Full Moon Gemini: Lose Yourself

Full Moon

Full Moon [11 Gemini 40] – December 3, 2017 (15:47 GMT)

It’s a Full Moon weekend that’s mysterious, magical and at times, complex and confusing. Looking at all the big astrology taking place, however, it feels as if the time is right to lose yourself, in a good way.

I must confess to feeling deliriously happy today, although that stems partly from having completed another major writing project this autumn. The 2018 Horoscope eBook is finally complete – hoorah! – and at over 170 pages long, it was an enjoyable, yet mammoth writing project.

The eBook is available at the discount rate of £10 until midnight on December 3rd, so not long to go. If you want to start planning ahead, the eBook includes comprehensive horoscopes and all the fascinating astrology in 2018. Click on the link above to order your copy today.

Jupiter trine Neptune – December 3rd

This weekend sees one major planetary aspect culminate which continues to dominate throughout the coming year, until August 2018. This is a stunning connection between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, Gods of the sky and sea respectively, and this is a boundless and sentimental combination.

Scorpio and Pisces are water signs and Jupiter and Neptune together are charitable and altruistic. What you give, you receive in return with this pairing. Water signs rule the realm of emotion, feelings that care for others and guide you instinctively in your life.

This combination is perfect for day-dreaming, visualising and seeking inspiration through music, film and collaborative ventures. You may feel excited about the festivities or holiday period coming up, or perhaps you’re dreaming about next year’s plans or goals. Lose yourself in Jupiter and Neptune’s embrace and anything feels possible. This evokes where you escape in life, your big dreams and spiritual yearnings, as well as sentimental associations with Christmas and this unique time of year.

Gemini Full Moon – December 3rd

This weekend’s Full Moon also highlights the bigger picture as it cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. These two star signs favour learning and education, curiosity and exploration. Write down your ideas this weekend or meet up with people who you enjoy talking with about life, the universe and everything.

The Full Moon is a time to bask in your achievements and marvel at life’s wonder. Concentrate on what you’re grateful for and where in life you can begin to slow down or take things easy over the next two weeks. This is the ideal way to be in tune with the waning phase of the Moon as it grows smaller until it disappears completely in the night sky, ready for the next New Moon phase on December 18th.

For many people, this is likely to be a busy and sociable time of year getting ready for the festivities and holiday period. If you can keep your stress levels low and enjoy whatever you take on, you’ll do well. Remember the deeper message of Christmas and the holiday period, and the symbolic meaning of one year closing and a new year beginning. Letting go is an important phase in readiness for a fresh start.

Mercury Retrograde – December 3rd to 23rd

Plus, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde this weekend. Mercury rules the Gemini Full Moon and is on go slow in Sagittarius so Mercury has an integral role to play. This is another indication to rush less and slow down more. You could attempt to charge through life at full tilt but this wouldn’t be advisable.

The whole planetary vibe of this weekend’s astrology is to create space in your life so you can connect with what’s valuable and worthwhile in your life. In the coming weeks, deal with what’s important rather than urgent and keep your plans flexible.

The theme of surrender is evoked by the Jupiter-Neptune duo so aim to flow with life rather than run against the tide or charge off in the wrong direction. No doubt, there’ll be a few twists and turns along the way, with trickster Mercury playing its part, and this too is another indication to focus on the details of life, the small things.

Double-check arrangements, keep your plans realistic and remember that love, care and attention are worth way more than throwing money or over-the-top grandeur at the festivities. Do things your way and don’t fall prey to duty or social convention. Mercury retrograde is ideal for adopting an alternative perspective and looking at a situation upside-down, back-to-front and thinking outside of the box.

All Things Hygge

More than anything this weekend, follow where your emotions and passion lead you. Personally, I’m looking forward to making plans for the next few weeks, lining up special treats, going to the cinema and sharing a glass of wine with friends. I can also feel a calling towards volunteering or helping others at this special time of year, all part of the Jupiter-Neptune vibe.

Full Moon blessings, dear ones.

May you luxuriate in moments of Hygge, coziness and bliss.

Enjoy the boundless nature of this weekend’s astrology. If Mercury trips you up, keep a sense of humour, dust yourself down and set off anew. When Mercury’s on go slow, it’s wise to enjoy the journey rather than worry about reaching the destination.

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