Leo June 2021

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Other people might need you more than usual this month, especially your friends or a group of people with whom you’re involved. This is because the Sun, your ruler, is in Gemini and your friendship sector until the 21st. Plus, communication planet Mercury is here throughout the month of June.

Solar Eclipse/Mercury Retrograde

The stand-out date is the 10th when there’s a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses heighten tensions and sometimes coincide with drama. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with extra power but there may be an ending before a new beginning. Who or what is being eclipsed?

Trust your intuition and instincts during this period as the Sun sits next to retrograde Mercury on the 11th. This combination often brings revelation or insights or news from the past.

Mercury is retrograde or on go slow until the 22nd. Be aware this means that misunderstandings could take place within your friendships or other people let you down. However, Mercury retrograde is helpful for reconnecting with old friends. 

Money & Emotions

Neptune in Pisces is pulled in to the eclipse astrology mid-month. There’s a Sun-Neptune square aspect on the 13th and Neptune is powerful on the 5th & 25th.

This combination could coincide with strong emotions and sentimentality. Therefore, you’re wise to go with the flow this month and not get het up with other peoples’ decisions or words. Avoid lending money or mixing money and friendship on the dates mentioned.

You rarely know the truth of the situation when Mercury’s retrograde. Also, you may find your own thoughts and feelings around friends and group activities ebb and flow, chop and change.

Keep your options open and don’t take interactions at face value. The turning point is the 22nd when you can sort out any muddles or mix-ups.

The other important planet in Pisces is Jupiter and Jupiter’s strong, especially on the 1st & 3rd, 23rd & 28th. These dates are significant for loans, generosity and charitable gestures. You may be dealing with large amounts of money on or around these key dates.

Caring Cancer

June is the month of the Solstice and the start of a new season. Your ruler, the Sun, enters Cancer on this date, the 21st, and this is about rest and retreat for you.

Cancer is the star sign before Leo, so think of this as a period of preparation when inner work is taking place. You may be caring for yourself or others more than usual during this period.

Love planet Venus is in Cancer from the 2nd to the 27th, pulling you back towards the past. Another reason why this may be a sentimental time for you. Love too could be private or secretive during this period.

The Full Moon on the 24th could prove decisive where work’s concerned. There’s stability in this Full Moon. It’s a supportive Full Moon to make clear decisions about your next steps. Or, to sort out any issues that occurred on or around the 5th.

Leo Vibes

Things may gear up for you earlier than expected this month because of Mars’ move into Leo on the 11th. Mars is the action planet and remains here until the end of July.

This is about your personal goals and aims, your physical fitness, your desire to get things moving. It could be a welcome burst of energy too.

Mars is joined by Venus in Leo on the 27th and next month could be intriguing for love when the lovers of the heavens unite.

When you have Venus in your star sign, it’s time to show off as other people will be more attracted to you. You have what they want.

Venus rules love and money, art and beauty and is the second-best planet in the universe. With Venus in Leo, this is your time to be charming and diplomatic and smooth over any challenges in your life.

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