Champagne, Spas And Scrabble

photo of champagne flutesI have a friend who lives in Greece. Ooh, you think, how lovely… warm seas, blue sky, sunshine. Well, this isn’t the case. For the first winter in 10 years, they’ve had snow, it’s freezing and Greek heating systems aren’t built to cope with chilly temperatures.

The friend contracted the flu and hasn’t really recovered and she’s been miserable. I received an email from her today saying, “Me and my twin sis escaping to a spa; taking champagne and scrabble.”

I thought, “oh bless, that’s just what she needs”. My friend has her Moon in Leo and the Moon represents your inner needs, what you require to feel happy and nourished by life on a daily basis. The Moon in Leo needs indulgence (champagne, spa – tick), craves attention (the friend has her twin sis all to herself) and wants to play and have fun (a game of scrabble – sorted).

So what about the rest of us, how can we get our needs met on a daily basis?

Here’s a quick guide to all twelve Moon signs’ needs:

Moon in Aries needs challenge and craves action and passion

Moon in Taurus needs sensual experiences and craves simplicity and laughter

Moon in Gemini needs to talk and craves mental stimulation and gossip

Moon in Cancer needs security and craves food and cuddles

Moon in Leo needs indulgence and craves attention and fun

Moon in Virgo needs order and craves an efficient routine and a healthy body

Moon in Libra needs quality one-on-one time and craves beauty and harmony

Moon in Scorpio needs intensity and craves deep and meaningful insights

Moon in Sagittarius needs freedom and craves travel and exploration

Moon in Capricorn needs to be in control and craves success and progress

Moon in Aquarius needs novelty and craves friendship and gadgets

Moon in Pisces needs inspiration and craves music, poetry and an escape from reality

I have the Moon in Libra and even though I live with the Man, I still need quality one-on-one time. Yes, we are constantly in each other’s company but what I crave is an intimate get-together, a candlelit dinner, a chance to “connect”. We’re going out on Saturday night together, just the two of us – lovely.

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8 thoughts on “Champagne, Spas And Scrabble”

  1. Oh Sally very interesting ! Thank you for this. My moon is in Pisces and I certainly do need inspiration and escaping from reality. I am not so sure about craving poetry but I do love a poem that moves me.

    I do love finding out what all the stars placements mean. Fascinating.

    Thank you again

    1. Thanks, Bianca. Because of your comment, I am going to make a tiny tweak of an edit to this post and add music to poetry. Does that speak to you? Sally

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Allison, and I’m really glad you’re learning a lot from my astrology blogs. Thank you. Sally

  2. Hi Sally. There’s now denying there’s nothing like a hug to make one feel better and my moon is in Cancer so that fits very well. Now where was that biscuit? I’m really enjoying learning more about astrology and its mysteries. Thanks.

  3. This is great, Sally, you’re really helping me to get an understanding of astrology, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve looked it up (thanks for the link), and Moon is in Leo for me, which is probably why I was so taken with the idea of Champagne, Spas and Scrabble in the first place! It certainly explains a lot 😉

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