Venus In Pisces: Love Without Boundaries

heart in skyThe love planet, Venus, enters Pisces today, January 27th 2015 [15:00 GMT] where it remains until February 20th 2015.

Venus is said to be in ‘exaltation’ in the water sign Pisces, which means this is a sign that Venus feels comfortable in.

Pisces enhances Venus’ qualities and it’s easy to see why. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Pisces is the boundless sign and at its best this planetary combination represents unconditional love, love without boundaries.

Loving & Giving

When Venus is in Pisces, there can be an outpouring of love, a chance to connect with your heart on a deep level, a desire to give, forgive, be kind, be compassionate and love to your fullest capacity. It’s the opposite of an empty vessel, it’s a receptacle that’s abundant and overflowing.

In perfect synchronicity, I received a plea for help today for a Taurus friend (Taurus is ruled by Venus) and felt immediately compelled to make a small donation. The gift was money but of course it’s also love.

Venus rules both love and money and when Venus is in Pisces there’s often a desire to give freely and abundantly, to share our love or to share what we have and own. Acts of kindness, giving in the name of charity.

Expand Your Imagination

In addition, Venus is the Goddess of beauty and art and when Venus is in Pisces, you can tap into the depths of your own imagination. Find your muse, expand your creative skills & talents, explore music, poetry, photography, art and be inspired. Whatever arouses your senses, whatever touches your soul, open yourself up to it and bathe in life’s beauty.

George Harrison: Venus Pisces

This past weekend I watched a documentary about one of the Beatles, George Harrison. Harrison was a Sun Pisces and music is Pisces’ realm but Harrison was also the most spiritual of the four Beatles and spent a lot of his lifetime seeking a spiritual path. He was inspired by the Maharishi and Ravi Shankar and in turn influenced many of his musical friends who he connected with on a deep level.

Harrison’s Pisces credentials extend beyond his Sun in Pisces. He has Libra rising in his chart so his ruling planet was Venus exalted in Pisces in the 5th house of creativity opposing Neptune in Libra (a dissociate aspect). Neptune is Pisces’ planet and Venus is Libra’s planet and the two are in mutual reception, enriching not only Harrison’s love of music & his creative expression but his search for something greater, a spiritual peace.

Venus is love but in Pisces Venus’ qualities are enhanced so greatly that they become Love with a capital L. This is more than intimacy and physical love; Venus in Pisces wants to grow deeper and wider for a connection with life, the universe and ultimately God.

Feel Your Way Through

Martin Scorsese, a Sun Scorpio, another of the water signs, directed the documentary about Harrison which is called Living In The Material World (2011) and said of the movie:

‘The more you’re in the material world, the more there is a tendency for a search for serenity… His music is very important to me, so I was interested in the journey he took as an artist. The film is an exploration. We don’t know. We’re just feeling our way through.’

I love those last three sentences. Whilst the personal planets move through Pisces, you don’t need to know where you’re heading but simply be willing to explore and be open to the experience of not knowing.

This fits too for the current Mercury retrograde cycle which is accompanying Venus’ transit through Pisces. Ultimately Venus in Pisces is calling you to expand your love to include love without boundaries and to feel your way through.

George Harrison, b. February 25 1943, 11:42 pm, Liverpool, UK



4 thoughts on “Venus In Pisces: Love Without Boundaries”

  1. My Venus recently progressed into Pisces. In a few short months I transitioned from life in an eco-community to marrying my sweetheart and moving to the other side of the world! Could not have been a more dramatic shift…

    1. Faith, thank you for your comment. That is such brilliant astrology! From the Aquarian eco-community to pursue the Pisces ideal of true love. Gorgeous 🙂

  2. Two days ago an email sent to a friend by my daughter accidently came to me. I was terribly upset as my daughter wrote the most awful and untrue things about me.This is a girl whom I never in my life ever did anything negative to.On the contrary,she was given everything plus constant love.She’s not a teenager as one might expect but in her 30’s with a 6 year old. Am wondering whether the retrograde along with the pices moon now will have any effect on her such as realising how unfair and nasty she’s been.

    1. Jackie, I’m sorry for what happened. That must have been very painful to read. To be fair, I don’t think there will be any changes yet until Mercury turns direct on February 11th but with so many of the personal planets in Pisces throughout February and March, there is always a chance for forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s never easy when you are in such a conflict, especially a family member, and sometimes I think the only way forward is for you to deal with your own feelings so you are at peace within yourself. It’s not easy to change another person’s behaviour, they have to want to change and it’s important to protect your own feelings in the meantime. Sending best wishes your way, Sally

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