Mercury Opposite Uranus: What’s Changing In Your Life?

road sign with arrows and question marksThis weekend just gone there was a Mercury-Uranus opposition in the heavens on Saturday 13th September 2014, exact at 09:16 BST. It felt entirely appropriate that I was at the Astrological Association Conference listening to lectures by astrologers from different schools of thought.

In traditional astrology, Mercury represented the astrologer, the messenger of the Gods who was capable of passing between different worlds or realms. In modern astrology, Uranus, the planet of unconventionality, is linked to the astrologer who stands outside of conventional culture and dares to walk the path less travelled. Through the astrology chart and the astrologer’s intervention, the power of symbol comes alive and the chart ‘speaks’ to you. You’re able to access a new way of thinking, a fresh perspective and how Mercury-Uranus is that?

Oppositions are challenging however and at times over the weekend I found it hard to discriminate between the many different ways of looking at and talking about astrology. We had traditional astrology, divination, Sun Sign astrology, modern astrology, Chiron, lunar lore, etc. etc. Changing my own mind about what works, what doesn’t, what’s right, what’s wrong was ongoing and at times left me feeling shaken and disconnected.

This is a perfect example of the Mercury-Uranus opposition. It raises questions but doesn’t always offer answers. You think you know what you want, then you change your mind. You look at life or an issue from one angle and then try a different angle. It can be fun and enlightening but also potentially frustrating and confusing.

For you personally this is a time when it helps to be clear about what your issue is even if you know you can’t quite sort things out in your own head at the moment. This is because the Mercury-Uranus opposition fell across the Aries-Libra axis at 15 degrees and this point of the zodiac is being triggered more than once over the next few months.

Mercury Retrograde & A Couple of Eclipses

There are couple of reasons for this. Firstly, Mercury entered it’s shadow period this weekend, i.e. it moved to 16 Libra in the zodiac, the exact same degree and sign where Mercury turns direct on October 25th 2014 after a 3 week retrograde period (which begins on October 4th 2014- plan accordingly!). Plus on October 8th 2014, there’s a Lunar Eclipse in the heavens, effectively a Full Moon with extra oomph, and this too falls across the Aries-Libra axis at 15 degrees 05.

Six months later, there’s a ‘return match’ Lunar Eclipse on April 4th 2015 which is a mirror image of October’s eclipse. It too cuts across the Aries-Libra axis with the Moon at 14 Libra 24 and both eclipses have Uranus in tow.

So these mid-cardinal sign degrees are powerful not only now and for the next six weeks but for a longer cycle as well: the cardinal signs are Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn. Be aware that you may need to change your way of thinking now and when Uranus is in action, it’s hard for things to remain static or constant. Uranus is an unpredictable energy that thrives on experimentation and embracing what’s new.

A New Way of Thinking

It may be within the arena of relationships that new thinking benefits you as Libra is the sign of relating. I can already feel this shift in my own life as I ponder how to change things in my own relationship. Not a great deal but tweaks are needed. Is it more powerful to try and change the other person’s behaviour (Libra) or to change your own (Aries). I suspect a bit of both.

All forms of writing and communication may require analysis or fresh thought too, looking at what you do from a different angle and experimenting with new ways of getting your message across or being heard. View this as an ongoing process and be guided by life.

You can’t stay put when Uranus shakes things up and there’s no point trying to hold tight to beliefs or opinions if they’re no longer working for you. The world may also benefit from looking at old problems through a new lens and in your own life be willing to  see things differently. An open mind is a perfect way to access the Mercury/Uranus vibe.

Listen Out For Guidance

Finally listen out for guidance and life intervening to point you in a new direction. This Mercury/Uranus opposition isn’t only about conventional thinking but is a direct line to a higher cosmic order and a chance to break through or push the boundaries of reality. Call it your inner voice, God, spirit, prophecy, whatever works for you and look out for symbols in your own life that offer meaning.

The next few months may not be the smoothest of transitions especially if you have key planets or angles in the middle of the cardinal signs. Yet, if you know what’s ripe for change in your own life, here’s your opportunity to make progress, ready or not.

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