Libra November 2020

Venus In Libra

The best news for you this month is the fact that your ruling planet Venus is in your star sign Libra until the 21st. Venus is the planet of love, art & beauty and Libra represents your personal goals & aims, your body & well-being.

You may be in love this month or be in beautiful surroundings. You may have people in your life who help you keep a sense of balance in our topsy turvy world.

Venus in your star sign can be a time when you’re more popular & attractive and people want to be around you. Make the most of this lovely influence.

This is important because Venus in Libra will clash with other planets throughout November, notably the 9th, 15th, 16th and 19th. So, there will be some areas of your life that are a challenge, specifically a close relationship or business partnership, home or family affairs.

Do whatever you need to remain strong inside and centred. This will help you throughout the month, so you’re not knocked off track. Or, if you are upset or hurt, learn what you need to do to restore your equilibrium.

Mercury Direct

Also, this month, Mercury turns direct in Libra on the 3rd. This can bring good news your way or information is revealed that proves helpful.

If there’s someone you want to speak to or you need to speak your mind, choose the 3rd. Mercury in Libra is great for any activity that requires mediation, diplomacy and sweet talk.

Money Matters

Money is also important this month so keep close tabs on your finances. The Sun is in Scorpio and your personal money sector until the 21st, Mercury enters Scorpio on the 10th and your ruler Venus moves into Scorpio on the 21st. It’s a good month to focus on finances and do whatever’s needed to balance the books.

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, remains in Taurus and your joint finance sector. Uranus is strong as the month begins during the Full Moon, on the 17th and 27th – not great dates/times to take a financial risk or be overly impulsive.

Also, you may need to be extra flexible and adaptable where money’s concerned. Have plans A, B & C up your sleeve and don’t put all your cash eggs in one basket. Use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th to start over in some way, e.g. to launch a new money making project.

Mars Direct

Action planet Mars is also significant this month as Mars turns direct in Aries and your relationship sector on the 14th. Mars is your partner planet, so this suggests an important turning point for a close relationship – either personal or professional.

You could find that someone steps in to help you out. Alternatively, someone close could have their own ideas & plans and leave you in the lurch. Mars is strong and powerful, aim to keep your friends close, your enemies closer still.


During the busy mid-month period, there’s also a powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and your home and family sector on the 12th. These two planets are extreme and intense and often flag up a theme of rebirth or renewal.

Look back to April 5th and June 30th when these two planets met previously. There may be clues as to what you can expect again. For some of you, this will be about lockdown or being confined to home. Alternatively, making a break for freedom and moving on.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th is part of the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle. This began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

This is about your education & qualifications, your desire to experience life to the full. This axis represents travel & study, also community & your neighbourhood.

These areas of your life are where you may experience more drama or excitement than usual. Think about how you can be of service close to home and how or where you can expand your life globally. Notice what happens on or around the eclipse date as this can point the way forwards.

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