Capricorn Monthly Stars June 2013

Capricorn Kitschensyngk 2June is a month of endings and new beginnings with some events taking place that you might never have imagined were possible. Firstly, let’s look at what’s ending or being brought to completion.

This involves the sign of Gemini that rules your work, routine, your lifestyle and health. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, has been in this sector of your chart since last summer and on the 26th, Jupiter moves on.

However, before this happens, Jupiter connects with the Sun in Gemini on the 19th promising a celebration or the culmination of a job or project you began 12 months ago. In addition, there’s a New Moon in Gemini on the 8th, a great date to apply for a job or begin a healthier lifestyle and throughout June, Mars, the action planet, in Gemini is adding energy and drive to your work and well-being.

There’s no point hanging around if you want things to happen so make the necessary changes to your job or lifestyle before Jupiter exits. Admittedly at times you may feel unsure of what next or feel out of kilter because of changes or an unsettled situation at home but the more you can look after yourself and ensure your routine benefits you and boosts your health, the better.

The big news this month is four planets in your opposite sign of Cancer by the month’s end. Cancer rules your relationships and this month sees the beginning of a journey that takes you onwards and upwards when it comes to love, although the path is not without some twists and turns to navigate.

For most of the month, from the 3rd-27th, Venus, planet of love, is in your relationship sector. This must bring some precious moments your way as Venus in Cancer is kind, caring and nurturing. In addition, Venus trines your ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on the 7th. This creates what’s called a grand trine in the heavens, i.e. a triangle of three planets. This time around the planets are all in water signs which rule the emotional realm. Add to this the fact that the water signs rule your ‘people’ sectors and this makes relationships doubly or even triply important.

Whether you fall head over heels in love or you decide to get married and settle down, these aspects are wonderfully romantic. This won’t apply to every Capricorn but the potential is there and once Jupiter, planet of opportunity, enters Cancer on the 26th you may feel that happiness lies via a relationship. Jupiter will remain in this sector of your chart until the summer of 2014 and for some this promises your best opportunity in 12 years to meet someone new or get married. Jupiter also rules freedom so if you’re in a relationship that restricts you or makes you unhappy, you will start to see the potential for a different way of life and may realise it’s time to move on.

As is often the case in life, the path of true love rarely progresses smoothly and with Neptune dominant on or around the 7th, you must be careful of viewing your life and love through rose-coloured glasses. Neptune paints a perfect picture whereas the reality can be quite different. Use your earthy common sense to distinguish between what’s fantasy and what’s real and turn to your loyal friends for sensible and down-to-earth advice.

In a similar vein, learn to distinguish between words that speak the truth and words that tell a story. Mercury, the communication planet, turns retrograde in Cancer on the 26th and misunderstandings and miscommunication are more likely than usual. Wait until mid-July when Mercury turns direct before making any important relationship decision. Slowly, slowly is the best advice.

This isn’t only about love, however, and with planets stacked in your opposite sector, it’s people in general who have the potential to delight and/or disappoint you. Brush up your people skills and learn how to read other people and be discerning when it comes to issues of trust. You’re at the start of a new stage in your life when the advances you make and the opportunities open to you are interlinked and connected with other people.

Whether this involves a group, club or society; a key one-on-one relationship or your involvement with the wider community and society in general, this is where your learning and your bliss lie. Keeping yourself to yourself is going to be virtually impossible with Jupiter moving its way through your relationship sector and urging you to engage and join forces with other people.

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