New Moon Sagittarius: Deep And Meaningful

new moon

New Moon [26 Sagittarius 31]

– December 18 2017 (06:30 GMT)

There’s always a New Moon in Sagittarius at this time of year and rightly so. Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac, ready to fire their arrows high into the sky and line up new adventures and exciting goals for the year ahead.

At its best, Sagittarius is the optimist, who believes in possibility and holds on to hope and faith. Sagittarius is the star sign that always considers the bigger picture and adopts a philosophical approach to life.

Saturn’s Lessons 

This year’s New Moon is a different bag for a number of reasons. Firstly, slow-moving Saturn sits next to the Sun and Moon and, at 29 degrees Sagittarius 46, Saturn is at the end of a long journey through the sign of the traveller.

Saturn entered Sagittarius in December 2014 and this week moves on when Saturn enters Capricorn, its sign of rulership, on December 20th.

If you’re a Sun Sagittarius, Saturn leaving your sign may well be a cause for celebration, as you jump for joy after a notoriously tough transit. Saturn limits what it touches and when your life’s philosophy is primarily optimistic, joyful and faithful, you don’t want to be reined in, encounter sorrow or hardship, or have your faith questioned.

Saturn’s not known as the great teacher of the universe for nothing, however, who teaches all of us life’s lessons, albeit the hard way. Sagittarius rules travel, study, religion, publishing, law & justice; in fact, it’s wherever you personally find meaning in life. Some of you may have successfully expanded your world view over the last three years and be wiser and more educated for the experience.

Green Lights

Plus, there are two more planets in Sagittarius close to the New Moon. Venus, love and relating, is one and the other is communication planet Mercury, which remains retrograde, also in this same sector of the zodiac.

In fact, Mercury has been retracing Saturn’s steps through the sign of Sagittarius and will turn direct at 13 degrees Sagittarius next weekend, on December 23rd.

Traditionally, both a New Moon and Mercury’s switch to direct motion are green lights in astrology, forward-thinking and pro-active. Take action NOW. Which is true, on on level, but don’t shoot off in a new direction before you complete what you’ve been working on, consolidate your position, ponder & reflect, and review the year that’s gone. Complete Mercury’s retreat through the zodiac properly before you decide where you’re heading and why.

Deep & Meaningful

This is a different kind of Sagittarius optimism, with Saturn so closely involved. It’s serious for starters, possibly solemn and sometimes fearful or doubting. Start by recognising that fear and faith are opposite ends of the spectrum, as are fear and excitement.

If you’re going out on stage, fear helps to rein in your adrenalin buzz, just as belief and confidence in yourself help to eradicate the fear. You don’t have to be raring to go now, but it is important to use your time wisely and acknowledge what you need and how far you’ve come.


Don’t worry if you’re not feeling elated about the holidays or the year ahead, although if you are top-tastic. Instead, be quiet and alone when you can, and pat yourself on the back for what you’ve achieved or how you’ve survived 2017.

Be confident that you have inevitably gained wisdom and learning and slowly, slowly start to use this knowledge. Sagittarius provides you with the experience, Capricorn helps you channel what you’ve learned out into the world.

This deep & meaningful New Moon phase requires careful consideration before you fire those arrows high into the sky. You can do so, especially once Mercury turns direct, but use them strategically and make sure each one counts.

Sending you happy, deep & meaningful New Moon Wishes

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