Top Tips For The New Moon in Gemini

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New Moon [2 Gemini 05]

London – May 22, 2020 (18:39 GMT+1)

New York – May 22, 2020 (13:39 GMT-4)

Sydney – May 23, 2020 (03:39 GMT+10)

The week ends with the New Moon in Gemini, the sign of duality. Gemini rules communications which means this could be a big weekend for talk, conversation and negotiations.

So, find yourself a friend (or an enemy), have those all important heart-to-hearts and use the dynamic New Moon energy to start the ball rolling, initiate a conversation and get things moving.

Here’s all you need to know about this month’s New Moon. Seven ways to make the most of this lively Gemini star sign energy.

1. Be still during the exact time of the New Moon. It’s ideal for meditation, active gratitude and thinking ahead.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky a day or two after the New Moon date (see below). When you first catch sight of the new moon, set your intentions. Write them down, say them out loud. This is the time to use the pro-active energy of the New Moon.

3. Pick up the phone, send an email, fire off a text. This is an excellent opportunity to book an appointment, line up a meeting or interview or apply for a job or new role. Gemini’s nature is quick and lively. Use witty repartee to get yourself noticed.

4. Read a book, do puzzles, study something new, go back to school. Being curious is a key Gemini trait. Research proves that using your mind and brain power keeps you youthful and engaged in life. Master a language, hone your skills, keep learning.

5. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is also in Gemini during the New Moon & conjunct Venus, a symbol of social connections. However, it won’t be long before Mercury turns retrograde on June 18th and Mercury enters its shadow phase at the beginning of June. Another reason to be spontaneous and speedy. Ideally, make your key moves over the next fortnight.

6. Gemini rules siblings and neighbours, also your local community. Which people are foreground in your life and how can you use your connections to benefit one another? Who can you reach out to this weekend, who can you help?

7. Question everything. Gemini is one of the mutable star signs, changeable and restless. Most Geminis have a flip side to their nature and don’t always say what they mean. Doing nothing isn’t an option right now. Instead, be curious, question everything, don’t believe everything you hear. Gemini’s the trickster who keeps everyone on their toes and Neptune is prominent all month with its themes of fantasy & unreality. Don’t be fooled!

8. Where’s Saturn in your chart? Saturn in Aquarius makes a supportive trine aspect to the Gemini New Moon. And, Saturn is at 1 degree Aquarius, close to where the significant Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place later this year on December 21, 2020. Therefore, this is the time to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead. What you start right now can sow seeds that will flourish later in the year.

9. Look upwards. When you’re searching for the crescent Moon in the night sky this weekend, look for Venus & Mercury. Venus has been a bright star for some time but is dipping closer to the horizon as she prepares to head into the underworld and return as a morning star. If you look west just after sunset, you may be able to find Venus close to the crescent Moon and a fainter star, Mercury. They are all close together – May 24th is the best date for stargazing.

Here are the areas of your life to make a fresh start, communicate & explore new ideas:

  • Aries – local community, ideas, communications
  • Taurus – money & values
  • Gemini – personal goals, image & identity
  • Cancer – your inner world, retreat & self-care
  • Leo – friends, groups & wider society
  • Virgo – career & status
  • Libra – your place in the world, study & education
  • Scorpio – joint finances & sexuality
  • Sagittarius – love & relationships, contracts
  • Capricorn – job & health, service to others
  • Aquarius – birth i.e. kids, romance, creative projects
  • Pisces – home & family

Happy New Moon In Gemini – keep it real

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