Mercury Sextile Mars: Walk Your Talk

tomorrow starts now

A jaunty little planetary aspect takes place today between Mercury (communication) and Mars (action). Both planets are currently in extrovert signs, Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius.

The focus is on the future, exciting goals, progressive thinking and it’s about what’s new in your life. Mars left Capricorn to enter Aquarius on November 9th and Mercury left Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on November 12th.

This is the first aspect for both planets and being a sextile aspect, it’s a helpful one. Sextile aspects are the planetary equivalent of holding hands, being there for one another.

The Future Is Now

Mercury and Mars have moved away from signs that represent power and control and they’re venturing into new territory. Mercury in Sagittarius wants and needs to find meaning in life, a sense of purpose. Talk of travel, study, adventure provides inspiration and wanderlust beckons.

Mars in Aquarius is fired up for collective goals, ready to fight against the establishment, stand up for a new world order. Teamed up together, this is fertile ground for new ideas, inspiration, quick thinking.

A minor planetary aspect in the big scheme of things and yet its message is timely. Think about your future, be true to your convictions, do what you say, stand by your beliefs. This is a get-ahead combination and the time for action is now.

Come the weekend, we’ll all be drifting along together, zoning out as Neptune rules but for now, walk your talk.

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