Libra Monthly Stars October 2012

Libra MandalaAs October begins, you’re gearing up for a momentous planetary event, the departure of Saturn from Libra’s skies. Hoorah! This takes place on the 5th and as Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, has been in Libra since 2009, you may already know how and why you’re going to celebrate.

OK, the plus side of Saturn is commitment and responsibility and Saturn does excel in Libra as it can create shape and form and beautiful things and be just and fair, but let’s face it, Saturn’s also a heavy weight for you lovely Librans. If you’ve been under the weather, under the cosh or simply under par, life should start to feel easier and breezier as October continues.

It is important, however, to take an honest look at the last couple of years and see where things have changed and what you now want to be different. There may be a need to complete a chapter in your life and create some kind of ritual so you can say goodbye to Saturn and move on. It’s about metaphorically closing a door and with Mercury, planet of communication, by Saturn’s side, about having an important conversation with yourself.

This is your birthday month and the Sun remains in Libra until the 23rd so plenty of reason and opportunity to celebrate and enjoy yourself. Key dates for you are the 9th when the Sun teams up with Jupiter in the heavens and the 15th when there’s a glorious New Moon in your sign. This is about freedom and feels light and uplifting.

The New Moon is the symbolic start of a new chapter so fits in perfectly with Saturn’s closing of doors 10 days beforehand. Launch the new you on the 15th, raise your profile, have a makeover, let people know who you are and what you’re about. Once Venus, your ruling planet, enters Libra on the 28th, be ready to enjoy a popular few weeks when you can take centre stage and show off to your utmost.

For most of the month, Venus is in the sign before yours, Virgo, where it moves on the 3rd. This suggests you need a chance to retreat and create some quiet time in your life. It also follows the theme of endings, of consolidating what you’ve done so far, in order for to start with a clean slate and move on. Any kind of relaxation or meditation work benefits you with Venus hidden away in your chart.

The area of your life that requires your focus now is money as Saturn moves into your cash sector on the 5th and will remain there for some time. Conversations about money are key and whatever issue you need to address, start negotiations sooner rather than later. With Saturn in Scorpio, this is about planning for the future so create a business plan, track your budget and get on top of money matters. Don’t just fritter money away but consider where it goes and how much goes out and comes in every week and month. This is where you need to take your ‘get real, get serious’ attitude into finances, money-making and improving your income.

On the 11th, Saturn trines with Neptune in the heavens and this is an important date to consider how you work and where you can spend your time most effectively. Neptune is in Pisces and your work and health sector. It feels dreamy, romantic and very creative but Neptune lacks boundaries whereas Saturn thrives on commitment, good time management and self discipline.

If you want to change your lifestyle in anyway, whether this includes eating healthier, incorporating regular exercise into your routine or finding a work rhythm that focuses on your peak performance times, here’s your chance. If you spend most of the day wafting around in a romantic haze, you won’t achieve your goals – simples. So bring some structure and foundation to your everyday life to boost your optimum success levels.

Finally, Mars, your partner planet, is roaring ahead in Sagittarius, full of energy and enthusiasm. This is lovely for those of you who are married or in a steady relationship as your love life gets an extra oomph. However, do be aware that you and your partner may be out of sync as your planet Venus needs some quiet time, to be thoughtful and contemplative. Mars wants action and adventure so do your best Libran negotiating and as always, remember that the best relationships are built on compromise from both sides.

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