Libra June 2021

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You may have your eyes on distant horizons this month. The Sun is in your fellow air sign Gemini until the 21st, ruling your travel and study sector. Plus, communication planet, Mercury, is here all month. Yet, up until the 22nd, Mercury is retrograde, i.e. moving in reverse motion.

Mercury Retrograde/Solar Eclipse

Mercury retrograde themes are often about communication chaos. It’s important that you allow extra time and flexibility if you’re travelling or taking a test or exam. Don’t leave anything until the last minute and double check your plans and paperwork. Be ready to move quickly if necessary.

At the same time, it may benefit you to be away, go somewhere different and take some time out. Allow yourself the space and time to dream and contemplate and line up future plans. Mid-month, especially around the 10th/11th could be hugely important in this respect.

The 10th is the day of a Solar Eclipse in Gemini, a New Moon with extra power. And, with Mercury retrograde pulled in to the eclipse, there’s a nod towards the past.

The Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction on the 11th can be a powerful time for insights. You may be called to visit somewhere you’ve been before or news emerges from your past that guides you in a new direction.

Make those big decisions after the 22nd but allow your imagination full rein until then. Research, study and gather information, especially if you’re planning a big move later this year.

Pisces’ Vibes

If you’re an artist, a seeker, a mystic or dreamer, this is your month to dive deep into the creative or spiritual realm. However, it may not always be easy. Neptune in Pisces could leave you feeling rootless or without an anchor, especially on the 5th, 13th & 25th.

This could be an emotional month if you’re out of work or you feel as if you’re going around in circles and you’ve lost your way. Nothing is what it seems with Mercury in retreat. Don’t take too much at face value or make assumptions based on what you hear or read.

Instead, use this deluge of Pisces’ activity to explore your options fully and go where life leads you. Be willing to adapt and change if things don’t work out the way you expect them to.

Alternatively, you could be juggling different jobs and roles and find yourself super busy. Big planet Jupiter in Pisces could indicate an extreme situation and you have a flood of work, activities or offers.

Next Steps

You may have some exciting plans lined up for what next. From the 2nd to the 27th, your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. This turns your attention towards your career and vocation, your future path.

There may be some lucky opportunities which open up for you now – key dates are the 1st & 3rd, 23rd & 28th. The 3rd is the stand-out date for you.

Plus, the 21st is the Solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer and reaches the pinnacle of your horoscope. This is the day before Mercury turns direct on the 22nd and it feels like a significant shift or turning point.

Two days later and there’s a Full Moon on the 24th which highlights the foundations of your horoscope – home & work. Notice the signposts and what comes along during the Full Moon. This is when the light of the Moon is at its brightest. It’s a strong time to trust your intuition as clarity strikes. 

Social Circle

Finally, don’t neglect the social side of life, especially after the 11th. This is the date when action planet Mars moves into Leo and your friendship and group sector. Mars remains here until the end of July.

Your planet Venus joins Mars in Leo on the 27th and you may find that you want or need more time for your friends.

Venus and Mars are the lovers of the heavens so, as the month comes to a close, love and friendship are linked. This vibe will grow stronger moving into July as it’s the only month of the year the lovers of the heavens unite.

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