Mercury Retrograde Alert: Think Backwards

handstand, upside downMercury, the communication planet, turns retrograde today January 21st 2015 [15:54 GMT] and remains on go slow until February 11th 2015.

Mercury is in retrograde motion from 17 Aquarius to 1 Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of technology (you have done those important backups already, haven’t you?) and one of the fixed air signs.

Yesterday late afternoon I already experienced weird goings on with my Macbook & internet connection. An intermittent signal meant a Skype call I was attempting kept crashing unexpectedly and there were one or two glitches with my Macbook which reminds me I have to get it checked out but when?!

To be honest, I will wait now for a few weeks as I’m not a big fan of messing about with technology when Mercury’s retrograde and especially as this specific retrograde phase takes place in techy Aquarius.

So what’s Mercury retrograde good for if you already know that misunderstandings and communication glitches are more prevalent for the next three weeks? Here are some handy hints on how to make the most of Mercury’s reverse motion:

– become a huge fan of the re-words, i.e. reflect, review, reassess, rework, rethink

– focus on the past as this is where you can find delightful gems & nuggets of wisdom

– don’t give up but try and try again, Mercury retrograde is the King of second chances. The most powerful time to act is a day or two before Mercury turns to direct motion

– be quiet, listen to your inner voice & engage in magical thinking

– slow down, be quiet, allow yourself to be guided rather than try to forge ahead

– be flexible when you’re out and about, instead of going directly from A to B, explore routes C, D & E

– be more tolerant & patient with others, remember that the truth can be skewed when Mercury’s in retreat

– be more tolerant & patient with yourself, be open-minded and learn from your mistakes

– be more tolerant & patient with life, if your plans change use this as an experiment to find joy in the unexpected

– look at life upside down, change your perspective

– think backwards. Did you know that if you walk a few steps backwards and then try and solve a problem, you have greater mental control? Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but apparently it’s true





7 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Alert: Think Backwards”

  1. Thanks Sally

    we were not selected for a grant and this explains what we need to do in the next 3 weeks to close our doors. .:(

    1. Jaye, so sorry to hear your news. I hope things turn out for you ok. You never know Mercury turning direct may bring in new information/ideas. Sending best wishes, Sally

  2. I am already feeling the effects of this. Jupiter is retrograding over my natal Venus which is in Leo – with transiting Venus aspecting them both as well as Mercury.

    So naturally, I fear I will bump onto my ex who I broke up with, during last October’s eclipse. Mercury was also in retrograde at that time and he met someone else, who he’s still seeing. How is it possible that they lasted when they met during a mercury retrograde?

    Interesting to see what transpires…

    1. Interesting indeed. It’s all going on for planets in Leo in 2015 not only with Jupiter to-ing and fro-ing in the first half of the year but Venus to-ing and fro-ing late July-early September. New love coming in for you perhaps? best, Sally

  3. Wow…uncanny indeed. I bumped into him last night with his new girlfriend! Amazing how this works.

    Yes, maybe a new love for me hopefully.

  4. Sally, if a new relationship is started during a mercury retrograde, or you meet someone new, is it prone to ending sooner than most?

    1. Not necessarily, Bel. I imagine that there may be something hidden that you find out at a later date or perhaps you don’t ask a question that’s really important to you which challenges the relationship at a later date. Something similar. Hope that helps. best, Sally

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