Sun Sextile Saturn: Get Your S**t Together

order, chaos crossed outI seem to have manifested the Mars/Neptune conjunction which took place earlier this week and have been fending off the lurgy over the last few days. Neptune rules viruses, the invisible spread of icky cold & flu germs.

Thankfully I am feeling much perkier today and after a few days of tending to essentials only, it’s back to the ‘to do’ list with a vengeance, enjoying the immense satisfaction of ticking off item after item.

This fits with our current astrology as after a lively week in the heavens (a New Moon and Mercury retrograde, plus Mars conjunct Neptune), things are beginning to stabilise as the Sun in Aquarius moves towards a helpful sextile aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, exact Friday 23rd January [05:23 GMT].

This planetary combination is about taking responsibility, completing your deadlines and getting on with your work. It’s helpful for any form of organisation or restructuring and helps you feel you’re back in control.

Aquarius’ Two Ruling Planets

Aquarius is an intriguing sign as it has two ruling planets, traditional ruler Saturn and modern ruler Uranus. Uranus symbolises the rebellious, individualistic side of Aquarius whereas Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius represents order and systems.

Saturn is especially strong in the current sextile aspect as Saturn disposits the Sun in Aquarius being the ruler of that sign. This gives Saturn an added edge and may increase your desire to lead others, to set firm boundaries or to step up to the next level.

Together Is Better

The Sun is traditionally weakened in Aquarius and said to be in its detriment.¬†This is because the Sun shines bright in its sign of rulership Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius. In Aquarius, the Sun isn’t encouraged to strutt proud as a peacock showing off its brilliant display of colours but rather focus on worthier concerns. Aquarius rules the collective, society and working together with other people towards the greater good.

You can do your own thing now and focus on your goals and long-term plans or even better you can create connections with other people and work together to further mutual ambitions. Technology is ruled by Aquarius so on or off-line will do it.

Whether solo or in a team, the Sun sextile Saturn is a positive, helpful influence to get your s**t together. Even whilst Mercury’s retrograde you can still make some headway and create order out of chaos.

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    1. hi Faith, it was quite a dreamy weekend just gone to be fair with the Moon in Pisces. I still managed to get a lot done plus watch a 3 hour film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Hope Saturn worked for you too. best, Sally

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