Gemini July 2021

Gemini July 2021, heart

Your ruling planet Mercury completes its journey through your star sign Gemini this month. Mercury first entered Gemini on May 4th and was retrograde for most of June. Add to the mix two important eclipses on May 26th and June 10th and it may have been a time of unusual highs or lows.

Use Mercury in your star sign to speak up and get things moving. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 12th. The 6th could be creative and dreamy but also potentially confusing or disorienting. Otherwise, it’s time to crack on.

Money Matters

Money matters are important this month and it’s here where you may be in flow. Your ruler Mercury is in Cancer and your personal money sector from the 12th to the 28th. Plus, the Sun is here until the 22nd.

Mercury in Cancer teams up with lucky Jupiter in Pisces and your career sector on the 12th which could be a stand-out date for work and money matters. Plus, Mercury and Neptune team up nicely on the 24th, great for creative ideas, especially in the key areas of work & money.

The best date could be the 10th when there’s a New Moon in Cancer, a symbol of new beginnings. This is ideal to start a new money-making venture and make the most of some lucky connections moving forward.

Get the right people on your side and you could do well in July. Think emotional intelligence and work at getting to know colleagues better.

Leo Vibes

This fits the movement of planets through Leo and your communication sector this month. Leo not only rules communication in your horoscope, also your local community, siblings and neighbours.

Action planet Mars is here the longest until the 28th but the planet of relating Venus is also in Leo until the 22nd. You may be actively reaching out to your community or be on a mission to make some new friends.

Yet, you might find that issues flare up in one of these areas in the first week of the month. This is because both Mars and Venus run into the Saturn-Uranus square.

The key dates are the 1st & 7th when things might not play out the way you expect and tempers could flare. The 4th & 8th look unpredictable too so be careful what you say.

If you want to enhance a relationship with a sibling or neighbour, wait until later in the month when the more challenging planetary activity dies down. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd followed by your planet Mercury on the 28th.

Plus, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac on the 24th. This would be the ideal time to organise a community get-together, invite the neighbours round or reconnect with a sibling. Alternatively, it’s a good weekend to travel or take a break.

Freedom & New Connections

Note that big planet Jupiter moves back into Aquarius and your travel and study sector on the 29th where it remains until the end of the year. Freedom is going to be a key theme running through your horoscope over the next few months.

Leo rules all forms of communication in your horoscope, including the written and spoken word. This is a top month to express yourself, even if you keep some of your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Writing things down and journalling is a good way of clearing your mind.

It’s also worth noting the Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo on the 13th. The union of the lovers of the heavens doesn’t happen very often. You might meet someone new on this date, a person of influence or a lover.

It’s another indication that connections count in the month of July. Home and family matters also kick in from the 22nd onwards.

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