Virgo January 2018

January 2018

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury is in Sagittarius as January begins and it retraces its steps through your home and family sector up until the 11th. It’s important to get things moving or have that all-important conversation early in the month.

The planet that left Sagittarius late December was task-master Saturn, hopefully removing delays or difficulties either regarding a property deal, your living situation or a family relationship. It’s important to talk things through early in the year, whether you want to heal a rift or sort things out in general.

This is important groundwork because on the 26th, action planet Mars enters Sagittarius and the same sector of your horoscope. Mars remains here until March 17th and it’s all stations go when it comes to home and family developments.

Mars rules anger as well as action, so this could coincide with more arguments than usual. It does, however, help to clear the air and this isn’t the time to avoid dealing with home, property or family issues.

This may also be linked to money matters which could become clear to you early in January. This is because on the 2nd, the planet of change, Uranus, turns direct in Aries and your joint finance sector. Then, on the 6th, there’s a stunning planetary aspect between your ruler Mercury and live-wire Uranus.

This could help you out of a difficult spot financially, so work alongside family or the people closest to you and be creative and innovative with regard to money matters.

The weekend not to try and move things along financially is the 13th/14th when volatile Uranus clashes with two of the personal planets. This is when your intuition is off and it’s not a good time to take any kind of financial risk.

As January begins, it’s also important to turn your attention towards the things you enjoy in life and what brings you pleasure. Both the Sun and Venus are in your fellow earth sign Capricorn until the 20th and 18th respectively.

Capricorn rules the good things in your life, such as romance, children & pregnancy, entertainment, creative projects, your skills and talents. This is an important month to consider how you express yourself and to line up some new long-term aims and goals. Being one of the earth signs, you have good self-discipline when you apply yourself and this is your chance to do just that.

Whether you want to master an instrument, learn a foreign language or develop another skill or talent, go for it early in the month and make your commitment. The period from the 7th to the 10th is especially powerful in this respect. Don’t let life pass you by, but instead focus your attention and channel your energy and ambition into doing more of what you love.

This is also a top month for communication as action planet Mars is in Scorpio and your communication sector until the 26th. Mars joins lucky Jupiter in Scorpio and, on the 7th, these powerful planets meet in the zodiac.

This is the time to blast through any fear or doubt and make your mark. This is good news for public speaking, sales and marketing, finding your voice and sharing what you know. You could choose to go back to school and educate yourself or gain new qualifications, or perhaps you prefer to start a blog or podcast or write for your local paper.

Scorpio is the sign that likes to go in deep so this is ideal for self-analysis and working hard to gain fresh insight and understanding into the ones you love, especially children.

There’s also a passionate vibe to January’s stars for you. If romance is on the agenda, you won’t want to hold back, but instead will dive in head first. This isn’t a month to be flaky on the love front, but instead make a decision to commit or quit.

You might find you have no choice if someone declares their attentions and makes their affections known. Jupiter is your partner planet and on the 16th, Jupiter teams up with Pluto in a powerful planetary connection. This is the day before a New Moon in Capricorn and your romance sector and together this indicates new beginnings.

It’s a go-for-it period in mid-January, so don’t waste any opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve. Wherever passion lies, speak up and make your intentions clear.

Your ruler Mercury enters Capricorn on the 11th where it remains until the 31st. There’s a serious note, however, when Mercury encounters first Saturn on the 13th and then Pluto on the 24th. This feels decisive, however, whether you change your mind about a creative project or you recognise what’s not happening in your life and where it’s time to move on.

After the 18th, start paying attention to your work and health. This is because Venus enters Aquarius and this sector of your horoscope on the 18th, closely followed by the Sun’s move into Aquarius on the 20th.

These areas of your life are where change is likely during February and this begins with a powerful Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac on the 31st. This month starts with a Full Moon in Cancer and your friendship sector on the 2nd and ends with a Full Moon in Leo and the most private sector of your horoscope on the 31st.

Eclipses often highlight change or the unexpected so get on top of work and health matters before the end of the month and make sure you’re knowledgable and informed.

On the 31st, the same day as the eclipse, your ruler Mercury moves into Aquarius and this feels like a pivotal moment for you. It’s unlikely that your work or lifestyle can stay the same and this will become clear, if not at the end of January, then by mid-February.

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