The Super Full Moon In Taurus

Full Moon

Today, Monday 14th November 2016, is the day of the Full Moon in Taurus. As I wrote at the beginning of November, this is no ordinary Full Moon but a Supermoon, the biggest in 70 years.

Yet even standing alone as a Full Moon, this one is still impressive because the Moon is in the sign of Taurus [22 Taurus 38] where it’s said to be exalted. This means its energy is powerful and strong. My favourite saying for the Moon in Taurus is a ‘safe harbour’.

Taurus Rules

Taurus rules security, both financial and emotional, and the earth sign Taurus is inextricably linked with nature and abundance. There’s a constancy to nature and the earth sustains, feeds and comforts us. Daily routines, walking in nature, silence, sensual pleasures, indulgence – these are all connected to Taurus’ earthy delights.

Settled Energy

This Full Moon brings the Moon’s cycle to completion. It brings clarity, a chance to settle, consolidate and make important decisions after recent events.

The Moon is dependable and sure in Taurus and rules with a steady hand. Think what will nurture and nourish you now, stabilise your energy and take care of your body and soul.

A Safe Harbour

Seek out your own ‘safe harbour’ during this powerful Full Moon energy. It’s time to return to basic values, keep your feet on the ground, take solace in nature which keeps the cycle of life going.

Here are the areas highlighted by this Full Moon depending on your own Sun Sign:

  • Aries – personal finances, possessions  other peoples’ money, money owed
  • Taurus – image, self-identity, personal goals  relationships, other people
  • Gemini – retreat, secrets, self-undoing  work, service, health
  • Cancer – friends, groups, society  children, creativity, entertainment
  • Leo – work, status, responsibility  home, family
  • Virgo – travel, study, exploration  communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Libra – other peoples’ money, money owed  personal finances, possessions
  • Scorpio – relationships, other people  image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Sagittarius – work, service, health  retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  •  Capricorn – children, creativity, entertainment  friends, groups, society
  • Aquarius – home, family  work, status, responsibility
  • Pisces – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood  travel, study, exploration

Remember that the Full Moon is an opposition so it’s how you balance the different areas of your life, how you allow them to complement one another and work together in unison, rather than create division or enmity.

Breathe in this Full Moon energy and let it fill your soul. Stay connected to all your senses, feel your emotions fully. This is solid ground, perfect for settling yourself, becoming centred, finding strength in everyday pleasures.

The Full Moon takes place at the following dates/times:

  • London: Monday 14th November 2016 – 13:52 (GMT)
  • New York: Monday 14th November 2016 – 08:52 (GMT -5)
  • Sydney: Tuesday 15th November 2016 – 00:52 (GMT +11)


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