Gemini Monthly Stars January 2014

Gemini SyrylynGemini (21 May-20 June)

The New Year starts with powerful intent. The New Moon on the 1st not only involves the Sun and Moon but your ruling planet Mercury and Pluto for good measure. All these planets are lined up in the sign of Capricorn ruling money, sex and things that are hidden. Talk about an intense start to 2014.

What’s important to realise is that your words have power right at the beginning of 2014 so be careful what you promise or commit to if you don’t mean what you say. You’re more likely this year to achieve your New Year resolutions and with Pluto in on the act, letting go of stuff is as relevant if not more so than beginning anything new.

Money’s a powerful driver and this is one area of your life where you’re wise to take stock and get things right. If you’re in debt now’s the time to commit to dealing with the situation. Look at what you can do or what lifestyle adjustments you could make to sort your situation out.

For some of you money will come via another person or an unexpected source. There may be a payout, an inheritance or an investment that you can put to good use. This theme continues throughout the month as the Full Moon on the 16th cuts across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of your chart ruling money, plus on the 31st there’s a Jupiter-Pluto opposition in the heavens again picking out the same signs of the zodiac. This is where the action’s at.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and your personal money sector so it acts as a protective source and suggests that your family or your home are linked to cash success. If you’re looking for a loan, turn to someone in your family to help or find ways to use your home or property to create an income or save you money.

The Jupiter-Pluto opposition in particular suggests finding wealth in hidden things, perfect for a major de-cluttering and/or looking at ways to transform or recycle stuff that’s been thrown away or discarded and making a living in the process. If you’re a Gemini with wheeler-dealer tendencies, here’s your chance to use them.

The intensity of this month’s astrology does suggest however that you will need to be either relentless or ruthless to come out on top financially and some of you may have a fight on your hands over money matters. Jupiter is your partner planet and Venus, planet of love, is currently retrograde or on go slow in Capricorn.

There could be a dispute with an ex or another key individual in your life over cash and if so you’re wise to get legal advice in order to lay claim to what’s rightfully yours. The 31st is the day when events turn and you either know what you’re dealing with as new information comes to light or you’re ready to fight/lay your claim.

If you’re in a relationship or married, there may be an issue over money or sex this month and don’t forget that there’s a theme of things being hidden. Be open and honest with each other but also be ready for possible revelations that come to light on or around the 31st. Look at your own behaviour/motivations as well as considering your partner’s behaviour.

Mars remains in Libra, the sign that rules love affairs, throughout January and the first half of the year. Add to this the fact that Venus and Mars are at odds with each other on the 16th the day of the Full Moon and emotions are running high. Of course this depends on your personal situation whether this is a signal for fun and games and a sexy love affair (great news if you’re single) or whether it’s a signal for an adventurous romp and/or a battle of the sexes.

There’s plenty of opportunity for pleasure this month with not only Mars in Libra but Mercury and the Sun moving into your fellow air sign Aquarius on the 11th and 20th respectively. This is about enjoying life, hanging out with your friends and socialising with others. It’s a good month to book a holiday or grab a last-minute break away or to sign up for a course or new activity. The second New Moon of the month falls in this same sign of Aquarius on the 30th, a brilliant date to create new intentions for your year ahead and to plan something special.

As this falls on the same date as two major events regarding money matters, you can be assured that what you hear or what takes place will be the catalyst that reminds you that life is short so why not make the most of it. Events may feel dramatic but the end of the month is most definitely a ‘seize the day’ moment.

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