Venus Trine Uranus: Giving Thanks

Multi-coloured heartHow lovely that Venus (love) is in a positive aspect with the planet of spontaneity, Uranus, as people are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.

The Venus/Uranus aspect is exact on Wednesday 26th November at 19:22 EST (New York) and on Thanksgiving, Thursday 27th November, the Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius picks up the Venus/Uranus vibe in the middle of the day.

Traditionally Venus trine Uranus is wonderful for meeting someone new and spontaneous love gestures but isn’t this also a perfect symbol for giving thanks, being grateful and random acts (Uranus) of kindness (Venus)?

Love comes in many shapes and forms and a smile or a helping hand that’s offered in the spirit of generosity is as much about love as intimacy or a 1-to-1 personal relationship.

So why not make the most of this caring, altruistic vibe and as you go about your everyday business look out for any chance to reach out, connect with another human being, touch someone’s heart and make a difference. Small gestures given spontaneously = LOVE.

Another thought: if you’ve not been very kind to yourself recently, Venus trine Uranus is the perfect opportunity to create a little self-love, be kind to yourself, treats and indulgence allowed.

Plus, if you don’t already create time in your day to find at least 3 things you’re grateful for, here’s your chance. As you go to sleep tonight in the UK, Venus/Uranus is peaking in the heavens. What will you give thanks for on the eve of Thanksgiving?

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