The Men’s Tennis US Open 2014

Big Green Tennis BallUpdate: Tuesday 9th September 2014. Marin Cilic is the winner of the US Open. Federer, my pick for the tournament, played brilliantly in the quarter final against Monfils but ran out of steam in the semis. Still an exceptional year of tennis from the Fed. The astrology for Cilic’s win is not convincing. A Sun Libra (b. September 28 1988, no birth time), his Mercury in Libra was conjunct the US Open’s chart Ascendant and he had his Venus Return during the tournament but nothing outstanding with no time of birth to look any deeper. My only thought is that the chart for the start of the tournament shows a New Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune which confounded (Neptune) the astrologers and swept in a new champion (New Moon). Congrats to Marin Cilic – he must be delighted.

A few of you have been asking and as there’s some interesting astrology, here’s a very speedy glance at the US Open and the men’s singles tennis tournament 2014.

The data for the charts of the start and final of the tournament is at the bottom of the article. I use the astrology charts to try and predict who’s going to emerge victorious.

I correctly predicted the French Open (Nadal) and Wimbledon (Djokovic) in 2014 so I’m going for the hat-trick! Plus I did pick Wawrinka out as one to watch in the Australian Open and he won too, so it’s been a good year for predictions so far. Here are the links to my Grand Slam blog posts for 2014 if you want to go back and take a look:

US Open 2014 Predictions:

Roger Federer (b. August 8th 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland)

This was always going to be a good year for the Leo Roger Federer and so far he’s flying. This year he’s had wins in Dubai and at the Cincinnati Masters, played an epic final at Wimbledon against Novak Djokovic which he only just lost and became father to a second set of twins. He goes into the US Open as no. 2 seed.

You’ve got to love his chances and the chart of the start of the US Open has 2 Leo on the Midheaven, close to his north node at 0 Leo (his date with destiny perhaps?). With the Sun and his career planet Mercury both in Leo, 15 and 13 degrees respectively, success planet Jupiter is homing in; 8 degrees Leo at the start of the tournament and 11 degrees Leo by the final.

The only question mark is Saturn close to it’s third transit of his Moon which knocked his confidence at the start of the year but hopefully too far away to cause him too many problems. On the day of the final, Saturn is at 18 Scorpio and Federer’s Moon is 20 Scorpio (I usually consider a planet’s transit to be most potent when it’s within 1 degree of orb).

Mars in Scorpio is firing up his Moon/Uranus conjunction throughout the tournament and is almost exactly conjunct Federer’s Uranus on the day of the final at the top of the final chart. Plus the Midheaven of the final chart is 21 Scorpio close to Roger’s Moon. The astrology feels like glory or bust and with Uranus at 15 Aries 37 almost exactly trine his Sun at 15 Aries 38 on the day of the final, he has a really really good chance of grabbing that elusive Grand Slam title.

Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986, 6:20 pm, Manacor, Spain)

I know Nadal’s not playing as he’s out injured but wanted to comment on the astrology. I suspect the culprit is Saturn in his 1st house which often plays out as injury or illness and Saturn has been square his Midheaven (success point) since mid-June 2014. The square aspect fades away in September but too late for the US Open. However, with Jupiter conjunct Nadal’s Midheaven at 17 Leo 35 early October this suggests a return to form and then some.

Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

There’s not a lot to say about Djokovic’s astrology at the US Open. Saturn is moving away from his Midheaven point and the rest of his chart doesn’t tie in to the charts for the start of the tournament or the final. Plus he’s the no. 1 seed and the Moon which often predicts whether the favourite will win (as per my prediction for Wimbledon 2014) isn’t strong. The tournament starts on the New Moon at 2 Virgo so effectively the Moon is combust i.e. weakened by the heat of the Sun plus it’s first aspect is an opposition to Neptune lacking focus. These stars don’t suggest a re-run of Wimbledon’s success.

Andy Murray (b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK)

Again there are not a lot of connections to Andy Murray’s chart for the US Open and he goes into the tournament as the no. 8 seed. Mercury at 17 Virgo is close to his Ascendant at 14 Virgo as the tournament begins and the Sun at 16 Virgo in the final chart has just gone over the Ascendant so maybe this will be enough to see him through to the semi-final stage. Otherwise not a lot jumping out.

I’m most excited about the fact that his mum, Judy Murray, is to be one of the celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing 2014. Born on September 8 1959, Judy’s birthday is on the day of the US Open tennis final and she is a Sun Virgo. Strictly is due to start some time in early September so good news for her and maybe this is why the Sun is conjunct Andy’s Ascendant on the weekend of September 6th/7th as his Mum makes her Strictly debut – it’s a must-watch show for me so exciting news indeed!

Stanislas Wawrinka (b. March 28 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Wawrinka has Mercury progressed his career planet, Jupiter, in August 2014 which has got to be good news for him. The time of birth is unconfirmed, however, so you have to be careful making predictions on house rulers. Otherwise again there’s not a lot that shouts out looking at the connections between the charts.

Best of the Rest – astrologically here are the ones to watch and the reasons why (Please bear in mind that I have very few birth times for the other top men’s tennis players which makes it trickier for predictions).

Richard Gasquet (b. June 18 1986, 9:00 am, Serignan du Comt, France)

One of the few other male tennis players with a confirmed time of birth, Gasquet is a Sun Gemini with Venus at 2 Leo 57 conjunct his Leo Ascendant. This puts Venus conjunct the Midheaven of the chart for the start of the tournament. Not stunning enough astrology to win the tournament but helpful nonetheless.

Grigor Dimitrov (b. May 16 1991, time unknown, Haskovo, Bulgaria)

It’s been a good year for Dimitrov winning three titles on three difference surfaces and reaching his first Grand Slam semi-final at Wimbledon 2014. This year is Dimitrov’s Jupiter return, often a year of success but with his Jupiter at 6 Leo 45 in his natal chart and transiting Jupiter now moving away from that point in the heavens (on the start of the tournament, Jupiter is at 8 Leo 49), he may not be able to match his previous performance. Plus Saturn is almost exactly conjunct his Pluto at 18 Scorpio 49 on the day of the final. I’m not sure on this astrology at all – does it pick him out as a powerhouse contender or is he nowhere to be seen on final’s day? I suspect the latter.

Milos Raonic (b. December 27 1990, time unknown, Podgorica, Yugoslavia)

Raonic starts the US Open tournament seeded no. 5 and with his Jupiter at 12 Leo 24 he’s heading for his Jupiter Return. On the day of the final Jupiter is at 11 Leo 46 so closing in on his natal Jupiter. This suggests luck’s on his side and he’s one to watch.

Astrologer Predicts:

Roger Federer. Federer has so much going on astrologically that I am really hoping he wins the US Open. It would be a wonderful achievement after the disappointment of losing Wimbledon.

Chart Data:

Start of tournament – August 25th 2014, 11:00 am EDT, Queens, NY, USA

Tournament final – September 8th 2014, 5:00 pm EDT, Queens, NY, USA


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  1. Sathiamoorthy (Sathya)

    Thank you so much Sally for coming back and responding to our requests. You are so good and double thanks for predicting Roger Federer Win !! Love you !

  2. Hiya Sally

    Thank u for putting up the astrology for us to read. Wow lets hope Roger wins USO. Praying hard for Roger.

    Reading what u are saying that Roger will.have the best astrology at the USO?

    Thank u again u have made us happy.

    Loads of hugs to u.


  3. Hiya Sally.

    Sorry to.bother u again. Will these positive factors can overide the Saturn transits? Will 2015 be a good year for Roger?

    Tri xx

    1. No peeking ahead to the future… Jupiter is currently stronger than Saturn – here’s hoping for a Federer Grand Slam win!

  4. Thanks a lot for your prediction, Sally! I thought that you are too addicted and inquistitive about the results to not look into the stars.

    We are all happy about it!

    I really hope Roger shows peRFect tennis and is the “betterer” player after the two following weeks. If it will be the winner, I will come back to you soon with a small acknowledgement.

    1. Yes, I’m an addict when it comes to astrology! I love it when the astrology matches life here on earth so I’m looking again. Can’t wait to see what plays out. Thank you.

  5. Hola Sally. Nuevamente por acá.

    Gracias por tu predicción.

    Deseo con mi corazon que Roger gane este US Open.

    Pero hay alguien que no nombraste que puede sorprender, y es David Ferrer. Tiene a su Sol a los 12º de Aries, y Jupiter estará haciendole trigono para las instancias finales. Y Ferrer podría enfrentar a Federer en Semi finales. Eso me preocupa.

    Y la Revolucion Lunar de Roger, tiene a la Luna sitiada entre maleficos, eso también me preocupa mucho :S
    La Revolucion Lunar de Wawrinka es excelente.

    Saludos. Juan Cruz

    1. hi Juan, thanks for your comments and interesting to read what you say (if anyone wants to read the foreign comments, copy and paste them into Google translate and you get the idea of what’s being said).

      Do you have a time of birth for David Ferrer? I don’t but yes, agreed that Jupiter is trine his Sun in Aries on the day of the final which is nice. I didn’t pick up on that in my speedy predictions and I know he’s one of the favourites. Let’s keep an eye on him.

      You mention the lunar returns for both Roger and Stan Wawrinka – interesting too. Sounds like one of Roger’s isn’t so good – depends which one? There will be two that apply to the tournament with his Moon in Scorpio. Good to hear that Wawrinka has a tasty lunar return. Looking forward to the tournament and thank you for your detailed comment. I love hearing about what other people think having seen the astrology. best, Sally

      1. Hola Sally!

        Me refiero a la Revolución Lunar que Federer comienza el 1/9/2014, ya que el torneo finaliza el 8/9/2014: allí la Luna a los 20º de Escorpio queda entre los 18º de Saturno y los 21º de Marte. No me parece bueno eso 🙁 pero el Sol lunar (8º Virgo) le queda en conjunción al Ascendente Natal (11º Virgo), eso puede contrarrestar a favor.

        Fijate que la Revolución Lunar actual , que le queda 7 días, con la que ganó Cincinnati e hizo final en Toronto, es excelente. Tiene a la Luna en trigono partil a Venus!)

        Y de Ferrer no tengo la hora exacta, pero el tener el transito de Jupiter en trigono al Sol -12º Aries- lo considero muy positivo.

        Y la Revolución Lunar de Wawrinka es fabulosa. Jupiter Lunar trigono partil Sol natal -7º Aries-.

        Un placer seguir intercambiando ideas de astrologia con vos Sally.

        Best, Juan Cruz.

    1. August 25, 2014 at 8:33 pm
      The greatest astrologer of all time has predicted #18 for the greatest tennis player of all time..

      Are you referring to SK? 🙂

  6. Hiya Sally.

    Could someone explain what Juan Cruz trying to say? Is he trying to.say that Roger won’t win. I can’t cope with another heartache. I.hope Juan is wrong. I would love Roger to win. Will Jupiter overrides all Roger negative transits?

    Here is the translation.from Bing.

    I am referring to the Lunar revolution which Federer begins 1/9/2014, since the tournament ends 8/9/2014: there the Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio is among the 18 th Saturn and the 21 th of Mars. Not that feel me good :(but the lunar Sun (8 ° Virgo) he in conjunction to the Natal ascendant (11 ° Virgo), that can counter in favor.
    Note that the current Lunar revolution, remaining 7 days, which won Cincinnati and made final in Toronto, is excellent. You have the Moon in partil trigone Venus!)

    1. Juan is partly basing his predictions on the lunar return. There are different forms of prediction using astrology and that is one of them. What you’re hoping for is a common message/theme across all forms of astrological prediction which is actually quite rare. So you have to decide whether you think the positive aspects can outweigh the more challenging aspects. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  7. Here is the rest of what Juan was sayng.

    And Ferrer have the exact time, but having the transit of Jupiter in Trigon – 12 ° Aries Sun – consider it very positive.
    And the Lunar revolution of Wawrinka is fabulous. Jupiter moon trigone partil natal Sun – 7th Aries.
    A pleasure continue exchanging ideas of astrology with you Sally.
    Best, Juan Cruz.


    1. Here, Juan is saying that Wawrinka’s lunar return is better than Federer’s lunar return. I wouldn’t start with a lunar return when looking at prediction but I would consider it a further testimony. In this case, Federer’s lunar return is challenging because of the Mars/Saturn in Scorpio. I’m hoping that the powerful Jupiter aspects will overcome the more negative Scorpio themes. Time will tell…

  8. Thanks!!! Thanks!!!! Thanks!!!
    I love your predictions, especially when they show that Roger is winning.
    I love you!!!!
    Lili <3

  9. I don’t think Juan wants say that Roger will not win. He is only showing that in astrological view Ferrer, Raonic and Wawrinka also have a good opportunity to win. For me the first step to for Roger is the Semifinal against Ferrer. This will not be easy for sure. After this he could fight against Wawrinka for the title.

    1. Exactamente.

      Mis candidatos al titulo del US Open 2014 son:
      * Wawrinka: RL Jupiter trigono partil Sol radix -7º Aries-.
      * Raonic: Jupiter retornando a su posición natal -12º Leo-.
      * Ferrer: Jupiter transitando en trigono a su Sol -12º Aries-.
      * Federer: Jupiter transitando sobre Mercurio natal -13º Leo- y yendo hacia su Sol -15º Leo-.

      1. These are the four that Juan is predicting to have a good chance in the tournament because of the astrology: Federer, Wawrinka, Raonic, Ferrer, all based on Jupiter transits. Thanks Juan!

  10. Hi,
    Please watch the first round match for top 8 players and their progression until fourth round.To win the player needs to take 3 sets,Even smaller palyer can kick out big four in big tournaments,Good example is in Wimbledon rafa loss to Nick,Last year US open fedrer loss to tommy.Novak is not in form and he has heavy tough draw then fedrer.Hi tennis fan pray for the other than big three……………..
    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

    1. Well, the astrology is no news rather than bad news for Novak, i.e. he’s not being picked out this time as one to watch astrologically. We shall see… best, Sally

  11. Hiya

    I dont understand what Juan Cruz trying to say about Roger on another website.

    Here is translated version

    Yyu that night you wait for Roger today. The letter
     eventually is very favorable to the VII: Sun
     angular in the VII and the Moon
     applying to the Regent
     IV VII.

    Why we’re so good level of Matosevic, see until it gives the Australian.

    Does not seem a good letter
     debut (26.8 – 19:19 HR) for Federer the only thing positive is the antiscia
     applying alregente
     the x.

    This shows how important that is the context for analyzing a letter

    Matosevic, a tennis player who is out of the top 50 facing the best in the history of tennis in the first round of a GS, had a letter
     favorable to him eventually. But it won him? For nothing. It reached him to make you a “good” party kicking Tush 13 games and taking it to a tie break to Federer. The only time that they had faced, had won Roger 6.1-6.1.

    And is not a minor aspect of the antiscia
     Jupiter – reg – X.

    Please explain you are trying to say Juan Cruz. It sounds like that Roger hasn’t got good astrology.

    Federer fan Tri

    1. I have to say that is not a good translation. Hard to understand what’s going on and I know astrology! Juan is a good astrologer by the way. It’s the translation that’s dodgy! Well, Federer beat Matosevic, didn’t he, so onwards and upwards… 🙂

  12. Hiya Sally.

    Thank u so so much for your comments. Juan astrology is abit confusing at least. I do pray that Jupiter will help Roger.

    Thank u again Sally.

    Tri Federer fan

  13. Hiya Sally.

    Juan is very good. It is nice to see different type of astrology on this site. I do appreciate u and others who posts on here.

    Keep up the good work.guys.


  14. Hola a todos.

    Exactamente Sally, será una guerra entre Marte-Saturno(Revolución Lunar negativa y transito de Saturno sobre Luna 20º Escorpio de Federer) vs Jupiter en transito en conjunción a los 13º Leo Mercurio y 15º Sol. Ojalá triunfe Jupiter!

    Por otra parte, para predecir un ganador, tambien utilizo las cartas con la que iniciaron en el torneo:
    Murray 25.8 – 12:27hs

    Tsonga 25.8 – 13:52hs

    Wawrinka 25.8 – 17hs

    Raonic – 25.8 – 17.20hs

    Nishikori 26.8 – 11.12hs

    Ferrer 26.8 – 15.47 hs

    Federer 26.8 – 19.12hs

    Respecto a esto, a mi entender, Raonic y Wawrinka tienen muy buenas carta debut. Pero la Luna está combusta y opuesta a Neptuno!
    En la carta de inicio de Roger en el US Open 2014(26.8-19.12hs): Saturno -regente I- en Casa VIII, no me parece bueno. Pero la Luna está angular en Casa VII aplicando a su dispositor=Mercurio=Regente natal de Federer. Y Federer debutó con la Luna a los 18º de Virgo conjunta a su Venus natal 17º de Virgo. Eso parece ser alentador.

    Creo que ésto tiene final incierto y abierto, deseo que alcance para que Federer pueda ganar su 18 GS!!


  15. Juan, every day you come up with new facts against Roger. It is difficult to unterstand what you really mean. Maybe it is because of the bad translation but there are always arguments which are pro and contra Federer.

    I know that they are always Pro’s and Cons but could you make a summary like Sally did? After all your reflections: who will win the US Open in your opinion. Wawrinka, Raonic, Roger or Ferrer?

  16. Hola Juan,

    Thank u for the summary. You are giving us interesting info here. We are struggling to understand what u are trying to say here. We do appreciate your comments and I know you are a Federer fan. You love Roger as most on here do. So, we are wondering who will win.USO.

    We are hoping that Roger will win. Murray won USO with not so good transit bavk in.2012.


  17. Hi,
    This is great chance for fedrer to win one more grand slam,His main rival nadal is out from the tournament and we know nadal made a big damage in fedrer carrier and fedrer loss six grand slam finals against nadal,Djokovic will loss his energy when he reach to final.fedrer has good chance to face journey player to win tournament once again.If not fed fans don’t fed up with sally prediction.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

  18. Hi C. Brown.

    We as Federer fans are so grateful for Sally putting up the predictions for all of us. Some like to argue and some want the best for their idol. I will never be bored of Sally predictions as I love astrology as I find it interesting. I hope Sally continue doing this for us fans of all players


  19. Hi Sally,

    I remember that you were not going to do any prediction for USO2014. Just came to check whether you changed your mind and good to see that you have put up your prediction.

    I hope you get 4 of 4 right.

  20. Hi Phani,

    He will be chuked out by tsonga or murrray or wawarinka or new guy,Djoker know his limit in this tournament,He wanted to retain some atp points in this tournament and there is nothing more to think about djokovic.But fedrer has a easy path,If Stan beat Nick in upcoming match both djokovic and fedrer must neel down and pray to jesus.

    Note : Sally does not have accurate dob for stan.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

  21. Hiya C .Brown

    I am getting the impression that you don’t like Roger at all. Roger got better astrology than Djokovic.

    Why don’t u like Roger?


    1. Please don’t squabble in the comments. We all have our favourites and there doesn’t even need to be a rational explanation… best, Sally

  22. Hi Sally,

    Do you predict Rafa getting back healthy and getting back to form and winning more slams? Mainly the AO 2015 to get that double career slam – only player to do so


    1. I don’t look ahead to the next year but as I said in the US Open blog post, his astrology picks up quickly with Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven shouting success next month but too late for the US Open. 🙂

  23. Hi Fed fan,

    U r correct,He is a role model for all people in the wrold.In this age 33 he register a great win in american hard court touranament and gods grace he has a easy path……….I will pray for that you and sally will win.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

  24. Hiya Sally.

    This is what Juan Cruz friend said who.he thinks going to win USO. He said Wawrinka as he got the best astrology. I am sad that it is not going Roger.

    Here what he said:

    Esta dificil. La semifinal de abajo va a ser Federer-Ferrer.

    Si la carta
     natal de Wawrinka es verdadera (11:05 am) va a ganar el US Open. Si natalmente Júpiter
     le rige el MC, y tiene al Sol
    presente en el MC, y en la revolución lunar
     actual tiene un trigono
     exacto de Júpiter
     al Sol
    , mejor imposible.

    Confío en que esa hora de su carta
     vale, y es la correcta, y lo mantengo como mi candidato.

    1. This prediction is based predominantly on the lunar return. Not enough in my personal opinion but I may be wrong and time will tell. I’m still backing Roger! 🙂

  25. Hi Sally,
    With the latest info on Stan’s birth time, are you going to revise your prediction?
    or are you still sticking with RF?

    1. Hi Mike, still sticking with Roger. Wawrinka’s time is unconfirmed –

    3. I use Astrodatabank to confirm birth times and the source is unknown. Even with the time stated, Juan’s prediction is based largely on the lunar return which for me is a secondary prediction not a primary prediction. As I said in a previous comment, I may be wrong and Juan may be right. We shall find out soon enough. Hope that helps 🙂

  26. Thanks for your reply, Sally. Do you understand that Juan predicts something other than you? If I understand the translation right, he does not so.

    1. I don’t know. Are his predictions usually correct? What’s his accuracy rate? That’s the way to base it. Sounds good if I made the same prediction. If you have a link, it would be really helpful as it may say what he based the astrology on. Thank u. best, Sally

      1. I have been following Lobo’s predictions and it seems they have a good hit ratio. He predicted a sensational 2013 for Nadal. He predicted Nadal to win the FO this year, very little between roger and Novak in the wimby final.

        So I believe he can be trusted. He has predicted Nadal career to end in 2015 and overall 20 slams for roger which we have to see if it happens.

  27. Hola a todos. Lamento no poder hablar ingles para que me puedan entender.

    *Sally sostiene que Federer será el campeon.
    *Mi amigo astrólogo del “” proclama campeón a Wawrinka.
    *Yo, no me puedo definir. Está muy dificil predecir el campeon. Porque hay testimonios muy buenos para muchos jugadores, no sólo para Wawrinka.
    También para Raonic (Jupiter retorna a su posición Natal). Ferrer (Jupiter en transito trigono a su Sol natal 12º Leo). Y Federer que está apoyado también por Jupiter y por Urano pero tiene en contra a Marte y Saturno.

    Y hubo alguien que me preguntó por Djokovic. No lo veo con buena astrología, pero inició en el torneo con una carta muy buena 25.8.2014 22.15hs. Luna trigono antiscia Venus -regente Asc-.

    Por eso no puedo decir “el campeón es…”. Sólo resta disfrutar y esperar de este apasionante 2014 sumamente abierto en lo tenistico y en lo astrologico.

    Gracias Sally por dejar que pueda dar otro análisis astrológico.

    Saludos, Juan Cruz.

    1. Thanks, Juan. It’s ‘astrodestino’ who’s predicting Wawrinka to win. As Juan says, we shall find out soon enough. Juan likes the astrology for Federer, Ferrer, Raonic and Wawrinka, not necessarily Djokovic, although apparently he began the tournament under good stars. Hope that helps you all with the translation. best, Sally

  28. Lobo says that it is possible for Roger to win 20 majors. The operative word here is possible. He didn’t guarantee; so it is also not possible for Roger to win 20 slams.
    The recent predictions he failed :-
    1) Argentina to win the World Cup despite 50% chance of getting it right.
    2) Roger to win Wimby 2014 instead of Novak.

  29. Hi Mike, Sorry he did not predict Fed to beat Novak Wimbledon 2014. He thought it would be close with Novak eventually winning.

    But you are right he predicted Messi to shine in the World Cup Final so he clearly got that wrong!!

    Now you have the link to Greenstone Lobo , it would be interesting to get your thoughts Sally if you have the time!! But no worries if you don’t. You have been very clear with your prediction and now as you say, we wait and see!!

    1. I replied to a couple of other comments re. the prediction. Lobo seems to say the stars favour Roger but not a lot else in the article I read. If anything, he’s predicting someone new to shine and mentioned a few names. Those are my thoughts on it. best, Sally

  30. Hi Sally,

    I have so enjoyed your blog combining my two passions, tennis and astrology! Congratulations on your success in prediction! I have been studying astrology casually for some years, though I’m not a professional astrologer. I think it’s really hard to make accurate predictions in sports.

    Since I love beautiful tennis, I am of course a Federer fan. Isn’t it interesting that he has Venus, the planet of beauty, close to his Ascendant, for all to see?

    I am hopeful he can win this US Open, with his progressed Sun close to his Venus.

    I am a bit worried about transiting Neptune squaring his Midheaven career point during the tournament. Do you think this could deny him the trophy?

    Also, there’s a Full Moon the night of the final in his 7th house opposite his Venus. Could this bring the happiness to his opponent, assuming Roger is in the final?

    Thanks, and keep up the astrology+tennis, please!

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes, Neptune is square Federer’s Midheaven – will the dream of another Grand Slam remain elusive? It’s a definite question mark. However I think there’s enough positive astrology going on to propel him to glory. Jupiter now in his sign of Leo and homing in on his career ruler, Mercury. Plus as you say that glorious Sun progression to Venus. That’s active all year and the Full Moon close to the final also highlights this progression. Progressions tend to play out time-wise when you get a lunation or transit triggering the same point. That’s what happens with September’s Full Moon and the Sun (Leo’s ruling planetary body) is slap bang on the Venus. For me, that’s a win. I hope so 🙂

  31. It would be interesting to get a reading for nick kyrgios. I love this new kid on the block and curious to see if his stars are aligned. Thanks to sally for the great info!!

    1. Wasn’t he brilliant at Wimbledon? Yes, no time of birth for Nick Kyrgios. His birth date is April 27 1995 so he’s a Sun Taurus with Mars, the competitive planet, at 19 Leo. Jupiter is homing in on his Mars but it’s not there yet. Exact in October. Will be interesting to see how he plays. best, Sally

  32. Guys,

    I believe in astrology but you’re placing too much faith in it disregarding the player’s abilities. Ferrer has never beaten Federer in his lifetime and because somebody said he could be a threat you guys are worried. Astrology or not, it’s pretty hard for somebody who has never beaten a player to be doing it at a big stage.

    it’s like expecting Federer to beat Nadal in a grand slam. When he could not overcome Nadal in his prime, it will never happen now. Even the stars would agree with this. Because if there is a matchup between these 2 in a grand slam again, no astrologer would dare to pick Federer as the winner barring injury to Nadal. Just my 2 cents.

    1. hi Deepak, thanks for your comment and completely resonable. It’s what I say a lot in these comments that the astrology is one thing but you’ve got to also look at the reality as astrology/prediction is a mix of fate and free will. If someone’s been injured/lacking tennis experience/past their peak due to their age, all of these factors must be taken into account. Ferrer’s gone out even before he played Federer! best, Sally

  33. Another frightening news for all the Federer fans like I am. The “Sportastrologe” wrote on August 25 his astrological prediction for the US Open. He predicts that Monfils will have outstanding conditions during the tournament and he tips Monfils as winner. He also mention that Roger also have good chance to win, especially because his experience is that he always uses good astolrological conditions.

    So let’s hope that Federer is the final destination for Monfils and he will happy to reach the Quarters of the US Open for the first time.


    1. Thanks for sending the link. Haven’t looked at it all but hoorah, there’s a time of birth for Monfils. I can see where the prediction’s coming from as his Ascendant is 12 Leo and Jupiter is heading for it throughout the tournament. It will certainly bring him to attention but as it’s not connected with his career, I still back Federer.

    2. Hi Guys,

      very exciting page and US open prognosis Sally! And we are coming to very close results, Sally! I predicted Roger as winner based on Uranus Trine Sun. Aspects I see after I published my prognosis are Pluto Trine Ascendant and Neptun Square MC – both exact! I think the first matches of US open started about 11:10 (Player are preparing on the court). This will make a differences of 2 to 3 degrees. Monfils has also Venus conjunction Mercury during the Final. I also made Wimbledon prognosis where I saif that Kvitova has the strongest constellations (Jupiter Opposition Mars) and named Bouchard as one of three possible contrahents. I predicted for Wimbledon Djokovic as winner and Raonic as finalist. At the end Raonic made it to the semi finals. There also some other prognosis which may be interesting (Germany definitely going to WC Final; before Netherlands-Costa Rica that there will be penalty shootout and Krul will be the hero for Netherlands e.g.). Hope so that we can support us vice versa. (Sports) Astrology deserves more attention:-)

      Kind regards, Jannis

      1. Thanks for your comment, Jannis, and I’ve just checked out your site. A very impressive amount of information. I love some of the translation from German-English. It called Djokovic a ‘hottie’, I presume they mean ‘favourite’. That’s a funny translation, by the way!
        Yes, hoping Federer beats Monfils and if it is a Federer-Djokovic final, I can’t bear it if Federer loses again! Djokovic has to let him win… 🙂 best, Sally

  34. Sally,
    Any prediction on Novak vs Andy match?
    I think Andy can pull off an upset because Novak has peaked in the earlier round.

  35. @Pitsch — No where in that article , it has been mentioned that Monfils has a chance…

    As per his prediction,
    My prediction:

    Semi Finals:
    Tsonga (9) – Kyrgios (unset)
    Lopez (31) – Federer (2)

    Tsonga – Federer

    Winner: Roger Federer””……

    Regarding Monfils , he writes ”
    Monfils Has interesting things:
    – A SR with Sol-like mercury in your natal chart
    – Natal Mars as ruler of MH in the Sun’s sign, Leo
    -AND jupiter transiting its ASC as you mention.
    The question is: will be enough to win a GS?
    On the otherhand It has negative:
    -in the SR mars lord of Their natal MH is dissonant to the Saturn solar
    -Neptuno Is Opposed to its sun, that’s not good for the ego shine.”

    1. Well, that’s not happening although I think Djokovic will beat Nishikori in the semi-finals. (that’s not an astrology prediction either, just from a tennis fan!)

    2. Hi,

      there seems to be a bit confusion about my prognosis.

      The comment concerning was not my comment, it is from Maxi, an Argentinian astrologer!

      My prediction where the semi finals and the final posted by Samarjeet. But I added that Monfils is the most interesting player in tournament for me. So I have chosen the title “Will Federer win his 6th title or will Monfils made a sensation?” You can say it that way: Federer is my favourite, but if he is not the winner, Monfils has the best chance in my eyes. So, I hope for Monfils because I made a bet on him for odds 1:150. That’s the only reason. In general I prefer Federer. But as I will have Mercury Square Saturn this night, it seems that the big win will stay an illusion for me… Federer also gets Moon Trine Venus at the end of the match and at the end of the semi final (night session) exactly Mercury conjunction Jupiter! Other things (Uranus trine Sun, Neptun Square MC, Pluto Trine AC) were already mentioned.

      The Djokovic-Raonic prognosis (Djokovic as winner) wasmy prognosis for Wimbledon! Can also be find on my blog.

  36. Hola.

    Estará confirmada esa hora de Monfils con Asc Leo?

    Voy a analizar la carta del evento. Mañana Monfils vs Federer, no antes de las 20 hs New York:

    La carta será Casa I Aries vs Casa VII Libra.
    Federer de negro es la Casa I = Marte y Saturno.
    Monfils = Casa VII = Venus y Luna.

    Luna aplica sextil Saturno -Federer-. Venus -Monfils- en grado 29, de perdida.

    Gana Federer!

  37. Wawrinka afuera!

    Mis 3 candidatos están out. Estoy feliz.

    Felicidades Sally, tu pronostico va bien encaminado.

    Ojala se cumpla!!


    1. Nishikor is playing well but he’s had some tough matches. He’s a Sun Capricorn with lots of Capricorn energy, the mountain goat. Will be a tough ask against Djokovic. Will Djokovic defy the astrology? We shall soon find out. Excited but please let it be Federer who wins 🙂

  38. Hi Sally,
    if Novak plays well against Kei, he would make it to the finals like last year. Do you find his performance in relation to his chart?

    Thanks 🙂

  39. Hi Sally, so glad to see you have made a prediction unfortunately you have picked Federer as favourite. I’m a a bit sad as I would love for Djokovic to win. Don’t get me wrong I am a great fan of Roger I would just like to see Djokovic win as he’s had some tough losses. Any luck in his progessed chart? He is having a baby so something big is going on there. On a side note it’s good to see Monfils in the mix and maturing as a player.

    1. Excuses me Shelly Roger had awful time last year. Roger deserve to win this than Djokovic. Djokovic got more years to win. I am surprised that you are Federer Fan. Support Roger. Roger deserves to win. Djokovic got plenty of years left to try.

      1. Djokovic already got a Grand Slam this year. It is Roger turn Shelley I dont want to upset anyone here. It annoys me when not true Federer fans like u cant support Roger. Sally I am sorry if I have upset someone here. Sad

    2. hi Shelley, my heart’s with Federer and I think it’s his turn after Djokovic’ Wimbledon win. I was delighted for Novak to win Wimbledon after a couple of years drought but my heart says it’s Federer’s turn now. Djokovic has Jupiter in his 7th house of relationships this year and Moon progressed conjunct Moon. The Moon rules his 7th house so there’s the marriage plus the Moon rules ‘motherhood’ and babies so emotionally a positive year for him. best, Sally

  40. Hi Sally,

    You are awesome on last year itself you said that fedrer has good sign from june 2014,Now he proves himself in Wimbledon and American hard court,Now he is 33 can he able to overcome the people like monfils,berdych,Djoker and also said rafa has good sign from October,How about djoker and murray astrology after this us open………………Both djoker and fedrer has tough drawn from today and you are taking heavy risk by pick the odd man fedex.My choice could be kei with berdych in final………..good knows the best.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your compliment 🙂 Berdych is out, it’s a Cilic/Federer semi-final now. Even Federer himself said he thought ‘this is it’ when he was down two match points in the 4th set against Monfils but he hung on in there. The lion roars! Haven’t looked ahead for Djokovic and Murray. Only commented on Nadal as he has super astrology late September/early October which hopefully means he has a good recovery from his injury. best, Sally

  41. Sally, isn’t Djokovic a hottie? 😉 I can’t judge about:-)

    By the way Monfils birth time should be confirmed. During his win against Raonic Mercury was exactly in Sextil (60°) to his early Leo moon. Concerning to Astrodatenbank it is BR. Obviously in France you can get the birth time from everyone you want… Nearly every French VIP or sportstar (nearly the whole National football team) is in Astrodatenbank or astrotheme.

    And concerning Federer: He has Jupiter conjunction Venus during Wimbledon final 2016. The last time it was in January 2004 in Melbourne when he won his first Grand Slam title and became the World’s number 1. I think he is looking forward to two more great years. Fantastic man!

    1. Hi Jannis

      Could u please tell us who will win USO? Will Roger win more GS?

      Thank u you for your comments. It is interesting.

      To Sally

      I hope I havent upset anyone here. Sorry for my frustration at some Federer’s fans.


      1. Thank you for commenting. It’s fine. I know these comments can become heated sometimes. Everyone is allowed their own opinion but I do like it when we all respect other peoples’ opinions too! best, Sally

    2. Yes, Monfils time is confirmed with Jupiter very close to his Leo Ascendant. He’s certainly made his name at the US Open playing so well. Interesting what you say about Federer. Can he keep playing so well until 2016? It’s possible I suppose as long as he can keep in peak fitness. Perhaps that’s why another astrologer predicts 20 Grand Slam wins for him. best, Sally

  42. Federer fan I have a right to express my opinion on who I would like to win. I like all of the top 4 Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray they all bring something different to the table. I don’t need to follow Federer blindly as he has a legion of fans giving him support.

  43. Sally, I appreciate you doing the astrological charts for the US OPEN. I will keep my favourite to win to myself–may the best man win!! Once again, thank you for your efforts.


  44. Sally , first of all Loads and Tons of Thanks to you….

    When Federer was facing two match points , i did not see the TV at all….rather i was looking at your prediction on my laptop and was wondering “How come Sally’s prediction can go wrong ??? ” …..and my believe on your prediction became the winner 🙂

  45. Federer salvó un partido increible!!!!!!

    Un sufrimiento.

    Efectivamente a Monfils lo ayudó Jupiter yendo hacia su ascendente.

    Allez Roger!!!

  46. Awesome display by Federer!! I could now remember when Novak was down 2 sets and 2 match points against Roger in 2011 US open semis and he found his way back to win the match as well as the championships.
    History will repeat itself but it is Federer who will be doing that this time!!! Go Roger !!!!!!! No. 18 in very much striking distance…..

  47. Man! That was a mighty scare for all Fed fans!

    We always knew Monfils was dangerous.

    Fedex did a great job by staging a comeback! This will add to his confidence tremendously 🙂

    What a crackers of a match!

    At the end I felt Monfils is like coke but Roger is fine vine 😉

    Sallyyyyy! Way to goooo!

  48. Hi Federer Fan,

    so, I just made a short view about the main aspects of the most important players during next two years. Of course, this just can not be seen as a sure bet…

    Australian Open 15:
    Federer with Venus Square MC and Moon Conjunction Mars during final; Djokovic with Moon Conjunction DC and Mercury Square Pluto – open end but very good chance for final for Roger! Murray may be in semi finals with Mars conjunction DC then. But question is Rafa Nadal. If he is born 18.23 (officially 18.20) he will have Jupiter conjunction MC. But from my feeling it will be the final Djoker-Federer. Women’s winner could be Kvitová.

    French Open 15:
    Rafas 10th title. Jupiter exactly conjunction Rafas MC! Other finalist may be Del ptro with Jupiter conjunction Venus (during Sei final?). Djokovic may be go out very early with Saturn opposition Sun. Jankovic will definetely go to Women’s final (very good odds 1:50 for win!). She has Mars Square Mercury and Opposition Uranus as well as Moon Conjunction Jupiter during final!

    Wimbledon 15:
    I Think, Murray can win the title. Moon conjunction MC exactly when final starts. Underdog prediction for Women: Alison Riske with Mars Conjunction Sun and Jupiter Trine Mars during final! But winner may be Radwanska with Jupiter opposition Mercury.

    US Open 15:
    Maybe again Murray in Final with Jupiter Square MC. But Federer very good chance to win with Venus conjunction Sun and Sonne Sextil Moon! Women’s winner may be Li Na with Jupiter opposition Sun.

    Australian Open 16:
    Did not find a men’s favourite. Women’s winner may be Lauren Davis or Eugenie Bouchard.

    French Open 16:
    Maybe end of Nadals unbelievable row of victories. He is very close to Saturn opposition sun. Jupiter conjunction Murrays Ascendant! But will he really win on Clay? Also maybe Jupiter Trine Ascendant of Djokovic. Federer has Monknot (Charma Point!?) Conjunction Venus during semi final. Bertens may go very far in the Women’s competition (semi finals) with Jupiter conjunction Jupiter.

    Wimbledon 16:
    Federer gets Jupiter conjunction Venus and Sun conjunction Mars on 5th July (probably 1/4-Finals). he should at least reach the semi finals! Kvitová with Jupiter Opposition Sun same say. Belinda Bencic and J. Jankovic may also go to semi finals. So she sould go the semi finals , too. Venus! Williams vould make a sensation with Jupiter Cnjunction Mars and go to final with 36 years!

    Olympics 16:
    Big favourite: Tomas Berdych with Jupiter conjunction Sun! Also Del Potro may have a chance with with Juputer conjunction Ascendant (I don’t have his birthtime but 6.34 seems very reasonable to me. Also Dimtrov with chance (Jupiter trine Sun).

    US Open 16:
    I think, Del Potro will made his second win with Jupiter conjunction Sun! Women’s favourites are Stephens (Jupiter Opposition Sun), Radwanska (Jupiter trine Jupiter semi finals), Lisicki (Jupiter conjunction Sun quarter finals) as wll as Polona Hercog (Jupiter Trine Sun and Mars).

    So, Roger definitely has the chance to win something more. Maybe I will publish a second year forecaston my blog end of the year.

    Regards, Jannis

    1. I am not sure if you can look that far. These planetary conjunctions probably come up even when the players are 50 years of age but that doesn’t mean that they are going to win tennis matches. You are also ignoring the future players that may emerge.

    2. Woah, extensive Jannis. I tend not to predict so far ahead because I take other factors into account alongside the astrology but I’m sure that is mighty helpful for those people who like to get a heads-up on future predictions. Most kind of you. 🙂

  49. Hiya Jannis

    Thank u so much for giving us interesting info. Roger stated that he wants to win Wimbledon.again. Do u think that Roger wil win Wimbledon again?

    Thank u


  50. Wow lots of analysis Jannis thanks for the sneak peek. Nice to know Murray could win Wimbledon again. Sally I just want to thank you for all of your marvellous predictions it has opened astrology up to wide variety of people and has brought other astrologers together.

    1. Thank you, Shelley. I was just thinking that fact actually and maybe that’s a good reason to continue the tennis blogs so sports astrologers and anyone who loves tennis can share their predictions. I shall bear it in mind. 🙂

  51. Hi sally,
    Defently roger wont make in to final,A New man will pick the US Open.Still u r not predicting about cilic he might be a roar lion in the semi final.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

    1. I just checked Cilic’s data – no birth time again – but nothing jumping out astrologically. Still hoping for a Federer win. 🙂

  52. Hiya C Brown

    You always write Roger off as u like Nadal. I know u hated Roger. Roger got good astrology. Roger is going to win USO. So please accept it for Federer fans.Please stop ruing happiness for Federer fans.

  53. El horario de comienzo del partido de Federer-Cilic no está definido. Si el de Djokovic vs Nishikori.

    Si yo estaría en su equipo le aconsejaría a Nishikori que vista de rojo o negro. Por qué?: en la carta eventual (06.09 12.10hs). Así quedaría regido por la Casa I = Marte muy fuerte: en Escorpio y angular en la I.
    El rival, de blanco o colores claros, es Venus y Jupiter interceptado.

    Ascendente en signo fijo, Luna en signo fijo, puede ser un partido que sea bastante largo.

  54. Dear Federer Fan,

    Please don’t waste your time responding to C.Brown, b’coz:

    1. Sally has requested not to squabble.
    2. C.Brown is entitled to his opinion.
    3. Roger Federer will win US Open 2014 :)) So why worry ? 😉


  55. Sally. as you wrote on some past posts (Wimbledon 2013) there are different birth dates of Djokovic. Maxi Be uses the Leo Asc Chart and predict Djoker as winner. Another astrologer on the argentinian website wrote:

    “With a little common sense and analysis, it is easily verified that the letter Capricorn Asc Djokovic is wrong. That letter has Mars as ruler of the MC, and when Jupiter made him good aspects to that planet, we saw the Serbian won nothing. However when Jupiter made him good aspects to natal Venus, Djokovic won Grand Slams and reached the n1 in the ranking, and also when Saturn opposed him, he had this performance drop in 2013. The letter uses Djokovic is the first that came, Leo rising, Venus in the MC.”

    Sorry for the bad google translation but you use that too and you wrote that you like it.

    So, my question is: Is that such relevant that your prediction could change too? Have you looked on both?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am aware there are two charts for Djokovic. The Capricorn Ascendant has recently been confirmed by astrodatabank and they are incredibly thorough in their research. The time is from his birth certificate. best, Sally

  56. Hiya Sally.

    How come Djokovic is playing very well eventhough his astrology isnt good? Is Rogerastrology better than Djokovic? Djokovic is very lucky and has not been tested.

    1. Djokovic is a brilliant player and at peak fitness. His tennis ability shows in his natal chart so that’s not going to go away just because the planets aren’t aligning at a specific time. When they do align, they call forth the potential from the natal chart. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  57. Sathiamoorthy (Sathya)

    And Juan Congrats. I think Nishikori read your advise and he was wearing red color T Shirt and took the first set and lead. Later he changed to white and win

  58. Genial Sally!! Ahora Allez Roger!!

    Esto dije sobre Djokovic vs Nishikori en base a la carta eventual:
    “El horario de comienzo del partido de Federer-Cilic no está definido. Si el de Djokovic vs Nishikori.

    Si yo estaría en su equipo le aconsejaría a Nishikori que vista de rojo o negro. Por qué?: en la carta eventual (06.09 12.10hs). Así quedaría regido por la Casa I = Marte muy fuerte: en Escorpio y angular en la I.
    El rival, de blanco o colores claros, es Venus y Jupiter interceptado.

    Ascendente en signo fijo, Luna en signo fijo, puede ser un partido que sea bastante largo.”

    Nishikori salió a jugar el partido con camiseta roja y lo eliminó!! 6.4 – 1.6 – 7.6 – 6.3 en 3 horas de partido.

  59. Sally, use my input maybe for a possibly next prediction. This time the bogey opponent Nishikori. I don’t if this are good news for Roger.

  60. Djokovic has been knocked out by Nishikori. So glad that way he doesn’t have to lose another final. You are one brilliant astrologer Sally. Federer has a free road now. He always wins when he’s in a final against someone who is there for the first time, the only exception was Del Potro.

    1. No body has free road, today it shows that both Novak and Roger took things for granted and looked beyond semifinals and we all saw what happened.

      1. Well, I’m not sure they took things for granted but they didn’t play at their best and were both beaten. Maybe they did both have their eye on the trophy, who knows?! Thanks for your comment.

    2. Not such a brilliant astrologer now Federer has lost too, Shelley – lol! Gutted for him – he had a free path to the title in my opinion and couldn’t take it. Sad for the Fed! 🙁

  61. Well, there’s the end of Federer. So sorry that your prediction did not come true Sally! Am a huge fan of Federer and I really am heartbroken. I think this was the last great chance for him to win a GS.

    1. Time will tell, Deepak. He did have brilliant stars this time around but couldn’t complete what he started. He has had a fantastic year of tennis and I’m sure there’s more to come. That 18th Grand Slam title is eluding him… 🙁

  62. Well I guess it wasn’t Roger’s year this year. Devastated by this loss but I really thought with all of the astrology being so good for him during this period, it meant Grand Slam success but I guess it’s wan’t meant to be. Hopefully he can at least win the Davis Cup for Switzerland.

    1. Lisa, he has had an amazing year playing much better tennis a lot of the time than last year so back on form but just can’t grab that elusive Grand Slam title.

  63. WOW I did not see that coming! A final with no top 3s! I was sure Federer was back! I’m going to put my money on Nishikori now.

    1. hi Emely, yes Nishikori seems to be the favourite. A lovely article on Nishikori by Paul Saunders of Solaris Astrology who I rate. Shelley posted the link in her comment. Worth a read.

    1. hi Shelley, thanks for posting the link from Paul. He’s a great astrologer. It’s really interesting astrology that’s playing out for Nishikori right now and heavy planets that are picking out his natal chart, e.g. Pluto conjunct his natal Neptune and Saturn conjunct his natal Pluto. Not classic astrology for a roaring success but Nishikori does have quite a remarkable chart with a six-planet stellium in Capricorn so Saturn is his friend. As you say, no birth-times for either Nishikori or Cilic so harder to make a clear prediction. best, Sally

  64. Sathiamoorthy (Sathya)

    Hi Sally, thanks for the prediction. You were right in predicting Federer had better astrology. In the end some one outside had much better stars. Yet, ut was very nuce to follow what astrology indicates for these star players.

    Please cintinue your prediction as they makr inteesting read about astrology in sports and we are keenly reading your notes.

    On a side note, I am happy that mens tennis is opened up and this year we have two champions outside Fab four. Good for tennis.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I agree that it’s good for tennis with new players making waves. Whether they have the staying power of Federer, Nadal & Djokovic, we will have to wait and see. It is going to make predicting winners harder in future as so many of the mens’ charts lack birth times but it would be good to continue posting articles on the Grand Slams to act as a forum. best, Sally

  65. Sathiamoorthy (Sathya)

    Hi Sally, thanks for the prediction. You were right in predicting Federer had better astrology. In the end some one outside had much better stars. Yet, it was very nice to follow what astrology indicates for these star players.

    Please continue your prediction as they make interesting read about astrology in sports and we are keenly reading your notes.

    On a side note, I am happy that mens tennis is opened up and this year we have two champions outside Fab four. Good for tennis.

    1. No birth times for either him or Cilic but Nishikori has the most remarkable chart of the two. Plus, the chart of the final has a Capricorn Ascendant and Saturn conjunct the MC and Nishikori has a 6 planet stellium in Capricorn in his own chart so he’s a Capricorn/Saturn type through and through. You’ve got to like him to win. best, Sally

  66. Ok so no Fed or Djoko..I think Nishi will take this.

    BTW Sally you say Rafa got great starts from Oct..till when does it last , can you please tell?

    Jannis – You may please give your opinion on Rafa too..any chance he can reach 17 and beyond? Why did you say Rafa was question for AO. I want him to win AO 15 very badly to get his double career slam and make history

  67. Sally,

    Thanks for your predictions. Can you please tell us what really went wrong with Federer? Your predictions are pretty spot on but federer was not even in the game. He was blown away. Was there something very negative in his horoscope that made him loose this badly? Does he have anything left now that he has lost 2 golden opportunities?


    1. Thank you for your comment. Federer still has brilliant stars throughout the year so no reason why he can’t continue to play well and he has had a stunning year both professionally and personally. From what I hear, he didn’t play well against Cilic so maybe he was feeling deflated. It’s hard to know what goes on behind the scenes and at the same time as him having lovely Jupiter transits & some stunning progressions this year, he does have Saturn lingering around his Moon. I hoped this wouldn’t affect his chances for the US Open as the Saturn was a few degrees away from the Moon. At the start of the year, he seemed to lack confidence in his playing and that was when Saturn was conjunct the Moon. It will return there again in October 2014 so it looks as if he will have to battle with his inner demons to some extent. It’s a shame because I did think with Jupiter so close to his Sun/Mercury right now, he could grab that elusive 18th Grand Slam title. Not to be. Jupiter will still be conjunct his Sun/Mercury Leo next year but the older he gets, I suspect the harder it will become to win tournaments – it’s gruelling physically to play so many top matches every two days. Time will tell… best, Sally

  68. Hiya Sally

    It is a shame that your prediction didn’t come true. Well Federer fans who was at the match said that Roger looked very tired at his match. I am wondering the night sessions took toll on him.

    Sally you said this year would be good for Roger willnext year be as good as this year?

    I am.annoyed with the stars as they have helped Sernea Williams win her 18th but not Roger.

    I am hoping that the solar eclipes wpuld help.Roger next year?


    1. Eclipses aren’t usually helpful, in fact the opposite. I will hopefully look at Roger’s chart again next year along with all the rest. best, Sally

    1. Don’t know without a full analysis. I just saw that Jupiter was back on his side so predicted this as a speedy recovery from his injury 🙂

  69. Hi Sally,
    I wont say sally went wrong,Fedex played well in semi final he played his best but in the opponent cilic played extraordinary tennis and fedex did not withstand the ace pressure by cilic,I already said sally must have cilic astrology for semi final match and fedex is drop in semi,on the other hand djokovic wanted to reatain some atp points and there is no more role for djokovic in this US the final also cilic will over come nishikori,
    Astrology spoils many people life,Good example is most of the Indian girls were not married because of the poor astrologers predicts their life,Indain astrologers are uneducated and they invent astrology and not having enough knowledge in the subject but had heavy money in ther bank,Astrology is not a science either.Indian astrologers should through their astrology books in to the dust bin and stop corrupting the people in the world.
    Sally if im went wrong please correct me.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

  70. As Sally had noted , the chart of the Men’s Final
    has the Ascendant at Capricorn, where
    Nishikori’s stellium is, and Saturn at the MC.

    Furthermore, asteroid ”Matsue”, Nishikori’s birthplace,
    is virtually exactly opposite Saturn, at the IC.

    So it looks very likely that Nishikori will take the Cup, as
    both Sally and Paul Sanders has predicted.

  71. Finalmente triunfaron los aspectos negativos: la mala Revolución Lunar con la Luna sitiada entre maleficos (Marte y Saturno), Saturno yendo a la conjunción con su Luna natal, y algo no menor que era: Neptuno cuadratura a su MC = decepción.

    Jupiter le permitió llegar tan lejos, haciendo su mejor performance en New York desde 2009. Pero no alcanzó.

    Sally, además, Roger tiene en su nueva Revolución Solar la cuadratura Sol-Saturno por lo que creo que ese era el gran impedimento para que gane un nuevo GS bajo esa Solar.

    Que tristeza. Federista for ever and ever.


  72. Hola Juan Cruz

    Could u please, will Roger win more GS?

    Do u mean the Solar thing in Roger chart is good or bad?

    I.dont really understand what u are trying to say here?

    Sally could u please will 2015 be good as this year? I cant bear anymore bad news for our Roger. Thank u so mu for your time and energy.


    Thank u too


    1. Hola Tri. Malas noticias? Es un año glorioso para Roger. Tiene 33 años!! Y está jugando un tenis fenomenal y ganando titulos!! Mientras otros estan lesionados, caen en rondas tempranas y se alejan de los puestos de vanguardia, el Maestro Suizo está Nº3 del mundo con 3 titulos en esta temporada, 1 final de GS y 2 Semis finales. Malas noticias? En lo absoluto. Todo lo contrario.

      Aun puede ganar mucho, se viene la temporada indoor-hard donde es muy bueno y queda la Copa Davis. Ojala pueda ganarla, sería un gran logro.

      La Revolución Solar que abarca Agosto 2014-Agosto 2015 no me parece buena: por la cuadratura Saturno hacia Sol y Mercurio. Para mi, Roger no ganará un GS bajo esta solar. Pero seguirá mostrando un gran tenis por: Mercurio RS (15º Leo) conjunto Sol natal (15º Leo).

      La Revolución Solar Agosto 2015-Agosto 2016 es bastante mejor, con Mercurio exaltado conjunto a la estrella Regulus. Aunque parezca muy dificil, el genio del tenis podría ganar algunos grandes titulos.

      Ahora hablando como fanatico de Federer, no debemos esperar un GS18. Debemos disfrutar y apreciar que siga jugando!! Federer ya está en el Olimpo de los Dioses, un GS más no modifica nada.


      1. This one I understand and you’re saying that you don’t especially like Roger’s Solar Return for 2014/2015 but you do like his Solar Return for 2015/2016. Saturn has been a hindrance for him to be fair as I think it was Saturn that spoilt the Leo party this time round being too close to his Moon 🙁

  73. It looks as though Cilic is going to win ,

    The Year of the Horse is actually not in favor
    of Snakes (Nishikori), while it is usually auspicious
    for Dragons (Cilic).

    The enormous pressure of all of Asia’s hopes on
    him, along with the lethargy from 14 games to
    Cilic’s relatively easy 9 in the last 3 matches, is
    too much even for a mentally strong man like
    Nishikori to bear.

    1. Agreed. I feel sorry for Nishikori and Japan. Wouldn’t that have been an amazing win. Congrats to Cilic though. No disrespect to him 🙂

  74. Cilic campeon del US Open 2014.

    Miremos su RS que va desde Octubre 2013-Octubre 2014:

    Algo grande se traia. Miren la Luna en conjunción partil a Jupiter exaltado!! Y encima se separa de él y aplica en trigono a Venus. Terrible la Luna sitiada entre beneficos. Creo que si no hubiera sido por la cuadratura Venus-Marte hubiese ganado mucho más.

    Pero me parece que no volverá a ganar otro GS en el próximo año, porque en la RS que comienza pronto le queda Marte en oposición partil a su Sol.

    1. Corrijo lo último “Pero me parece que no volverá a ganar otro GS en el próximo año, porque en la RS que comienza pronto le queda Marte en oposición partil a su Sol”. Había mirado rapido y mal, en la próxima Revolución Solar NO tiene Marte opuesto al Sol. No hay que descartarlo a Cilic para futuros GS.


    2. Juan, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I do not understand the astrology here so it’s hard for me to reply to it. Are you looking at a return chart? best, Sally

  75. For those of us who need a translation:

    Cilic US Open champion of 2014 .

    Look your RS ranging from October 2013 -October 2014:
    http://carta –

    Was bringing something big . Look partil Moon conjunct Jupiter exalted !! And on top of it is removed and applied in trine to Venus. Terrible Moon besieged between beneficial . I think if it were not for the squaring Venus – Mars had won more.

    But I think that he will not win another GS in the next year , because the RS is starting soon partil Mars in opposition to his Sun .

  76. Reply
    I correct the last ” But I think that he will not win another GS in the next year , because the RS is starting soon partil Mars in opposition to his Sun .” He had looked fast and wrong, in the next Solar Revolution is NOT Mars opposite the Sun . Not to dismiss for GS Cilic future .


  77. *Translation above from Juan Cruz. Cllic winning was a huge surprise for us all but don’t be disheartened Sally no astrologer saw that coming. One thing I noticed is Roger has transiting Neptune square Midheaven. Astrologer Noel Tyl calls this alignment a period of ego wipeout. Actually both he and Murray are experiencing this as their Midheavens are both in Gemini around the same degree. As we know Neptune can make it difficult to get a grasp on things. I think the golden era of tennis 2004-2014 is coming to an end. Both Djokovic and Murray will begin their Saturn returns next year and Nadal is in the early days of his. When Roger had his Saturn return he went through a GS drought. It’s not a bad thing as it gives other players a chance to win. But the domination we have known is fading. Keep up the good work Sally and I’ll look for you at the Australian open. Love from your devoted fan.

    1. Just realised this is your astrology, Shelley. I’ve been working my way through the comments. Agreed. Neptune square the Midheaven and Saturn closing in on the Moon spoilt the Federer Leo party 🙁 Sad face… I agree also that the golden era of tennis is changing. It might be interesting to take a look at the chart for the first Grand Slam match (does anyone know the date/time/place?) to see what it says. I was looking at Roger’s chart again and I am truly gutted for him. He has two amazing progressions this year, Jupiter progressed sextile Mercury and Sun progressed conjunct Venus. At the US Open, Jupiter was getting ever closer to his Mercury (exact Sept 17 2014) and the Full Moon fell on his Venus on the day of the final. This for me is classic astrology. The major progression is ‘highlighted’ by a transit or lunation and you can time when the potential of the progression will come to pass. Not to be however and perhaps for the reasons stated earlier. Anyways, he’s having a top year and for now we will have to be content with that. Thank you for your support. Till next year… best, Sally

  78. Hi sally,fed fan,sanju and all,
    Finaally cilic and nishikori break thru the big four.Cilic once again put a lot of ace pressure to kei,that’s all big four tennis has come to an end.This credits finally goes to Roanic,cilic and nishikori.
    Regarding Djokovic : he wont make any finals.
    Regarding Rafa : He will win two more French open any thing out side that will be gods gift,
    Regarding Murray : One more wimby
    Regarding roger : No comments.
    Here after a new face will win GS.Exception could be nadal.
    Regarding astrology : one can take astrology in a sportive way,don’t mix up with your personal life.Dont go to astrologers to predict your life they knew your weakness and know how to steal your hard earn money( especially to Indian astrologers).They are vedic frauds invent vedic book(they said vedic science).God know the best and he pic cilic today.
    God pic sally for to entertain us.
    Sally I love ur prediction for Australian open 2015.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

    1. Slightly confused by your comment but I do think the Grand Slams will have new faces coming along now to win the tournament and rightly so. Hope to keep this tennis form going in 2015. best, Sally

  79. Hi Guys,

    I was a little upset after Roger went out. That’s absolutely no good commercial for all astrologers who predicted wrong. Neptun Square MC seems to be the negative factor for Roger, but he had Mercury Conjunction Jupiter after the Semi Finals! Was he happy to go home two days earlier? I Don’t think so. And what about Uranus trine Sun? Indeed, Nishikori and Cilic have no clear transits without the birthtime. Normally there should be at least one strong aspect to a planet, I think so, not only to AC and MC. I am a bit confused.

    My two year prediction may not be sure since there are new players a.s.o. But I think new strong players who may win a trophy within the next two years should be “on the radar” yet. I have many players checked including upcoming stars like Raonic. And there are some aspects like Jupiter conjunction Sun concerning Berdych in Olympics 2016 and Del Potro in US Open 2016 that are really strong and bothe players won’t be to old then.

    Concerning Nadal I wrote the following comment on my page: Yeah, I think, Rafael can win Shanghai. By the way, he is the born comebacker since he is Scorpio Rising. 2013 after his long injury is the best example. I also predicted his win in US Open 2013 when he already was injured. He had Jupiter conjunction Venus then. Rafa will win French Open 2015 definetely (probably against del Potro) but French Open 2015 could be very difficult for him when Saturn is Opposition to his Sun. A new injury or the end of his Roland Garros victories. The question concerning Australian Open 2015 is how exaxt the official birthtime of Rafa is. Is he born at 18.23 (instead of 18.20) the lucky aspect Jupiter conjunction MC will be exaxt at Australian Open. But it seems to me that 18.20 is exact. It gives him a bad aspect exactly before this US Open (Saturn Square MC) when he had to cancel the tournament.

    1. hi Jannis, I don’t worry about a ‘wrong’ prediction being bad for astrologers personally. I love astrological prediction and I do think it’s fascinating that you can make predictions on players using astrology that gives another perspective, an added depth of insight. It probably helps if you know some astrology to understand how accurate it can be and it will always appeal to some people but not to others. I also liked what Paul Saunders said on his Facebook page that astrology doesn’t show the physical size of a player and that against 6 foot 8 Cilic, ‘little’ Nishikori was always going to have an uphill battle, especially as he’d played much tougher matches in the tournament. That’s often the point I make with astrology that to use it well, it has to be in context. This is why I personally don’t try and predict way ahead for the tennis but prefer to look at what the astrology says just before each Grand Slam. Who knows, for example, what was going on in Federer’s life behind the scenes when he lost in the semi-final? We all know that our personal life affects our work/career and if there’s an upset at home, for example, this will affect your mood/how you feel. That’s hard to know from the astrology and Federer did have two unsettling aspects playing out alongside the Jupiter involving Saturn and Neptune. Thanks for all your input on this blog, Jannis, it’s much appreciated. best, Saally

  80. Another factor that may have been involved in Roger’s loss at this USO was his progressed Midheaven square his Saturn. It’s separating from exact, but still close to exact.

    So that’s an additional difficult factor involving career indications, along with the transiting Neptune square to his Midheaven.

    At next year’s USO, his nice progressed Sun conjunction to his Venus, past exact but still within one degree, will be lit up by a solar eclipse the day of the final! And no progressed Midheaven square Saturn or transiting Neptune square Midheaven to deal with. However, his progressed Midheaven will be almost exactly squaring his Jupiter. I’ve read that that’s a difficult progression involving the career. But could progressed Sun conjunct Venus lit up by the solar eclipse bring victory?

    I think this is why it’s so difficult to predict sports results. It seems there are always both good and difficult factors in effect for every player. Which will be stronger, the good or the difficult? And then, what factors does the opponent have in effect? Are they stronger? And for many of the younger guys, it’s hard to find time of birth posted anywhere.

    What do you think, Sally and others?

    By the way, I tip my hat to you, Sally, for your excellent success in predicting GS winners this year. Nobody can be right all the time. I so hope you will continue the astrological analysis of tennis! And please pick Roger for a title again next year, if the stars allow!!!

    1. The more you work with astrological prediction, the more you can see which transits/progressions tend to play out well but the key is always in the natal potential in the birth chart. Different for everyone and that’s the astrologer’s job to pick out what’s strongest in each player’s chart. I agree it’s not always easy and sometimes you have to use your intuition to decide what’s going to show most powerfully in a player’s life.

      Re. progressions, it depends which system you use to progress the angles and yours is different to mine as I don’t see the Midheaven progressed to either Saturn or Jupiter in Roger’s chart. In fact, the method I use (Solar Arc progression) shows Roger’s progressed Ascendant conjunct Saturn this year and moving on to conjunct Jupiter next year. Plus I tend to look at the progressed Sun as influencing 6 months before and 6 months after the exact event which would mean this progression would be active until next March/April.

      We learn through experience and part of the reason I love astrology is because there’s always something new to learn! Keep an open mind and heart and you won’t go far wrong. Thanks for all your comments this Grand Slam event. They’re much appreciated. best, Sally

      1. Thanks, Sally, for the excellent insights on astrology and prediction! I love astrology, too!

        I have been using secondary progressions. I’m pleased to hear that the Solar Arc progressions show Roger’s progressed Ascendant conjunct Jupiter next year. Sounds good!

  81. i think this is fascinating and interesting stuff.

    but to be honest, picking two out of four winners, like Nadal and Djokovic, the most winning of the fab four in recent years, is not such a result…
    Lots of tennis fans ignorant of astrology would have match that!

    it would be interesting to make women predictions too, women tennis doesn’t have less fans.

    1. Thanks for your comment and no, I didn’t censor it. I am only just replying to the comments from a couple of days ago and every new person who comments needs to be approved. In reply to what you say, I can see that you’re not impressed by the astrology and your second comment (which I have deleted) was sarcastic. But I disagree with what you say about the astrology not showing a result. It clearly has this year and before which is why these Grand Slam predictions are interesting to so many. Plus, a lot of the pundits don’t always get it right, in fact, invariably they get it wrong.

    3. Have a look at this article for an example. Out of 10 predictions, only 2 are correct and 1 is debatable. Astrology brings much better results than the pundits – fact.

      However, the astrology isn’t just about showing the winner. In fact I could write the articles without making such a prediction and they would still bring a new perspective and extra insight into the Grand Slam events. In most Grand Slam events of the last two years, the astrology has been super-helpful which is why I write the articles to share the astrology and create a forum for people who are interested in the astrology.

      I did start writing predictions for the women and agree that it’s very popular but as the astrology didn’t show clearly for the women’s tennis, I stopped the predictions. I hope my clarification helps. I will always do my best to answer peoples’ queries/comments as truthfully and as graciously as possible. best, Sally

  82. Hi guys, loving the astrology talk. I think once a birth time is discovered for Cillic some of the missing pieces of the puzzle will become clearer. I always say that the stars are always correct it’s just that we sometimes miss a bit of the information when we make a prediction. If predictive astrology were that easy there would be plenty of rich astrologers out there. The majority of astrologers are not rich or fraudsters they just have a burning desire to understand the world around them and want to help others do the same. Prediction is one of the hardest things to do because we are never quite sure how the energy will actualise. We can base our predictions on observation and patterns (this is the science bit) sometimes we get it right but every so often we get it wrong. I guess this is what you can call the free will bit. As for Roger on hindsight we can see that the more negative energies of Saturn and Neptune negatively attacking his MC won over the positive aspects. The difference being that his competition such as Cillic and Nishikori had better aspects than he in the long run. Novak as Sally rightly predicted was not in the final as his chart made no connections to the event chart. The eventual winner was Cillic but we are not exactly sure why as we are missing detailed information. This is why the work of astrobank is so important because it collects all of the birth times of celebs and people in the public eye – as it is very hard to make complete predictions without a correct birth time of a person, country etc. As for the future of tennis, I think we should look to Nick Kyrgios and that generation born around the mid nineties. Eugenie Bouchard included born in 94. There are a few of them coming onto the scene but it is still early days. I’m not impressed with the likes of Raonic or Dmitrov they are good players but are they champions? Dmitrov crumbled quite badly under the pressure. Already at 19 and 20 Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Federer were wining the Masters Events and beating the veterans. Nadal winning his first GS at 19. Next year will certainly be a cracker. I think after seeing Serena win her 18th GS there is hope for Federer. I think he will do it. He is of course a champion, the king of champions. He so often always gets the luck of the draw in GS Championships and fate is always on his side. Nadal also has this luck at the French open. So I don’t doubt that he will win again and I believe Djokovic will also win that elusive French open title before he retires. But I expect to see more shake ups with the grandslam winners in 2015 with a couple of th big ‘four’ winning more grandslams.

    1. Thanks, Shelley, for the excellent observations on the nature of astrology and prediction, as well as the future of tennis!

    2. Thanks Shelley. A lovely informative comment on astrology and how it works. Yes, without an accurate birth-time, it’s harder to make predictions or understand the outcome via an astrological perspective. As I mentioned in my Update on the US Open article which I added two days ago, Cilic’s Mercury was on the Ascendant of the chart of the tournament and he had his Venus return during the tournament, but neither factor would be enough to have an astrologer jumping up and down naming him the outright winner. For now it remains a mystery. Sometimes the astrology is only as good as the astrologer making the prediction lol and without birth times we are working in the dark. I love your forecast for the top players in 2015 and agree that some of the new kids on the block are about to make waves. Bring it on! Thank you for all your insights. Until next time… best, Sally

  83. Thanks All.

    Jannis/Saravanan- So are you saying no chance for Rafa to win AO 2015 and only FO for him here on? I mean a FO is always welcome but as a Rafa fan, if I am asked which GS I want the most for him, it will be AO 2015 to give him that title of only ‘double career slam holder’ which will be huge and unique and put him right up there if he is not already that is .

  84. Hi Sally,

    How about rafa in aus open 2015,Sanju your words will come true only if nadal holds good health on next new year, Here after roger,djokovic and murray are oddman for gs.All new players understand Big four tennis and they will Revert back to big four in next year,Rafa might be the exception.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

    1. it is the opposition of saturn and sun in his horoscope that is responsible for his injuries. saturn is coming to the 8th from his natal moon and opposing his natal saturn. this can result in more serious injuries and end of his career. but as per the sidereal zodiac and the vedic system of astrology his sun major period is getting over in october and moon major period is starting. this could well see him win the ao2015 and fo2015. we can only wait and see what will happen.

      1. Dear James Green, Thanks for your insight on Rafa, Can you kindly elaborate, Is Rafa’s Career on the verge with more injuries??

        How I wish your words ring true…I Hope Rafa wins AO 2015, It has eluded him so badly.. If He happens to win it he’ll be the only one to hold all Grandslams twice….
        Can you kindly doublecheck please????

        Kind Regards,

        1. dear ana the problem is that transits in nadals chart with reference to his natal moon and sun can give serious injury because his saturn is in the 8th from his natal moon and opposite his natal sun in his birth chart and saturn is returning to wwre he was at his birth. but instead of injury to himself it can affect his parents or his personal life due to which he has lot of mentai grief. but the main period of moon that starts in october can spell success in career as moon is the career planet and aspects the ascentant. if the transits of planets is favourable to nadal during ao and fo then he can definitely win both of them next year.

          1. Dear James Green, again thanks for taking your precious time to reply to my comment.

            My last question, So according to the transits you are seeing for him, do you think he will have a favorable AO & FO 2015 ??(Sorry the fan in me doesnt give up :)) )

            Thanks a bunch!

  85. Hi Saravanan,

    Isn’t Rafas health also tied down to his astrology and linked? Cant we see if Jan 2015 will be injury free period for him?


    1. You can’t say that! It disrespects other people who have the same configuration in their birth charts. A Grand Cross is always a challenge and some people wouldn’t include Chiron as it’s an asteroid not a planet but it can play out in different ways. He may be on a deeply spiritual path for all we know. Astrology must always be in context in my opinion. What we do know is that he’s already been involved in a doping scandal and there’s the Sun/Mars/Neptune T-square but he could also have been ‘duped’. Neptune rules gullibility/naivety as much as it rules drugs.

  86. Can’t write off Djokovic and Murray. They showed enough what they can bring to the game. They both represented their countries in best possible ways so far. And I believe, they are not going away in the years to come.

  87. Hi Tham,

    Please dont write ugly words………it just a sports…….Sally gives a prediction in GS and you have all rights to give your opinion in this blog in decent way………..Cilic will be upcoming player……he will do the wonders in future.Especially to djokovic,Djokovic wont tolerate the ace presure by cilic in future.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown.

  88. Well, Saravanan, if you consider that ‘ugly words”, then
    you are just too sensitive when astrology reveals the truth.

    I guess you are probably just familar only with Vedic astrology.

    Do some research into Western astrology, particularly with
    asteroids, and drug addiction, and you will open up your eyes.

    I have seen that Mars-Neptune square in drug users time and again.

    Add in Chiron, and that reinforces it.

  89. Sally, Mars-Neptune-Chiron squares or oppositions have been
    noted many times in drug users.

    I analysed his chart carefully, with asteroids, and it is
    quite starkly revealing.

  90. Tham, Cillic hasn’t been caught doping since winning so he is clean. If I remember rightly his case of doping was an odd one as it had to do with a stimulant given to him naively. (Neptune) His sentence was reduced because he could prove this to be fact. Victor Troicki who was found guilty at the same time couldn’t get his sentence reduced as his was more suspicious. But Cillic has been working with Goran and this has made all the difference in my opinion. Cillic used to lack confidence and fight but he always had talent. Of course drug use in tennis exists. Andre Agassi recently revealed his problems in his autobigiography and admitted he had beat the drug testers on occasion. Richard Gasquet was caught a few years back and it badly affected his career. People have to overcome their astrology so it depends on the individual and how they handle their faults. Chiron can be harsh but it can also be a great healer when it is making a positive aspect like Trine or conjunction.

  91. Dear Ana as per the transit of jupiter he is a very strong contender for ao and fo 2015. a clearer picture will emerge once the chart is cast for start of the tournaments which data is not available now.

  92. Wow! Now who would have believed a few months ago that Roger would take over #2 from Nadal and challenge for #1. His win over Djokovic in Shanghai SF was so impressive and then to win the whole thing….I am awe struck!

    1. I know, Deidre! Jupiter in Leo seems to be a very good thing for our Mr Federer… let’s see if he can keep the momentum going throughout the first half of 2015 🙂

          1. hi sally thanks for your reply. if the time of birth is 18.25 then nadal is a sure bet for ao2015 if it is 18.17.30 then nadal is not so sure of winning ao2015.

          2. Interesting. I’m not sure what you mean by 18.17.30 to be honest. Do you mean 17 1/2 minutes past? best, Sally

  93. hi sally i meant 17 and half minutes past 18.00 hrs. there should always be a link between the ascendent degree and the birth constellation and also the ascendent degree should show whether it is a male or female birth.(as per vedic astrology)in case of djokovic fererer murray and wawrinka whose time of birth igot from you the conditations are fulfilled.but in case of nadal the time 18.20 does not tally with the above conditions and the nearest time that tallies is 18.17.30 or 18.25. if by retro astrology you can arrive at which of the two is correct i will be very grateful.thanks very much

  94. From Greenstone Lobo

    Rafael Nadal will struggle to win majors

    Rafael Nadal’s horoscope is second only to that of Roger Federer. The Spaniard has Planet ‘Z’ in deep exaltation in his third house that rules arms. But there is a minor blemish, though. Sun, the planet that rules the body and vitality, is in his eighth house of distress. That’s why Nadal has suffered so many injuries.

    Since 2011, Saturn has stayed in the first house of personality for Nadal. While this phase was inimical for most other players, it was extremely beneficial for Nadal. Saturn helped him overcome his injuries and make a huge comeback. However, this phase will end soon. In other words, Nadal would find it more and more difficult to win Grand Slams. Also the advent of Planet ‘X’ into his eighth house in January next year would mean his best days are numbered.

    In short, the advent of younger, newer players and frequent injuries would prevent Nadal from becoming the greatest tennis player of all time.

  95. It is interesting to see who will get the year end no.1 for 2014 Federer or Novak …also can Federer could help in winning Davis cup for Switzerland in this year …

    1. hi Lisa, me too. A sad way to end a tournament. The culprit is Saturn (which rules the spine/back) currently conjunct his Moon/Uranus conjunction for the third and final time. Saturn’s moving relatively quickly at the moment so it will be out of orb by the end of November. I’m hoping that because it’s Uranus, planet of unpredictability/surprises!, that it’s a one-off. When Uranus is involved, things tend not to last as it’s the opposite energy to Saturn. best, Sally

      1. mars is transiting the ascendent degree of djokovic which has resulted in djokovic playing his best tennis. can you tell me which is the correct birth time of nadal. is it 18.17.30 or 18.25 thank you.

  96. Hi,

    I have made a prediction for today’s Davis Cup Final on my blog AstroArena. I am relatively, Federer will lose to Tsonga, probably in 5 sets, but Wawrinka has a good chance to win against Monfils in the final match. Probably Federer is too tired after yesterday and Friday against Monfils, when he lost 0-3, you could see that Federer was not really fit after struggles with his back.

    Today Roger has exactly trine Jupiter-Neptun.

    Here is the link:

    I have put in a short abstract in English. However, also if you don’t speak German, you may read the original version before making Google translation (Google translation also “translates” the English version which sounds a biz curious sometimes).

    Regards, Jannis

    1. Jannis, thanks for this. I haven’t been paying much attention to the astrology of the Davis Cup but did notice that Tsonga wasn’t playing against Federer on Sunday. Not sure why they changed it. Glad the Swiss won 🙂 I’m happy for Roger. best, Sally

  97. Yeah, this was a bit confusing. Now I analyzed a game that never has been played… But my prediction that Switzerland will be the winner of Davis Cup (Jupiter trine Neptun of Federer) was right at the end;-)

  98. Can’t believe it is almost AO time again. Are you going to be doing any predictions again this year Sally? Anxiously waiting !

    1. Christmas was simple and restful. Thank you, Deidre. I am not currently planning a prediction for the tennis. If I feel pulled towards it, I shall but otherwise no I won’t be writing them this year. Sorry to disappoint. best, Sally

  99. Hi Sally

    you’re prediction entertain the entire tennis wrold from east to west.Please don’t disappoint,I hope you’re astrology will tend to do prediction in this australian open and also the entire 2015.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    C Brown

  100. James Green –

    Now that the draw is done what do you think of Rafa’s chances??? Thx!!

    Sally – I miss your predictions! Wish you did them :((

    1. ANA nadal has got one very good and one very bad transit. transit saturn in the 8th from natal moon is very bad and usually results in ill health and disappointments. jupiter transits close to his mc which is normally good for for winning in competitions. moreover nadals birthtime has to be either 18.17.30 or 18.25 and cannot be 18.20 which is the given time. therefore it is difficult to predict about nadal though i will say he is one of the strong contenders astrologically.djokovic also has got a good chance as mars is in a trine from his mc and jupiter is in square from his mc. but saturn transiting his 7th from his natal sun can trip him. i do not think federer and murray can win ao 2015.may be it will be a nole rafa final. waiting with fingere crossed.

  101. Even if Sally is no longer doing predictions, I think that are a few of you who are into astrology as well. What are your predictions?

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