Taurus Monthly Stars January 2014

Taurus SyrylynTaurus (20 April-20 May)

The first month of the New Year packs a punch with not one but two New Moons, symbols of new beginnings, creating and setting intentions and making a fresh start. A New Moon falling on the 1st day of the New Year feels powerful and indicates your New Year resolutions have extra oomph in 2014.

This New Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, a fellow earth sign, putting the spotlight on travel, education and any other activity in life that broadens your horizons and gives your life meaning. Spirituality and religion are also included in this category. So spread your net wide, think big and line up some adventurous and life-enhancing goals that you know will benefit you in the coming year.

The Sun and Moon are next to each other but this New Moon is special as Mercury (communication) and Pluto (loss/power) are also included in the line up. Words have power and what you commit to has staying power. However, it’s as important to know what you’re ready to let go of as it is to decide what you want to begin. Which door in life would you like to close? What do you want to say goodbye to? Which beliefs are you ready to let go of?

Once you’ve got rid of what’s not working in your life, Pluto can get on with the important business of dredging the sewers and the dirt looking for those nuggets of gold amongst the dark. If ever there were a God of hidden things, Pluto’s the one.

The start and end of the month hold most potential as the second New Moon falls on the 30th. I’ll come back to this shortly but this is also the day before a powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition in the heavens and as Jupiter expands what it touches, you may find that you feel extra determination to achieve your goals. These two mighty planets cut across the knowledge axis of your horoscope so it’s about education and your beliefs, your religious or spiritual path and experiencing the world to the full.

Again with Pluto there’s often a theme of loss so perhaps giving up a course that’s not right for you or turning down an opportunity that’s no longer viable but together these two planets require you to be ruthless and relentless if you wish things to happen.

The 31st is an especially important date for you as this is the day when Venus, your ruling planet, turns direct in the heavens. Venus has been retrograde i.e. on go slow since December 21st 2013 and Venus is also in Capricorn. In fact, when Venus turns direct on the 31st, she’s very close to Pluto in the heavens.

This represents an important turning point and you’re wise to put off the big decisions in life until this date. Venus retrograde is a time to ponder and re-evaluate where you’re heading and as befits your sign, to take things slowly. Venus rules love, money and all that you value highly in life so really consider and go in deep with regard to one of these areas.

What matters to you on a deep level? Who or what is important to you and what do you need to let go of or put in place to bring you long-term happiness and satisfaction? Take your time this month with the big decisions in life and don’t feel you have to rush into anything.

The Full Moon on the 16th is also powerful for you this month as on the same day, Venus and Mars clash in the heavens. This feels as if it’s about sorting out your emotional life and ensuring that you’re on the right track whether you’re in or out of love. If you feel out of sync with your partner if you’re in a relationship or married, consider the deeper reasons why. There’s a lot to learn if you’re prepared to spend the time looking beyond the simple explanation. You feel more sure of yourself and of what you want by month’s end.

Work and career matters pick up speed as the month progresses as well with Mercury (communication) and the Sun (creative self) entering Aquarius and your career sector on the 11th and 20th respectively. These two factors are highlighted by the second New Moon which falls in Aquarius on the 30th. Trust your intuition when it comes to work and do what you believe in. Some of you may be moving away from the 9-to-5 or a more corporate role to tread your own path and follow an alternative work/lifestyle.

The 17th and 29th are brilliant for inspiration, taking risks and being spontaneous in order to move your work forward. Try something new and listen out for what life brings your way. What’s on offer? What can you learn? Use technology to help your job search or think about setting up a website or an online shop.

With Mars, the action planet, in Libra focusing on your work and everyday routine until the summer, this gives you added energy and get-up-and-go to create a lifestyle that works for you. Mars in Libra indicates this isn’t a time to go it alone but instead to get people on board who you can work alongside. It won’t be straightforward especially in the spring but if ever there was a time to follow your passion, it’s now.


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