A Close Look At The Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Cycle


Solar Eclipse [10 Cancer 38] – July 2, 2019 (20:16 GMT+1)

Lunar Eclipse [24 Capricorn 04] – July 16, 2019 (22:38 GMT+1)

Two eclipses take place this July (see dates/degrees above), one of the middle months of the year and the mid-point of the current Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle (July 2018 to July 2020).

Cancer/Capricorn Axis

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is the foundation of the zodiac. Cancer represents your roots and legacy, your ancestors and where you come from. Whereas, Capricorn represents your goals and ambitions, your status and reputation and where you’re heading in life.

In general terms, this eclipse cycle is about home and work, family and your future path. The symbols of Cancer and Capricorn represent youth versus old, child versus adult, women versus men, the country versus the city – the earth we live on which protects and nurtures us versus the development of progress which is threatening the land we stand on.

The Extinction Rebellion movement has come about under this key eclipse cycle and the youth of the world are leading the way.

This eclipse cycle is all the more powerful because Saturn (responsibility, authority) and Pluto (power, control) are in Capricorn for most of the time. This is exposing what’s wrong with some of our established, old ways and the role of the activist is becoming bolder and ever more urgent. Our life on this earth may literally depend on it.

Working With Eclipses

What you need to ask when opposite star signs are being triggered is whether those elements are working together or are in opposition. Ideally, you want to unite the polarities in your life, so they enhance one another without being in conflict. Not always an easy task.

Working with eclipses is important when you have key planets/angles highlighted by an exact eclipse – see dates/degrees above. There’s a theme of change. Sometimes, events are out of your control and eclipses coincide with the things you didn’t see coming.

This is because eclipse symbolism is shadowy and brings what’s hidden to light. Who or what will be eclipsed? What stays, what goes? Governments or leaders may topple as a new era begins. Endings and beginnings sit side by side during an eclipse. At its most poignant, the Cancer/Capricorn symbolism leads us from the ‘womb’ to the ‘tomb’, the never-ending cycle of birth (Cancer) and death (Capricorn).

Eclipses accelerate growth and development and often coincide with key turning points in your life. It’s helpful to work with the eclipse cycles, not just the individual eclipses. This can give you a backdrop to the bigger picture and patterns playing out in your life. Eclipse cycles repeat every 18/19 years.

A Personal Eclipse Story

The Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle has been pivotal in my own life, not surprising as these two star signs straddle the foundations of my own horoscope, Cancer at the base (IC) and Capricorn at the peak (MC/Midheaven). Here are the dates of the current and previous Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycles and the big events of my own life:

July 2018-July 2020: We sold the family home; my daughter has finished full-time education and will be leaving home.

July 2000-June 2002: My daughter was born, one month after the death of my mother; we bought our family home.

July 1981-June 1983: I left my childhood home to go to university and never lived at my childhood home again.

July 1962-July 1964: The year I was born and entered this world. I was born at home in the room I slept in for the next 18 years!

You can clearly see the milestones in my life that have coincided with this significant Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle. Working with eclipses is a powerful way to see the patterns playing out. Please do be in touch if you would like to book an astrology reading to explore this more in your own life.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Let events settle before you act. Often, a new perspective emerges once the shadow lifts and the light returns.

It’s also helpful to know where the eclipses fall in your own horoscope. Here are the areas highlighted by the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Read your Sun Sign and your Ascendant Sign if you know it:

  • Aries – home, family, past  work, status, responsibility
  • Taurus – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood  travel, study, exploration
  • Gemini – personal finances, possessions, values  other peoples’ money, sexuality, all things hidden
  • Cancer – image, self-identity, personal goals  relationships, other people, contracts
  • Leo – retreat, secrets, inner work  work, service, health
  • Virgo – friends, groups, society, clubs  children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Libra – work, status, responsibility  home, family, past
  • Scorpio – travel, study, exploration  communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Sagittarius – other peoples’ money, sexuality, all things hidden  personal finances, possessions, values
  • Capricorn – relationships, other people, contracts  image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Aquarius – work, service, health  retreat, secrets, inner work
  •  Pisces – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs  friends, groups, society, clubs

Eclipses can strike fear in the hearts of some people. My advice is not to be scared. Instead, go into the eclipse period with your eyes wide open. Don’t be asleep as you walk through life, be awake and full of wonder. Feel deeply. Notice where change is needed, and actively claim your part, your role in your own life, the lives of others and our precious world.

12 thoughts on “A Close Look At The Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Cycle”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the very informative article. I also have Cancer at 21* (IC) and Capricorn at 21* (MC)

    What can I expect with these placements?



    1. Sally Kirkman

      Lots going on at those degrees, Nuwan. Changes to your foundations – home/family & work/career direction. Those are the major areas for you.

  2. Always so wonderful to read your blog and all your insights Sally.
    You did my reading some 3 years back ,maybe you remember I live in Toronto and we had a good conversation over phone and the last question of mine was why I feel so attached to Rafa Nadal ,just as if he is my son.
    I think I need your input regarding the Cancer / Capricorn Eclipse cycle for myself, tremendous changes since last July,you have my chart I am Cancer born ,ascendant is Scorpio I guess.

    Let me know if I need to book a reading again .

    Wish you good health Sally , pray Rafa wins Wimbledon.
    Warm regards
    Mickee .

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Mickee, sorry for the delay in replying. I think we spoke last in 2013! Time flies… Please do book in for a follow up reading if you would like to – you can book in on the Readings page – see above. I’m always happy to share my astrology insights to see how it can help you moving forwards. And yes, this is a transitional couple of years for all Cancer/Capricorns, so it may be helpful for you. Enjoy the tennis 🙂

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