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picture of the zodiac and the Sun and MoonAny group dynamic is influenced by the different Sun Signs (or Star Signs) which make up the individual members of the group. What can astrology tell us about the Better Blogging Group, who are devoting the month of February to better blogging.

A quick look at our 14 members shows a preponderance of earth and water signs. Judith, Kerry and Allison – Taurus (Earth); Janet – Cancer (Water), Yvonne and Sally – Scorpio (Water) and Marion, John, Jan and Sarah – Pisces (Water). Earth and water are the two introverted elements of the zodiac and on one level this suits our group. We’re all working away individually behind the scenes busy with our own creative musings.

In addition, we have 3 members who have Air Sun Signs; Amanda, Liz – Gemini (Air) and Bianca – Libra (Air). This makes sense as Water and Air are the two elements that are expert at people skills. Water is the emotional, intuitive element and Air is the thinking, analytical element. We aren’t simply blogging for ourselves; our intention is to reach out and make an impact on others.

There’s 1 member to add, Ntathu – Sagittarius (Fire) and it’s timely to consider the planets. Each star sign is ruled by a different planet and this offers added information about the group. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of learning and the higher octave of Mercury, the communication planet, which rules Gemini. So 3 members of the group, Ntathu -Sagittarius and Amanda and Liz – Gemini are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury, and you would expect to find these planets prevalent in a group that’s involved in communication.

So which other planets inspire our Better Blogging group. Firstly, the feminine planets, the Moon and Venus, and these two planets rule the zodiac signs of 5 members of the group; Janet – Cancer (Moon), Judith, Kerry, Allison – Taurus (Venus) and Bianca – Libra (Venus). The feminine planets are caring and sharing, receptive and appeal to the heart. Neptune features strongly as Neptune rules Pisces and we have 4 Pisceans; Marion, John, Jan and Sarah. Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasy; it rules the imagination and increases sensitivity and empathy. Last but not least, Pluto rules Scorpio and there are 2 Scorpios, Yvonne and Sally. Pluto is the planet of transformation which adds depth and intensity.

So what Sun Signs/planets are missing and does that inform us too? This group isn’t overly interested in the ego (Leo – Sun), self-centred competition (Aries – Mars) or the traditional business world (Virgo – Mercury and Capricorn – Saturn). In addition, technology continues to be a learning for some (Aquarius – Uranus).

Instead, we are an inspired, introverted yet interesting group, who want to grow, transform and, most importantly, connect and touch peoples’ hearts by doing something new.

What does your group’s Star Signs say about you? Email me now to find out more.

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10 thoughts on “The Better Blogging Group Star Signs”

  1. What a great idea, Sally. Presumably you can do that for any and every group? How valuable! I love the idea of us being “inspired, introverted yet interesting, wanting to grow, transform and connect and touch peoples’ hearts by doing something new” and I think that’s spot on, don’t you? The more I work with you, the more interesting this astrology becomes. I’d never put much store by it before, but then I had little experience of it either. You are making it all so real and supportive for us. Thank you so much. Judith

    1. Thanks, Judith. Yes, absolutely, you can do this with any group you are involved with. I find it’s quite helpful when you’re teaching, for example, as it helps you plan how best to teach that specific group. – Sally

  2. Great post Sally, thank you – and how insightful. I think what you’ve described really hits the spot, and it’s good to know that we are all really in it for the bigger picture, not just for ourselves. I’m beconing more and more interested in astrology 🙂

  3. Interesting indeed, and I love the way that you write about it, Sally – you make it eminently readable, which is a gift in itself. What a great group dynamic we have, and I particularly like that last part, “connect and touch peoples’ hearts by doing something new.” Lovely.
    Sarah x

  4. Fab thanks Sally. Me too – never held much store by Astrology mainly because I remember Selina Scott (remember her?) saying in an interview that one of her first jobs in journalism was to write the daily horoscope in her local paper!
    Anyway you’re changing all that and I look forward to hearing more. Given what you’ve said, can you give the group any tips for getting even more out of the experience?

    1. hi Allison, It wasn’t unheard of for journalists to be writing the horoscopes many years ago. That is, in fact, how my first writing job came about… Fortunately times have changed and it’s very obvious (as an astrologer) whether a horoscope writer knows their stuff or not. Interesting question about how the group can get more out of the experience. I would say do what you’re good at, i.e. be true to your star sign, be who you are. Simples! best, Sally

  5. Wow, what an interesting post. I’ve never really thought about how the planets interacted with my star sign but you made it easy to understand how they influence how people act/react.
    Image what an in depth reading of a planet line up would produce!
    I don’t know the time of my birth and wonder if this would make a huge difference.

    I did once sign up for an Astrology workshop but it turned out to be Astronomy, but it was fun looking at the stars instead of reading them.

    1. hi Jan, I love looking at the stars. Night dog walks with my Dad (and our dog!) were my first introduction to the night sky and that’s where my love of astrology developed from. You can do a birth chart reading without the time of birth, absolutely. If you have any idea about when you were born, i.e. at night, in the morning, all that information can help. But yes, it is possible and still worthwhile. best, Sally

  6. WOW! Thank you! What a brilliant idea, assessing what astrological strengths each group member brings to the party and how they blend with all the others in the group.

    I particularly love this bit “we are an inspired, introverted yet interesting group, who want to grow, transform and, most importantly, connect and touch peoples’ hearts by doing something new.”

    That says it all!

  7. I love your posts – they are readable and make me understand a little bit more about myself and my sign. I love that. I agree wholeheartedly with the others in the last paragraph and thank you for putting so succinctly – ‘connect and touch peoples’ hearts…’ perfect!

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