Astrology Of Now: Emotional Overload

Full Moon, Neptune

The Full Moon in Taurus two days ago, Monday 14th November, was a SuperMoon so it was always going to be special. The Moon is exalted in the earth sign Taurus, it’s said to be a ‘safe harbour’.

Super Moon: Super Emotional

Yet this was a SuperMoon and at the other axis of the Full Moon sat the Sun in the water sign Scorpio. Scorpio feels deeply, the emotional power of the Full Moon was exceptionally strong and for some, this has been the planetary equivalent of emotional overload.

It was more than expected and there’s been a little too much emphasis on grief, loss, sadness and strong emotions for my liking. So you too might have identified with this side of the Taurus-Scorpio spectrum. The descent into a primal, dark place, admittedly filled with hidden riches, but boy, did you have to wallow around to find them.

Watery World

The other factor in all of this is Neptune in Pisces, more watery emotions, about to turn direct on Sunday 20th November. Neptune wasn’t in aspect to the Full Moon but it feels like it was. Neptune is however conjunct the south node so another reason perhaps why some of us are having to deal with a super strong emotional pull downward.

If you’re one of the calm ones, currently standing strong as an oak tree, reminiscent of the Moon axis of the Taurus Full Moon and moving steadily through life, please remain strong. The world needs Taurean earth mother types right now, nurturing, comforting, reliable. Be there for the wobbly, the weak, the weepy, the watery as we enter deeper into Neptune’s territory this weekend.

Soul Surfing

The way to honour Neptune? Watch films back to back, spend time by the sea, share a bottle of wine with friends, lose yourself in art, photography, poetry, music, spirituality, fall in love, give yourself up to romance. Reach deep down into your source and recognise that you can access your own unique creativity through the emotional realm, your love and compassion. Soul surf your way into the weekend and beyond.

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