Taurus Monthly Stars May 2015

Taurus Zodiac StampTaurus (20 April – 20 May)

It’s your birthday month and both the Sun and Mars, the action planet, are in your sign of Taurus as the month begins. This puts the focus on your personal goals and ambitions and you’re right to look at your own needs and prioritise your well-being.

When planets are in your sign, this is prime time to think about your image and appearance and the way you come across to other people. With both the Sun and Mars in Taurus, this is about being confident and assertive. Use some of your bull-like qualities to push forward, to impress the people who count and to make your mark.

The lunations, the Full Moon and New Moon, are powerful for you this month as they both connect with your own sign of Taurus. Again this highlights you and makes you a key player in the month ahead. What you do makes a difference and allows you an opportunity to move your life in the direction you choose.

The Full Moon takes place in the early hours of the 4th, and its energy will be felt over the previous weekend. This is the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. This Full Moon cuts across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart highlighting your 1 to 1 relationships. If you’re in a relationship or married, this is potentially an emotional time for you. Feelings are intense and the knob of life is turned up exceptionally high.

This can be a good thing as it adds passion to the mix. You might be planning a holiday, you might be away for the weekend or you might be meeting up with family. Jupiter, the planet of good times and abundance, is currently in Leo, the sign at the bottom of your chart ruling your home and family.

Jupiter is square to the Full Moon and this adds an over-the-top feel to the weekend’s events. If you’re at a family celebration, you’re in for a good time with a frisson of drama thrown in for good effect.

The New Moon takes place on the 18th and this is an important New Moon for you as it falls in your own sign. New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings, a time to set your intentions and to initiate all things new. This isn’t just focusing on the next couple of weeks either, you can set some big goals now and consider your year ahead. When the New Moon falls in your sign, this is the astrological equivalent of your very own New Years Day.

The area of your life that’s potentially tricky throughout May and into the first half of June is money. This is because there is a strong focus on the sign of Gemini and in your chart Gemini rules money, personal possessions and the things you value highly in life. Quick moving Mercury (communication) enters Gemini on the 1st and is joined by Mars (action) on the 12th and the Sun (identity) on the 21st.

Traditionally this would be the time to push things forward with regard to money matters and yet this isn’t going to necessarily be easy in the month ahead. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, all three personal planets, Mercury, Mars and the Sun, clash with the Saturn-Neptune square which is a key theme of 2015.

Saturn is known as the taskmaster off the heavens and wherever you find Saturn in your chart, this is where you’re asked to overcome obstacles, it exposes your limitations and you know you have to work hard. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, the sign that rules joint finances and shared resources in your chart.

You have to create a long term financial plan with Saturn in this sector of your chart and be persistent in working towards your goals. Saturn isn’t about overnight success but rather fixing your gaze on the top of the mountain and climbing steadily. This is something you know how to do being a Taurus and one of the earth signs but it is a ‘head down bum up’ energy.

Plus Mercury, the communication planet, turns retrograde in Gemini on the 19th and Mercury will remain on go slow until June 11th. This inevitably slows down your progress with regard to money matters. Mercury retrograde isn’t the time to be making a major purchase or to sign and seal a financial deal. Things remain hidden and shadowy whilst Mercury’s on go slow and you’re wise to be patient and take your time.

If anything, this month’s stars will expose what’s holding you back and where in life you have to be patient. This isn’t an easy process because with Neptune in on the act, at times you will feel confused about the future and possibly disillusioned. The best way to approach this month is to deal with what’s in front of you and handle whatever you can quickly, then play a waiting game.

For some, you might be waiting for news or new information to come to light. If this is the case it’s mid June onwards that brings progress. You can then pick up speed with regard to money and finances and make important decisions.

Finally, your ruling planet Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th. This is a lovely placing for the planet of love and relating. Cancer is a caring sign, and this brings out the side of your nature that loves comfort and sensual experiences.

One of the best days this month is the 16th when Venus teams up with romantic Neptune. This spells good news for love and it’s a wonderful date to get together with your girlfriends, people who inspire you and/or those people in your life who are the equivalent of a comfy pair of slippers. Savour the good things in life and don’t let the more frustrating side of life, e.g. bureaucracy, political parties, get you down.

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