter (some challenges), Uranus still trines his Uranus (a considerable benefit), Chiron still square his Uranus (a threat of injury), Saturn still sextile his Pluto, and then that final endorsement from the Universe still (North Node trine his Pluto). He could be a surprise entrant into the final this year, of the dark horse variety.”
    That could make this match a close meeting.

    So, then on to the final, as I wrote:

    “By the end of Wimbledon, the picture is looking much more optimistic: Jupiter will be exactly trine his natal Sun, so he is in with a chance!; Saturn will be trine his Venus, holding him steady; Neptune will be opposite his Venus in 1st House in Virgo, personally confusing; the North Node will still be sextile his natal Venus, Mars will be sextile his Jupiter, which is super enthusiastic; Chiron will still oppose his natal Jupiter but also opposing his natal Saturn in the 1st House in Libra; Pluto still square exactly his Pluto and exact to the day. If he wins he will feel it is against the odds, and a memorable achievement among many.”

    So, it is looking promising. A final point, his chemistry with Nishikori:

    Nishikori’s Pluto is sextile his Venus (a deep understanding), Nishikori’s Chiron is on Roger’s Mars (so Roger’s Mars needs to be strong and healthy in their encounter, which in this case is assisted by good transits from Mars). Roger’s Jupiter is square Nishikori’s Sun, which slightly favours Roger, and it trines Nishikori’s Venus (good relationship), and Jupiter sextile Nishikori’s Mars (a good energetic exchange); Roger’s Saturn trine Nishikori’s Venus (mutually supportive), Roger’s Saturn square Nishikori’s Jupiter (easier for Roger), Roger’s Uranus sextile Nishikori’s Mercury (some telepathy going on) and finally Roger’s Ascendant trine Nishikori’s Neptune (spiritual respect between them). So the relationship is not damaging to Roger

  40. My prediction.. completely non-astrological:

    Nadal in 4 sets
    Federer in 4 sets
    Djokovic in 5 sets
    Bautista Agut in 3 sets

  41. Could you please offer your thoughts on today’s quarter finals, Mr James Green ?

    We are all keenly waiting for your post.


    1. Dear raman unless querry has got extraordinary astrology i don’t see nadal losing but i don’t have querry birth time Federer should beat Nishikori chance of goffin upsetting Djokovic is there

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I had high hopes for Goffin against Djokovic with his Jupiter transit, but it looks as if it’s not to be. We have seen previously that Jupiter retrograde is not as strong as Jupiter direct, which for me is the one question mark around the transit for Federer. And, of course, Djokovic is a great champion so even with fantastic astrology it’s a tough call. I would guess that Goffin will be pleased with his performance at Wimbledon and Jupiter often brings in the money!

  42. Samarjeet Satapathy

    Rightly said by Lana Wooster :

    “ Novak seems to win even if he has lousy transits, defying the astrological odds!”

    1. Novak will win Wimbledon, he is “an old winner”. Retrogade planet also means something that repeats, coming back. He won it last year, so he is the one who is coming back for the trophy.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Nice symbolism. Although, you could also say the same about Federer or Nadal? They didn’t win last year but they are both old winners. Perhaps then, Mercury retrograde suggests that it won’t be a new winner? Will have a look back and see what happened on other Mercury retrograde tournaments. Thank you for commenting.

      2. My prediction was correct. The match was superb! I think we should all be proud to witness such great tennis players!

  43. Its interesting that you can see Nadal as an “old winner” as 33 years old and new winner as he hasn’t won in a while??

  44. Samarjeet Satapathy

    So it’s Nadal vs Federer in the SF which the former will comprehensively in 3 sets.

    But unfortunately, he has to meet Djkovic who defies all astrological predictions. His eyes get up lit up happily when he sees Nadal on the other side of the court in any tournament barring French Open.

      1. Samarjeet Satapathy

        @Fedal ….the way Nadal will defeat Federer , same will be repeated against him in the final , of course by Djkovic .

        Djkovic is beyond astrology 🙂

        1. Rafa is winning Wimbledon 2019..have said from the start. No doubt about it and will cross Roger’s GS tally next year!!

    1. I think there is no astrology that works with the 3 big… they are simply not from this planet.
      All the rest are mere mortals…tenistically speaking.

    2. I think big challenge for Nadal is that he has not defeated Fed and Djokovic since 2013 on non clay surfaces.

  45. Fedal Semi’s lol…..So Nadal, Federer, Novak, Serena all have chance to win. Picking out from this is tough. This forum will be set on fire now.

  46. Given the end that Goffin made, I would have to say that I missed the forecast in full, because from his astrology I gave it as a possible winner.
    But honestly, I don’t really think I’ve done a wrong analysis.
    There are two things: or astrology does not work in tennis, and we have apparently seen it in very many cases, including slam tournament victories (eg Cilic US open 2014, but there are others), or there is someone who he manages to go beyond astrology, even the non-positive one of his time.
    On the other hand, tennis is rightly called “the sport of the devil” …

    1. or we just missed yhe target 😊

      As Sally said, Jupiter retrograde sometimes is not as stromg as expected. Also I think, the Quarters for Goffin already a big success and Jupiter moreover was still far enough from exact. So we’ll see with Roger. Interesting that Mercury doesn’t harm the Big 3 at all so far.

      1. 857/5000
        Patrick, the conjunction of Jupiter on the Sun by Goffin, which however is not as far away as you say but almost exactly at the exact monomer at this time, you check also, is the aspect that I emphasized less, if you read my post previous one.
        As I have pointed out, you can see that right now in the progression of Goffin the Sun is exactly on the MC, and it is above all this that made me think, as from classical and orthodox astrology, that for him the moment of destiny had come.
        Then there is also Uranus in the ascendant, which if we always read it in the traditional way, something at the level of change must necessarily lead.
        It may also be that for him this moment had not yet come, and that the same could be achieved for him in a few months, with an important victory in a master 1000, or maybe US open.
        Let’s see.

        1. First time to reach the quarter finals at Wimbledon for Goffin. A definite success story for him even if he couldn’t defeat Djokovic. One to watch with the progression you mention, for the next few months probably. Also, while Jupiter remains strong for him.

      2. I did just read that Bautista Agut had to change his holiday plans as he wasn’t expecting to get to the semi-finals – lol! That sounds like Mercury retrograde. He should be partying in Ibiza – instead he’s preparing to play Djokovic on Friday. No time of birth for Bautista Agut and not a lot leaps out astrologically – Sun Aries. We may have to rely on the chart for the match instead. Without super-astrology, how on earth do you beat Djokovic when he’s on form?!

        1. Johny Excellent

          Hi Sally,
          To me it looks like, everyone has shunned the hope of Federer winning 21. Now Djokovic and Nadal seem to be the favourites and Federer seems to be the third in line.. So either astrology doesn’t work or even for each of us the reference point of success is different. Having said that, even then the big 3 should have similar reference points. Or we have got Their times wrong.. I am clueless..

          1. Sally Kirkman

            I’m still backing Federer! I haven’t changed my prediction. He has the best astrology in my opinion. The question mark is whether 38 year old Federer can beat 33 year old Nadal – yes, he has the gods on his side but he still has a physical and mental challenge to overcome. By the way, do we know what time the semi-finals are? I know the first one starts at 1pm – Djokovic/Bautista-Agut. Do Nadal/Federer play afterwards or at the same time? Thank you folks.

        2. About the time of the duel, both semifinals take place in center court. Federer-nadal will play after the conclusion of the first semifinal. If it lasts less than 3 hours then it should start by 16.00 pm, I believe.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thank you. I suspected Federer/Nadal would be on second, which means we won’t have an accurate time to work with. We do have an accurate time for the first semi-final, so Djokovic v. Bautista Agut. Traditionally, you would say that the non-favourite is stronger, if you go by the rulers for the 1st/7th. Djokovic is Venus in Cancer heading for an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn – usually tricky, although he is Saturn-ruled. Bautista Agut is Mars in Leo, just separating from a square from Uranus Taurus – the outsider – and heading for a trine with lucky Jupiter, although it’s very wide. Moon at 28 Scorpio is void of course, which usually suggests ‘nothing new will come of it’, i.e. the favourite will win. Bautista Agut has his natal Jupiter at 8 Taurus 15 and planet of surprises, Uranus is currently at 6 Taurus 14 but slowing down so won’t reach it. Without a time of birth, nothing else to suggest that Bautista Agut will defeat Djokovic. Also, Djokovic has the Uranus transit very close to his natal Venus at 6 Taurus 32 – I don’t think it’s about his career – it’s more closely connected to home/love for him. Also his Venus in Taurus is strong in its sign of dignity so more likely a lovely surprise? Any thoughts from other astrologers?

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Re. Federer-Nadal – the significators for the favourite/non-favourite will be reversed when their semi final match starts. The Ascendant changes from Libra to Scorpio at 2:30pm. Therefore, if the match begins after that time, Nadal is the Mars and Federer the Venus. Also, Moon still in last degrees of Scorpio until 4:00pm. Which does give a nod to the favourite Nadal. If Djokovic’ match is epic and the second semi-final starts after 4pm, that would probably help Federer’s chances astrologically. The Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius trine his north node at 1 degree Leo – which I mentioned in the original write up. Again, I would appreciate other astrologers stepping in. I find myself feeling really pulled towards wanting Federer to win this time and with transiting Jupiter (retrograde) almost exactly trine his natal Sun Leo, I think he’s got a good shot at the title.

          3. Hola Sally and company.

            I was checking last 4 Wimbledons that Federer won.


            This is the chart for the final of this year ( with astrogold; thank you for the recomendation, its a pitty that not includes lunar return and triwheels but its very easy to use it)

            In 2007, last cicle of jupiter in sagitarius ( 11 degree in trine with his sun and mercury, lord 10 and 1) he won.
            In 2009 moon in sagittarius was aplying jupiter in acuarius (the favourite won)
            In 2012 júpiter was in his midheaven in trine to his jupiter-saturn conjuction

            This year jupiter is also conjuction his part of fortune and trine his natal mercury( L10 and L1) and natal sun. Saturn is making and oposition this natal mars, but it will be exact during open usa.

            The doubt with nadal is if the match stars with moon voc or not, and that the chart for the 0 Aries of this year empower him a lot. I think nadal will win Wimbledon in 2020 ( júpiter over his natal mars, lord of ascendent) , so this year I think is last opportunity to the Master to win, and accordind to last 4 he won I think he will do it.in open usa 2020 júpiter will be in Djokovic theorical ascendent.

            The other semifinal has moon void of course and Bautista wons las 2 games this year to Djokovic. His Solar returrn of april has jupiter in 24 sag and his natal sun 24 aries, so this can be his heard and he has chances to beat Djokovic, but lets see ( last 2 games, mars was oposite his natal mars and he won without problems).

            What a good Friday of tennis we hace today

          4. Thank you, Javier. Re. astrogold – you can draw up the Lunar Return in the Subsidiary Section. Click on Planet Return or Ingress. Change the box below entitled ‘point’ to Lunar. I’m not sure about triwheels? If you mean three charts in one, isn’t that on the main page at the top left, where it says Charts 1 – 2 – 3 – 4? Hope that helps. Interesting re. Federer’s last wins and the key role of Jupiter! I can’t wait to watch later today.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Agreed. The lunar eclipse does fall close to Nadal’s Mars Capricorn at 22 Capricorn 56. If anything, the activity around his Mars – the gladiator – has been powering him up as we saw at the French Open.

        1. Hi Sally,

          Did you get a chance to look into Bautista Agut’s chart.. and if you could share is DOB ?
          His tennis has been very solid this fortnight…would love to see his transits for tmrw against Novak…. Novak himself has great astrology for this year though.


  47. Astrology is playing out as predicted. Rafa did have a tricky match yesterday (07/10)… That first set was indeed crucial in his victory… specially at 5-4…the way he was playing that was all because of pratyandasha of sun( which is not so favorable in his chart). But his chart is getting better now for next 2 matches

    I think moon in tauras (exalted) in this year’s chart is doing the job for him. He looks very strong mentally and has lost service only twice this fortnight. Tomorrow’s match may not be an epic as expected and Rafa may win it comfortably in the end but that again depends on the start of the match… but overall transits and sub transits are very good for him. Will also check Roger’s chart again which I didn’t find promising for title this year.


    1. Samarjeet Satapathy

      I bet Nadal can’t win WO2019 if he faces Djkovic in the final , how best his astrology might be .

      1. 1 match at a time… Nadal has yet to play and win tomorrow before playing final…It’s not foregone conclusion… He is playing the great Roger

  48. Johny Excellent

    Hello Sally,
    Based on your comments and success of past predictions, here is a view from a non-astrologer, myself. I see lot of times lot of Astrologers predict
    “if the match starts this time, X had better astrology than Y or on that particular day, Z has better astrology to win.”
    Also, sometimes, we see that a Y player has much better astrology/ transit/ progression etc., but still he, she is not able to beat likes of Nadal, Djoko or Serena etc.
    My take is – Personally one may have gone ahead of his own limitations like Goffin this time or Nishikori reaching Quarters; however, their best may not be better than an ordinary “concurrent” Astrology of a Federer or Djoko or Serena.

    Coming to most important of it, I believe that current transits and progression of stars play out in accordance with the Destiny of individual. For example, you quoting that on day of Semifinal “Nadal has better astrology vs Federer if they start the match before 4 PM. However, if the match is played after 4 PM , Federer is better placed astrologically. I think if Federer indeed has a better horoscope than Nadal, then match. for some reason, will start after 4 PM only, the nature, the circumstances will ensure that it happens that way. And vice versa for Nadal before 4 PM.
    Like in Paris, I believe,Nadal has some past karma that adds to his destiny there. So is Wimbledon for Federer and probably Australian for Djokovic…
    So I believe, that destiny will find its way to move this up or down based on horoscope, which can then match with the current transit and progressions..
    What do you think?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I agree with a lot of what you say. I don’t understand all of what you’re saying but most of it I think.
      There is a method called electional astrology where you choose a date/time for a specific project/activity, i.e. a wedding or operation. You would then be looking for the best possible astrology to boost your good fortune, i.e. you wouldn’t want to start an activity when the Moon makes no more aspects and is void of course. So yes, that is why you see astrologers talking about the importance of different times when you’re looking to predict via a match chart and what meaning can be attributed to the astrology.
      Also, when you work with astrology, you’re looking to bring the best potential out of someone. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to be invincible because you must also look at what stage they’re at. Each individual evolves at their own pace. Working with astrology can help that evolution move you forwards in a way that makes you feel as if you’re in tune, in step with life and not fighting against it. Agreed, there are limitations with what we’re trying to do here in the astrology/tennis forum. But when the astrology works, isn’t it beautiful? For me, astrology brings moments of magic, ‘aha’ moments and that’s why I love working with it. When we reach a point where the astrology is no longer illuminating or helpful, then I will stop these predictions. There’s always a time to let go and move on.

      1. Johny Excellent

        Sure Sally,
        I know my language and the point I was trying to explain was not very clear. After all, I have not much knowledge of the subject, but an onlooker. However, I think you got the important point I was trying to suggest/make, rather, you have put that forward even better.
        Thanks again for all the efforts..

      1. Johny Excellent

        I think it does, Nadal has won 12 French and Djokovic one… It is about how much and where your destiny works..

  49. I hope the match is not one sided and emotionally traumatic for Federer. If that happens and there are difficult transits coming later in the year, this may trigger retirement!!

  50. Hi Sally and all.

    This is from Lana for RF vs RN.

    Roger and Rafael as you know are both on very good form, but Roger has a better astrological outlook, and it will be interesting to see if that is the deciding factor for the semi-finals!

    The time of the match tomorrow is yet to be decided, so looking at Noon:

    Roger has Jupiter trine his natal Sun (one of the best transits possible), Saturn trine his Venus (a loyal audience!), Neptune opposite his Venus (some unease in his personal life), North Node sextile his Venus (some mild karmic uplift), Mars sextile his Jupiter (great energy and enthusiasm), Chiron opposite his Saturn (a physical struggle) and Pluto exactly square his Pluto, to the day. That is quite a mixture. It is likely to be a tough match for him with the Pluto square being exact, but he still has better transits than Rafael Nadal.

    Rafael has Mars trine his Saturn (capable of fighting), Chiron trine his Saturn (physically fit), and that is all. Players have won matches and tournaments on less, in my experience, but Roger’s set of transits look more significant.

    In their synastry, Roger’s Nodal Axis squares Rafael’s Moon (frequent karmic encounters, slightly more favourable to Roger), Roger’s Chiron trines Rafael’s Mars (that can strengthen them both in an encounter, in different ways), their Saturns are sextile (they have been in the same bracket of success for so long), and Roger’s Moon is on Rafael’s Ascendant (they know each other well).

    Going with the Astrology, then, I remain optimistic (for you) that Roger will beat Rafael. (I like them both!)

    What do you all think?

  51. Some observations involving the teams: Physio of Djokovic, Gritsch, with Uranus Uranus Square. Coach Moya of Nadal with Uranus Opposition NN. Coach Luethi of Federer: Jupiter precisely trine Jupiter. Shows a similiar picture as I see for the players: favorite Federer.

    Friday, Mars – now separating from Mercury retrograde and square Uranus
    – effect Nadal (AC Ruler) and Djokovic (MC Ruler)? Bautista appears to benefit from Aries starsign ruler Mars as it picks up natal Opposition Mars in a T-Square with Uranus. Moreover he is Mercury embossed, too, with an Aries Sun Mercury conjunction.

    As I assume he has an Aries Moon, he could be born in the later hours and according to career highlights the current North Node Saturn Opposition could trigger a Cancer MC Axis. So Jupiter would sextile Libra AC. There was a Grand Fire Trine Moon – natal Moon – Mercury (r) tomorrow. Alternatively something can be in Capricorn as he regularly plays stunning opening tournaments in January.

    Djokovic lost twice to Agut this year and in Miami when Mercury was retrograde.Novak has the Moon in Opposition to natal Sun at Friday. Coach Carbonell of Bautista: precisely mirrors Federer’s transit Jupiter trine natal Sun Mercury. Roger beat Novak at Dubai 2015 with Jupiter retrograde conjunct natal Sun. Serena Williams has Mars in 15 degrees where Federer has his Sun Mercury conjunction – another sign Jupiter runs the show this year as Serena also has Career Ruler Saturn in it’s own sign Capricorn conjunct natal Midheaven. Nice analogy to fulfilling a career dream. She can match with Margarete Court’s record of 24 Slams. 2006 Federer won Wimbledon with Mercury retrograde conjunct his North Node –  similar to 2019. Roger – Roberto?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Wow! A lot of information in there, Patrick. Thank you. Really interesting what you say about past matches during Mercury retrograde especially. Will Federer repeat his success of 2006? – similar astrology regarding Mercury/north node in 2019. The women’s final is the battle of the Librans – Serena born September 26 1981, Simona born September 27 1991. Almost exactly 10 years between them. No time of birth for Simona sadly. As you say, Serena benefiting from the Jupiter transit and Saturn conjunct the Midheaven – she’s got to be favourite to win.

      1. Thank you Sally! Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t realize Serena Simona born one day apart. Let’s see what Jupiter has in store.. 🙂

    2. Thanks, Patrick. I don’t know whether it’s very relevant the sign of the coaches for your predictions. In any case, just one observation. Moya is not Nadal’s coach in Wimbledon. It is Francisco Roig who was born on 1st April 1968.

      1. Thank you Carles. Roig also supported by Jupiter. When a coach has food astrology it can be a sign for success for his player. Of course it’s the player that counts in the end.

  52. No love for the ladies?

    Simona vs Serena on Saturday, for all the marbles..

    Serena’s in a much better position than she was last year vs Kerber. This year she’s in better physical shape, and her knee isn’t bothering her for the first time in a long while which is huge (Fingers crossed on that), plus she shook off the rust in singles and in doubles with Sir Andy by her side (Thanks Andy).

    Good Luck to the GOAT, and to my favorite sports star of ALL-TIME: Serena Jameka Williams.

    Good Luck GOATRena.

    1. Unfortunately Serena’s legacy in my opinion will forever tainted by her gamesmanship/ vulgar outbursts, eg infamous US Open meltdown (threatening a female lines judge no less), recent US open (again!) meltdown, in the process robbing another woman, Naomi, of her moment. Feminism rings hollow when she affects other women along the way.

      Kicking Thiem out of the interview room because she wouldn’t wait for her turn – even if her defenders said she didn’t make this request herself, an apology would have been classy. Instead her defenders claim she can, because she is the “Queen”. Sexism much? No, sexism exists only when is it against her favor.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I hear what you’re saying but personally, I dislike the fact that we treat ‘bad behaviour’ differently in men and women. McEnroe became a legend for his tantrums on court. Yet, in women, it is often viewed as disrespectful. As if we always have to behave in a lady-like manner or be dismissed.

        1. It is not exactly true to say today, that we treat bad behavior differently though. Recent cases – Tomic. Fognini, Kyrgios’s bad behaviors were appropriately admonished in the form of public condemnation and fines/penalties. John M. was in an era almost 40 years ago, times were different then I agree, sexism was rampant then, but not so much today.

          The realty is that greats such as Monica, Steffi, Roger, Rafa have consistently displayed professionalism and even if they have issues with the umpire, it has always been within limits. William’s opponent in the final tomorrow, Simona, has also been a class act (at least no meltdowns that I’m aware)


    Rafael Nadal has better Astrology and Game this time to Roger. Rafa to come out triumph in 4 setter in Semis.

  54. From Fensi88 (astrologyweekly):

    I cast the chart for the moment I read your question:

    11 Jul 2019 TZ = -2.0 4.1100 P.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=24Sco50

    As you are Federer’s fan he is represented with 1st house ruler Mars. Nadal, as his opponent, is represent with 7th house ruler, Venus. Venus is Under Sun’s Beam – quite debilitated.
    Dignities are in Mars/ Federer favor. Next, Mars antiscion is just on 7th house cusp, that means Nadal is under Federer’s control. Next, Mars has applying aspect with APOF which helps Mars/Federer. So, I think Federer will win.

    1. Hi

      Roger has won. He now plays against Djokovic, who has got the best astrology in the final? Djokovic struggled today.

      Thank you

  55. From Ottobeuren (astrologyweekly):

    I’m also a Federer fan and made a chart who will win the SF! I used a Harmonic Age Chart since Astrodienst has the time of birth for both players.

    Many similarities of winning in both charts, but Federer has the advantage with the Floating Mc angular and PoF (assuming his time of birth is correct) conjunct HA Pisces Ascendent, T Neptune (rulership) also conjunct Asc. Federer has HA Jupiter in H10 in Sagittarius (rulership) square (partile) HA PoF. T Jupiter conjuncts H10 cusp from H9. There is much more of the good aspects…

    Nadal, has also some good placements, but I don’t like the HA Chart placement being so strong in H6 with the Fl Mc there. He also has N Saturn there. And what I really don’t like is his HA H8 Capricorn cusp with a T Pluto in there (knee problems?) conjunct N Mars. Yes, both Mars traditionally and Pluto modern own H8 but I don’t see that as a positive, there is also HA Transpluto in H8.

    Well, we’ll find out tomorrow!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for sharing, Philippe. Interesting that both predictions favour Federer. Can’t wait for the matches later – buzzing with excitement. I did hear on the grapevine that tickets for today’s semi-finals are selling for $9000. No surprise really as the two legends – Nadal-Federer – haven’t faced one another at Wimbledon for years. Meanwhile, in the background, Djokovic quietly continues with his master plan 🙂 He’s definitely Saturn-ruled. When he’s on form, he doesn’t put a foot wrong. Let’s see what today brings – if you stick to the astrology for the first semi-final, Bautista Agut has a great shot at winning. And yet….

  56. Dear Mr James Green,

    What are your thoughts on Men’s Singles Semi Finals ?

    Djokovic or Agut ?

    Federer or Nadal ?

    Thank you

  57. I think the semifinal between Roger and Rafa will provide an interesting exercise in astrology.

    Will it come down to secondary progressions? Rafa has two good ones, including his progressed Midheaven sextile Saturn. A Midheaven factor can show how decisions by authorities can have an impact, so this favorable progressed Midheaven sextile Saturn could indicate the slow courts and heavy balls which should help Rafa. By contrast, Roger has his progressed Sun in an exact square to his Neptune, a difficult factor which could bring disappointment.

    The recent solar eclipse lit up Roger’s progressed Midheaven which could bring success, but it also lit up Rafa’s progressed Sun. I don’t see an advantage for one player or the other there.

    In the transits, Roger has transiting Pluto in an exact square to his natal Pluto. This could bring extreme difficulty. He also has a favorable Venus transit or two which could express in success or nice support from the crowd. The Jupiter transit trine his Sun could be helpful, but it is retrograde and thus less powerful than direct.

    Rafa has the transiting Sun trine his Ascendant and Jupiter. This should bring exuberance and crowd support. Also luck?

    I tend to look for exact factors. The exact progression of Roger’s Sun squaring his Neptune plus the exact transit of Pluto squaring his natal Pluto are difficult. They make me think things look better for Rafa for this match.

    Well, it will be interesting to see how things go.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks, Astrotennis. I know you like using the progressions to predict. And I agree with the exactitude of transits. The outer planet transits – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – are more interesting as we have seen them go both ways. Nadal won the French Open with Pluto almost exactly conjunct his natal Mars. Although, I agree the square is more challenging. A symbol of endings – last Wimbledon perhaps? It can be interpreted in different ways. What we really need is a personal consultation with the man himself – then we’d know what he’s thinking about his next steps. Wouldn’t that be lovely!

      1. Thanks, Sally.

        Congratulations to you and the other astrologers who got this right! I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and do lots more reading here and elsewhere to see how I erred. Always more to learn in astrology!

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you. For this type of prediction, I favour transits over predictions. I use the predictions as a back up to what the transits say. It’s a different kind of astrology and your astrology is great!

    2. Hi AstroTennis,

      It is perfectly fine because we cannot predict everything with 100% accuracy.

      Based on your knowledge, what do you think about the Sunday Final? It is nice to see various perceptions, and at least from a learning stand point it makes our time worthwhile to read various thought processes. I am a big fan of Astrology and back where i come from, there is lot of emphasis on Astrological predictions. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give your perspectives/thoughts on the final.


  58. Johny Excellent

    Federer is non favourite as per most of sports pundits. Small statics here. Federer – Nadal are playing Wimbledon after 11 years- adds to no 2. Federer is seeded no 2 in Wimbledon, however, Nadal is no 2 in world ranking. Federer is playing his 101st match in Wimbledon, adds to no 2.. It may be too small to be significant, but let’s see is no 2 lucky for him or unlucky, we will know by evening today..

      1. Good One Johny…. Here is my take as I also practice Numerology.

        Rafa being a number 3 (DOB:June 3rd) and destiny number 6… He is seeded no 3 in this Wimby. Year 2019(No 3 ) which I always thought going to be one of the best for him. The last one, 2010(Again no. 3) was the best in his career so far when he won 3 slams .

        Now no 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is very nicely placed in this year’s chart for him (7th house, Scorpio) aspecting his Asc (powering his sun and moon which are in Tauras in this year chart) and 11th house (gains). This year muntha ( An important milestone in one’s astrological journey as per vedic astrology) is in 3rd house….So No 3 is all over the place on his chart as well as his accomplishments…

        On Personal front.. Jupiter being in house of marriage also makes a strong case of him getting married this year.

        And Its gonna be his 3rd Wimby title if he goes all the way…And today being 12th (Again 3)…

        Lets see how it pans out today.


        1. Praveen,

          I was waiting for your kind of numerologic predictions for sooo long… Thank you for all those insights. I also think, 12 should bring good fortune for Nadal. Let us see.


      1. Sally Kirkman

        Johnny Excellent did write 100 matches at Wimbledon in his comment. I wonder if anyone has added up all the matches Federer has won in the Grand Slams? I’d be interested to know which tennis player has played/won the most.

        1. Before start of Wimbledon, Federer was in the 90s in 2 slams.

          Wimbledon century completed. He may do it at Australian Open too, I believe. Nadal if he wins French Open next year, will complete his century at French Open.

    1. Johny Excellent

      Also Federer is in his 38th year age that too adds to 11=2 so after Reading Praveen’s write up, I guess it is still the same. Fight between no 2 and 3. Praveen, it would be interesting to know the prediction on Federer based on his numerology for the day.

  59. Translated from Spanish. Contribution from Emperador de Jade:

    Looking at the last Wimbledon won by Roger Federer and his astrology for this Tournament :

    In 2007, which was the last cycle of jupiter in Sagittarius (grade 11) won. Jupiter was in trigon to his native mercury that governs the angles and to his native sun. This year the aspect is very similar and in addition jupiter is on his natal fortune.

    The last time he won was in 2017:

    The same aspect is repeated; jupiter in pound in sextile with his natal sun and mercury.

    In 2012 jupiter was nailed on his MC and in closed trigon at its conjunction jupiter-saturn.

    I think we are before the last chance to see the Master win at Wimbledon, because in 2020 I see very favorable for Nadal (in addition to Roland Garros, for Wimbledon 2020 jupiter will be nailed on his mars natal, regent of the asc). For the open USA 2019 jupiter will continue to benefit Federer, but as Juan Cruz commented, and saturn will be opposed to his mars natal, and for the next open uses jupiter in capricorn will be on the supposed asc of Djokovic, so looking at these three letters with very similar aspects of jupiter to Federer’s sun-mercury I think this is his great chance to win a Grand Slam again, and if he does it will be incredible (with 37 years, 3 degrees saturn of the opposition with Mars and facing his black beast); the doubt I have with Nadal is that the entry into Aries this year empowers him a lot and along with pluton on his mars is seen in an impressive way and strength, so it presumes an exciting match.

    The other semifinal has moon empty course and Roberto Bautista has won the last two games to Djokovic this year. His RS that began almost 2 months ago, has partile trigono of jupiter to his native sun; this is going to be his best year and we will see if it gives him to return to win to Djokovic. The last two games has won with Mars opposite his home mars without problems and for today’s semifinal the aspect is already separative.

    What a great Tennis Friday we have today. It will serve to see how they manifest the moon out of course, which will also be in the final

        1. Some people have the habit of pulling down their pants before seeing the river . @Rogers Fan : So ignore his comments.

  60. It’s 1 set apiece between Djokovic and Agut.. Match on at the center court guys… Agut has raised his level in 2nd set after the lopsided 1st set which went to the serb

  61. Johny Excellent

    Hi Sally,
    It’s a blockbuster Friday as the astrologers across the globe are split between Federer and Nadal, while mostly in favour of Federer but Nadal is also not too far behind. How does astrology play as the match schedule moves away from 1600 hours. So is it something like further the better for Federer or there is still some deviation as the schedule moves away.. Will be interesting and teasing to find out as the count down to the match begins..

      1. Sally Kirkman

        It’s only a small factor, Rogers Fan. But in a match of this potential, you’re looking for every little glimmer of good fortune. They just relived the 2008 epic final between Roger and Rafa – they’re calling it the best Wimbledon final – 4 hours 48 minutes – 5 sets!

        1. Sally I hope your prediction for Roger winning Wimbledon for the 9th time this year comes true. Also it’s amazing that this could be your 4th prediction being correct in a row

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, from an astrological perspective, the match will now likely start with the Moon in early degrees Sagittarius – it changes star sign in 15 minutes at 16:05. Which makes it a whole lot more interesting! It looks like Djokovic is wrapping up quickly now. I guess that it will take a short while to change over? Moon late degrees Scorpio gives an extra nod to Nadal; Moon early degrees Sagittarius gives an extra nod to Federer – only one factor in a lot of other astrological factors to factor in! Yes, we astrologers are split across the board for the second semi-final – can’t wait!

      1. They said that they won’t be on for another half an hour.

        Who will have the best astrolgy now it won’t start before 4.15pm or 4.30pm?

      2. Now the last piece of astrology from me… Roger’s Jupiter is indeed in Midheaven though in Libra(whose ruler Venus is placed in 9th house).. so 10th ruler in 9th house indicates the loss for 10th as it’s placed 12th from 10th house, It’s not a good placement at all..Rahu in 7th makes him taking lot of risks which may not pay him as he would want and in fact benefit Rafa…Moon in his 6th house may make him anxious against his rival in crunch moments… He is undergoing major dasha of Mercury and sub dasha of Rahu.. so he would be playing with lot of risks .which he needs to against Nadal if he were to emerge victorious

        Astrology apart, we should have good match of tennis as we never know whether these legends will play again on Centre Court against each other…So enjoy the tennis of these 2 greats while it lasts


  62. Roger takes the 1st set comfortably in the tie break.. I just wonder where are those solid ground strokes Rafa was playing whole tournament till now.. He looks baffled having no answers to Roger’s shots as well as his serve.

    I hope he returns with some change in tactics in 2nd set otherwise Roger will run away in straight sets..

      1. He is serving good as he saved the only break point that Roger was able to generate but not able to win points on Rogers serve

      2. Ofcourse u cant watch the match cz u knew federer will win even u started barking here “fedal”…and the way nadal keep his opponent wait at end of match changing his foottape is really disgusting….he doesnt have the same grace of sportsmanship like federer…who is the GOAT

        1. Hey fedal…. Anything to say now… Roger won and was better player over the course of the match. Rafa despite time wasting lost the match….. Sorry buddy…

          1. DOPEal Cheateal Nadal

            Then Nadal’s go-slow tactics made Kyrgios see red. Preparing to serve after his initial rant, Kyrgios was made to wait by the world No. 2, who is notorious for taking up every one of his allotted 25 seconds between points, sometimes even more — compared to the Aussie who prefers a quick game.

            “I’m ready to serve, how long are we going to wait? I’m ready to serve the ball,” Kyrgios told the umpire as he waited at the baseline.

            Kyrgios was still fuming at the next change of ends when he went down 4-1 and his fury extended into the seventh game.

            “When he’s serving, he’s controlling the tempo,” Kyrgios said. “Why do I have to wait for my serve? Why am I waiting? Why?

            “It’s too long between serves, it’s bulls***. It’s ridiculous,” he said.

            Kyrgios’s rage only increased when Nadal took a toilet break at the end of the first set.

  63. This is going to be a nail biter.. Roger has broken early in 3rd set and looking to shift the momentum to his side.. All of a sudden errors off his racket are stopped.. This match will go to the distance

  64. Sally your predictions are so accurate. Younger vs older champion (Simona Serena) . Picking Fed and Djokovic both are in the finals. I am mindblown by your predictions. I have no words to say.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I am feeling a little overly happy about my prediction. Thank you. Now to see whether Federer can overturn Djokovic on Sunday – it won’t be easy to beat Mr Consistent but Federer was awesome today. Nadal fought so hard as he does always and played some amazing tennis but Federer just wouldn’t let him back in. What a match!

      1. Hi Sally,

        Did you say that you have a new birth time for Novak ? According to the new birth time, how does it affect his chances in the Final? I know that you are still sticking to the original Fed win prediction but still does Novak’s new birth time impact in any way?

        By the way, congratulations for your correct prediction! I am so impressed.


          1. Hi Sally,

            In the beginning of this blog, under the players section, for Djokovic, I see this.

            This time around, Jupiter is still active – just – but moving away from his ruling planet, Saturn, at 19 Sagittarius. Djokovic’ Mercury is at 18 Gemini, i.e. conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart – nice – but otherwise, there’s not a lot going on (n.b. no longer accurate with the new start time).

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, that’s what I wrote. Nothing leaping out for Djokovic astrologically, aside from Saturn transit closing in on his Ascendant. For some people, this can be a testing transit but Djokovic is Saturn-ruled and it seems to be bringing him consistency.

      2. sudhanshu khajuria

        On sunday, Roger going for his 21st slam and Sally for her calendar slam 😊😊(4 in a row) #loveastrology.

      3. Congratulations Sally for the spot on predictions so far…

        What do you think about the finals . As per the sidereal, I still feel Novak has a much better chart for winning the title. Please share your analysis.

        Once again Thanks a lot for sharing your prediction and insights.