Taurus July 2021

Taurus July 2021, ice cream

Caring Connections

Take yourself out of your everyday environment, shift your perspective and take a fresh look at life this month. Also, lean on other people as connections are the way forward.

The Sun is in kind and caring Cancer until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is here from the 12th to the 28th. There’s a lucky connection between Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces and your friendship sector on the 12th. You might hear good news or be celebrating with someone close.

Cancer and Pisces are emotional water signs which rule friends in your horoscope; new friends and old friends. Know your allies in the month ahead and get the right people on your side. 

In addition, talk things through and express your feelings, even if answers don’t come easily. One of the best dates to reach out and open up the lines of communication is the 10th, the day of the New Moon in Cancer, a symbol of new beginnings.

It’s the start of a lovely few days, so make the most of it. Cancer rules your siblings and neighbours, your local community.

Home & Family

It does look as if there’s a lot going on close to home this month. Your ruling planet Venus is in Leo and your home and family sector until the 22nd. Plus, power planet Mars is in Leo until the 29th. This is an active sector of your horoscope and Mars is good at getting things moving.

However, both Mars and Venus run into the Saturn-Uranus square as the month begins. The key dates are 1st & 7th when Mars and Venus are opposed by Saturn in Aquarius.

There could be delays or frustrations with building work, family dynamics or the place where you live. Life might be noisier than usual and tempers could reach boiling point. Aquarius is your career and vocation sector so what’s happening at home could impact your work or vice versa.

Any issues in these key areas of your life are likely to erupt in the first week of July. Venus and Mars square Uranus in your star sign Taurus on the 4th & 8th. The best advice is not to be overly-impulsive and take extra care on these two dates. Leaping in is rarely wise, as it can coincide with accidents or anger. Caution is advised.

Wait a while for things to calm down. The 13th could be the turning point when Venus and Mars unite in Leo, a symbol of reconciliation or unity. Someone at home could benefit your life in a loving way.

Home and family affairs remain dominant for the rest of the month and into August. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd followed by talk planet Mercury on the 28th.

Plus, there will be a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis on the 24th. Therefore, use this month’s astrology to plan. If you want to arrange a family get-together or put your home on the market, for example, things flow more easily towards the end of July. If you’re currently in a tricky situation where you live, work towards resolution later in the month.

Career Goals

The end of the month could also be promising for career and vocational goals, whether you’re going for promotion or getting ready for retirement. This is because Jupiter, the biggest planet, returns to Aquarius and your career sector on the 28th where it remains until the end of the year. Jupiter represents expansion, growth, good fortune and freedom.

You may return to a job or role that started earlier this year. Or, you’re back in touch with a network or group connection that benefited you previously. The 29th could be exciting, if not a little over-the-top. You may be the one helping to keep other people grounded.

New Love

Finally, circle the 22nd for new love when Venus enters your romance sector and immediately encounters Jupiter. The fun vibe continues into August.

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