Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Make-believe

Venus, the planet ruling love & money, art & beauty turns retrograde today May 13, 2020. This means she will be moving in reverse, backwards through the zodiac until June 25, 2020.

So what does Venus retrograde mean for you, what do you need to avoid and how can you make the most of Venus’ change of direction?

Retrograde Venus

When a planet turns retrograde, its energy is said to be weakened. Venus, the planet, will disappear from the night sky and return as a morning star. She’ll be hidden from view for a short while during the next six weeks.

This gives you a clue as to the themes of Venus retrograde. What’s hidden from you or is changing direction? Traditionally, this is not the time to engage avidly with Venusian pursuits, i.e. don’t marry, have cosmetic surgery or make a major investment. This is because you may regret your decisions or choices once Venus is back up to speed.

When planets are retrograde, their attention and focus is turned inwards. You may be reflecting about love, what it means to you, whether you’re in the right relationship, what sort of relationship you want, etc.

Money too may fall under the cosmic microscope during this retrograde phase. A time when you need to let go of some of your long-held beliefs or ideas around money, when you need to explore new ways to make money. For now, favour contemplation and experimentation rather than out-and-out action.

Sometimes, a lover goes absent or quiet on you during Venus retrograde. Alternatively, you’re the one who needs to retreat.

As with all retrograde phases, Venus retrograde connects you to the past. You may hear from an ex or a childhood sweetheart. If you still have fond feelings for someone in your own past, this is a good time to get back in touch to explore those feelings once again.

Venus In Gemini

Venus is turning retrograde in Gemini, the sign of communication. Traditionally, Venus in Gemini moves with a light step and likes to keep the emotional realm moving and easy. This is not the time to make a commitment or torture yourself with a major decision.

As Gemini likes to communicate, you could find that romantic poetry pours out of you during this Venus retrograde phase. Or, a desire to write love letters or chat or gossip about love. You may be craving hugs too.

The last Venus retrograde phase took place in October/November 2018 when Venus dived deep into Scorpio. This was a passionate and intense retrograde phase, revealing the deep and dark places within.

Venus retrograde in Gemini has the potential to be more playful, more go-with-the flow. However, there is a sense of not knowing during this Venus retrograde and needing to being ok with that.

Gemini is the trickster, so be wary of promises made during this Venus retrograde phase. Words can have a double meaning and Venus retrograde in Gemini can make for a fickle or changeable love life.

Also, don’t believe everything you hear during the next six weeks. This applies to the news and the media as well as personal relationships.

At the very least, try not to make assumptions. Play with words, allow yourself to be in two minds about love and keep your options open until Venus turns direct. Know that other people may be doing the same.

Venus Square Neptune

As Venus turns retrograde today, she is square to Neptune, adding to the veil of fantasy & illusion, secrets & lies. Venus is in Neptune’s realm throughout May, conjuring up a time of make-believe.

This is ideal for channelling your imagination and dreams into art or creating beauty. Or, finding your form of escape from the world, e.g. music, poetry or film.

Use this time to reassess what you value in life, where your desires lie and to recognise who or what’s important to you. You’ll benefit from a slower pace, so allow life to unfold.

Use this retrograde period to alter your perspective, gain insight into your needs and learn more about what you truly love and desire.

Wait until late June before making up your mind about any Venus-related issue. Apply what you’ve learned during the retrograde phase once Venus emerges from her journey into the underworld.

Dates & Degrees

The most intense dates during this whole phase are the start and end of the retrograde period when Venus’ energy is most concentrated.

The key dates and degrees to note are May 13 – 22 Gemini (retrograde phase) and June 25 – 5 Gemini (direct phase). Notice what happens in your own life as Venus switches direction. What messages or synchronicities is she offering?

Venus retrograde can symbolise a change of heart. Yet, don’t rush or demand answers. Once Venus turns back to direct motion at the end of June, you may view your relationship or love from a fresh perspective.

We are moving into a six week period of experimentation, a time of unknowing when things may need to unravel and be talked about before they can be woven back together.

What It Means For You

Venus retrograde will fall in a particular sector of your horoscope. This is where you’re being asked to tread lightly. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

  • Gemini: Your personal relationship with love, your ability to love more than one person, your body, your image & appearance
  • Cancer: Unrequited feelings, love affairs, private yearnings, secrets, your inner journey & spiritual path, your creative source
  • Leo: Love & friendship, your love for a group of people, for society, for humanity
  • Virgo: Love & business, your status, your career & vocation, finding fame
  • Libra: Foreign connections & loving relationships, gaining knowledge & new experiences where you find meaning in life
  • Scorpio: Your sexuality & sex life, your joint finances, e.g. with institutions or exes.
  • Sagittarius: Your relationships, both personal & professional, your 1-to-1’s
  • Capricorn: Everyday love, how you serve other people, your work & lifestyle, your health & well-being
  • Aquarius: Romance & love affairs, your creativity, your children, what brings you pleasure
  • Pisces: Your family, love & past connections, your home & property
  • Aries: Flirtation, love letters, your local community, your siblings & neighbours
  • Taurus: What you value highly in life, your love of money & assets, your self-worth

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