Scorpio Full Moon: Going In Deep

FULL MOON [17 Scorpio 20]

London – May 7 2020 (12:45 GMT+1))

New York – May 7 2020 (08:45 GMT-4)

Sydney – May 7 2020 (21:45 GMT+10)

This week’s Full Moon falls in Scorpio. It’s the last of three Super Moons in a row, which means they’re closer to the earth than usual and more beautiful to behold. Do make sure you go out and gaze at its beauty in the night sky.

The Moon reaches its peak during the Full Moon phase. The deep & dark water sign, Scorpio, is linked to healing, regeneration & transformation.

Scorpio rules sex, money, death & rebirth and all things taboo. It’s about the psyche and what’s hidden. Scorpio’s keyword is power, whether you use it to good or bad effect. We’re hanging out in the underworld, the night world when we’re in Scorpio’s domain.

Full Moon Energy

Full Moons are a time when emotions are heightened and important matters can be brought to completion. Full Moons are linked to pregnancy and giving birth. The light of the Full Moon shines on all areas and this can be exposing, sometimes confrontational. 

In Scorpio, you can enter into the dark, untouched places releasing emotions that have been hidden away or ignored. You encounter the shadow side of life. By digging deep, you find the part of yourself that’s fearless, authentic and real.

This is not always a comfortable place to be. If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio planets in your chart, you might already understand that a journey through the underworld can unearth hidden riches.

When you explore and embrace all of life, the dark as well as the light, you tend to emerge wiser and stronger for the experience.

Cycle of Life & Death

The cycle of life and death is clearly shown through the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in the earth sign Taurus linked to nature and growth and the Moon is in the water sign Scorpio linked to death, also rebirth. Regeneration, compost, the eternal cycle of life and death which is never-ending.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can highlight where you need to be healed and where best to channel your own healing abilities. You might uncover issues around power or where you feel powerless. You might discover where you’re in control and where you can tap into your own inner power to accomplish incredible feats.

This is the perfect opportunity to make an important decision in your own life and trust your intuition in doing so. At the Full Moon it’s about doing what “feels” right rather than what you think you should be doing. Be confident and stand strong in your power.

Moon Lore

The Moon has always been linked with women and in ancient times, Moon Goddesses ruled. Women were fertile, creators, the ones who gave birth to new life.

The Moon played an important part in agriculture and food, vital elements, and time was defined by the 13-month lunar calendar. Each month consists of approximately 28 days, one whole cycle of the Moon as it waxes and wanes from Full Moon to New Moon and back to Full Moon. A woman’s menstrual cycle synchronises with the Moon’s phases.

Mercury sextile Neptune

Also, during this Full Moon, there are two key planets pulled in to the magic. They are Mercury in Taurus, the planet of communication and Neptune in Pisces, the planet of dreams & the imagination, both at 20 degrees of their respective star signs.

This combination feels ideal for making a wish, it suggests vivid dreams, a time to listen closely to your subconscious, the night world. Find the earthy, wild place within yourself that knows how to conjure up new ideas, new longings, new passions. Dig deep to discover what’s being sourced within you.

This is a powerful Full Moon, one that’s perfect for ritual & honouring the instinctive, intuitive side of life. Switch off your mind, be in your body & feel your connection to the earth, to your people, the links that bind us all together.

The Moon in Scorpio is especially witchy and magical and taps into all things dark and hidden. It’s a Full Moon ripe with power and potential.

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