Virgo November 2020

Money Matters

As November begins your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. This is good news for you as it can be a frustrating or tricky time when Mercury’s retrograde. The planet of communication has been on go slow since October 14th.

Mercury turns direct in Libra and your personal finance sector. Listen out for information or news that can help bring a sense of clarity to money matters. It’s a good date to make a clear decision about finances in general.

Also, you have Venus in Libra until the 21st helping to smooth the way. When it comes to money matters, it’s wise to be diplomatic and aim to compromise where possible. Sometimes, Venus in your money sector can indicate gifts coming your way.

This is also a great foil to what’s been happening in your joint finance sector. You have Mars, the action planet, in Aries which can boost your finances but Mars too has been retrograde since September 9th.

As Mars turns direct in Aries on the 14th, this could be a significant turning point for finances. At the very least, this month’s astrology suggests you need to take action and not hide your head in the sand if money is an issue.

Mars remains in Aries until early January 2021 so engage actively with all forms of money matters. Aries rules savings, debt, investments, mortgages, benefits, taxes, etc. in your horoscope.

Scorpio Season

On the 10th, Mercury returns to Scorpio and your communication sector. This can be a powerful month for insights and inner work. The Sun is in Scorpio until the 21st and love planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st. This is good news for heart-to-hearts, analytical work and deep connections.

Scorpio rules your local community, your siblings & neighbours so turn to others for support. And, if you’re true to your Virgo archetype, you’ll be doing what you can to help other people.

You love to be of service to others. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th could be a stand-out date in this respect but would also be an ideal date to take a test or exam.


Mid-November is the liveliest astrology this month, including a Mercury-Uranus clash on the 17th. This completes a cycle that began on October 7th and continued on October 20th.

This suggests sudden changes to your plans, especially around travel or study. You’ll want to be spontaneous and act fast, whereas the astrology suggests reining in and holding back from being overly impulsive is your best approach.


There’s a powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th. This repeats a pattern that began on April 5th and continued on June 30th.

This could spell good news for you as Capricorn is a fellow earth sign and rules all the good things in life in your horoscope – romance, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and fun. The Jupiter-Pluto combination can feel intense but it does suggest some kind of rebirth or renewal.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally, on the 30th, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This is part of an eclipse cycle that started in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

It’s significant for you as this axis is the foundations of your horoscope. It’s about your future path and where you’ve come from, your work & career, your home & family.

Often, this eclipse cycle is a time when you change job or move home. The areas of life mentioned are where there’s likely to be significant change, sometimes because life opens up a new door for you. There can be a theme of endings and beginnings in these areas – people passing out of your life, embracing new opportunities.

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