New Moon Capricorn: Climb Your Mountain

Mountain SunsetThe exact time of the New Moon in Capricorn was last night at 01:31 GMT Sunday 10th January.

This post was meant to go live yesterday but hey, guess what, Mercury is retrograde and this article is fashionably late.

Either way, this is an important New Moon as it’s the first in the year and it’s in the sign of Capricorn, which is perfect for planning ahead. Yes, Mercury is retrograde so many people aren’t firing on all cylinders or even revved up to top gear yet and that’s just fine. Perfect even. How it’s meant to be.

That’s no reason not to use the next two weeks of New Moon energy to plot and plan how you want 2016 to turn out for you. New Moon energy is wonderful for setting new intentions.

Moving On from Uranus/Pluto

Plus, the Sun is separating from a challenging conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (Jan 6) and another challenging square aspect to Uranus in Aries (Jan 7) and is well on its way to team up in a gorgeous trine aspect to big-vision Jupiter (Jan 13) and a conjunction with communication planet Mercury (Jan 14). Wonderful for sourcing new ideas and seeking inspiration.

Hopefully you’ve either completed or started your decluttering, you’ve said or you’re saying goodbye officially to 2015 and you’re clearing out on all levels ready to reinvent yourself and start afresh. This is how the Pluto (detox/wipe out) and Uranus (innovation) combination can work for you.  Although let’s not soften this intense combination completely as some of the endings and change you’re dealing with as 2016 begins might be tough to say the least.

Teaming up with Mercury/Jupiter

Yet here comes Jupiter and Mercury retrograde to add a more positive angle. Jupiter in Virgo is brilliant for making lists, writing things down, planning down to the minute detail and Mercury retrograde is a good time to ponder rather than charge full steam ahead. Allow yourself plenty of time to deal with Mercury stops and starts and be philosophical/keep your sense of humour intact if things continue to stall/break down with Mercury on go slow.

Set Your Intentions

It’s something of a mixed and muddled picture right now but in the midst of whatever’s going on in your own life, you can harness this brilliant New Moon energy for the next two weeks. Line up your personal mountain to climb and whether you feel ambitious and ready for your best year yet or whether you’re satisfied with where you’re at and you’re aiming for more fun and enjoyment, ensure you have goals to work towards and/or things in life to look forward to.

The time for action and turning ideas into reality will come in two weeks time when the Full Moon lights up the sky (Jan 24) followed by Mercury’s turnaround to direct motion (Jan 25). Until then, adopt a slow pace in life and give yourself plenty of time to decide what’s going to be important to you in the year ahead. This is the start of an exciting new mountain to climb.


4 thoughts on “New Moon Capricorn: Climb Your Mountain”

  1. Found this article really interesting. I began to understand why – don’t laugh- after watching the Sound of Music again I have been blasting out ‘ Climb Every Mountain’ for the last week!

  2. Hi Sally,

    First of all, a very happy New Year 2016 to you!

    Are you already working on the Australian Open 2016 predictions ?

    I can’t wait to hear from you 😀

    1. Happy new year to you. No, not yet, it will be a last-minute dash as usual. Keep your eyes peeled at the weekend. best Sally

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