Virgo June 2021

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Mercury Retrograde

It’s quite a month coming up for you. Firstly, your ruling planet Mercury is in the thick of the action or perhaps we should say non-action. This is because Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd.

You probably already know the drill when Mercury’s in retreat. This is not the time to take action or make big decisions.

Instead, it’s a time to explore and contemplate, reflect and review. In fact, the re-words often dominate during Mercury retrograde phases. Going back to the past to reconnect, rework, revise. 

Therefore, June is a good month to think about what next and review your current work situation or future path. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and your career and vocation sector. Go back over old ground, look up old contacts and think second chances.

Solar Eclipse

If you can take time out to rework your future strategy or goals, do so. The period around the 10th & 11th is particularly powerful. This is when there’s a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th followed by a stunning Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction on the 11th.

This period in the month could prove insightful or reawaken your sense of purpose. It’s a stunning combination and even though it gives a nod to the past, seeds that are sown on or around these dates could transform your career or life situation further down the line.

Yet, if June is going to teach you anything, it’s that you must be patient and can’t expect things to work out straightaway. The turning point is the 22nd, when new information may come to light as Mercury switches direction.

Neptune’s Role

Also, this month, Neptune is a strong influence, God of the sea. Neptune’s active on the 5th, 13th & 25th. This is fertile ground for your dreams and imagination and following your emotions to seek inspiration.

However, this can also be confusing and leave you feeling as if you’re swimming around in circles. It’s an inspiring time to let go of the ties that bind you but not the best time to make key decisions.

If you already work in a creative or compassionate field, this month’s events could feel blissful and transcendent. If you’re currently unsure or at a crossroads in life, you may experience the opposite and feel lost and confused about what next.

It’s important that you’re aware of this key astrology and don’t panic if you feel as if things are falling apart or you can’t see the way forward clearly. For now, go with the flow and do whatever inspires you. Consider new and creative ideas that you can bring to your career and vocation in the future.

Leo Vibes

Plus, this month’s astrology not only indicates a sea-change but is potentially a period of soul-searching. This is because there’s strong emphasis on the star sign Leo from mid-month onwards, the sign before yours which rules the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Action planet Mars enters Leo on the 11th where it remains until the end of July. This combination is about digging deep and turning inward to access your inner voice.

You may want or need more time alone when key planets are in this part of your horoscope. Care and nurture are foreground, whether this means self-care or caring for others.

Sometimes, you’re doing research, studying or working on a major project. It’s wise to slow down the pace of life before you dash off again. Appreciate contemplation, relaxation and reflection.

Love planet, Venus, joins Mars in Leo on the 27th. Although Venus is hidden away in your horoscope, your feelings are strong.

This can be about unrequited love or it reconnects you with a love from your past. There’s a karmic sense to relationships when Venus is in Leo, when being kind or generous is repaid.

Love & Friendship

Love could be prevalent in your life at other times this month thanks to big planet Jupiter in Pisces and your relationship sector. Jupiter is active in a positive way on the 1st & 3rd, 23rd & 28th. This combination expands loving feelings and there’s a link between friendship and love.

In fact, it’s via your friends where love and support can be found. Venus, the planet of relating, is in Cancer and your friendship sector from the 2nd to the 27th. Plus, on the Solstice, the 21st of June, the Sun enters Cancer.

Finally, the Full Moon on the 24th promises a deep emotional bond. This may be with a child, a lover or someone you care about immensely. It could help put to rest a conflict that was triggered on or around the 5th of the month.

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