Aries July 2021

Aries July 2021, poppies

Your ruling planet Mars is picking up the pace this month in your fellow fire sign Leo. Mars remains here until the 29th.

Mars in Leo is courageous, playful, and determined to see the best in things. Adopting a positive attitude to life won’t do you any harm throughout July.

In fact, this could be the best remedy or cure for any recent sadness or disappointment. Leo rules the most playful sector of your horoscope, linked to joy, child-like naivety and trusting your luck.

The trickiest time could be the beginning of the month when Mars triggers the Saturn-Uranus square aspect. On the 1st, Mars opposes Saturn which can feel like a roadblock, an obstacle, not getting what you want.

As Saturn is in Aquarius and your friendship and group sector, you could clash with a friend or find yourself on the outside of groupthink or a similar scenario. Try not to get overly frustrated if this is true for you.

Also, don’t go mad financially on the 4th when Mars squares Uranus in Taurus and your personal money sector. It’s not a good day to be impulsive or foolhardy. Mars/Uranus clashes can trigger accidents if you leap in feet first. Caution is advised.

However, when Mars in Leo teams up with Jupiter in Aquarius on the 29th, you could find the gods working in your favour. Yes, it’s an opposition and you might go over-the-top but it’s an energetic planetary combination.

Hang out with your kids and pick up on their playful vibe. Plan a big adventure, line up some fun entertainment, be spontaneous and motivated to enjoy yourself as much as you can. 

New Love

The Leo vibe is strong throughout the month as love planet Venus is also in Leo until the 22nd. This is promising for new love, romance and being open to meeting new people and seeing where life leads.

Plus, there’s a conjunction of Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, on the 13th which looks special. This doesn’t happen very often and the fact that it falls in your romance sector could be gorgeous. A great date to join a dating app, go on a date and embrace life to the full.

The Full Moon could be interesting for love too on the 24th. A good weekend for a celebration or party as it falls across the social axis of your horoscope.

The Leo vibe continues into August as the Sun shines bright in Leo from the 22nd onwards and talk planet Mercury enters Leo on the 28th. This month will be a whole lot easier if you can shift your perspective to one of gratitude and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. 

For example, if you’re out of work, use your leisure time well, even if money’s scarce. If work is weighing you down, the same applies, make the most of your time outside of work. 

Caring Cancer

Allow your emotions to flow, be in touch with your feelings and be kind to others when it’s needed. This is the theme of the New Moon in caring Cancer and your home and family sector on the 10th.

Talk planet Mercury is here from the 11th to the 28th and the Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd. The more time you spend with loved ones this month, the happier you’re likely to be.

Virgo Vibes

There is a shift in pace towards the end of the month. The planet of relating Venus is the first planet to enter industrious Virgo on the 22nd followed by your planet Mars on the 29th.

Virgo rules your work and health sector, an ideal time to get back into a healthy routine and pay close attention to your lifestyle. It’s time to start thinking less about play and more about work.

Jupiter Aquarius

Big planet Jupiter is also on the move as the month comes to an end. Jupiter returns to social Aquarius on the 28th where it remains until year’s end.

You may be back in touch with a group, club or society that played a big role in your life in the first part of this year. Make friends and hang out with people of influence once Jupiter is back in your friendship sector and you won’t go far wrong.

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