Scorpio Monthly Stars October 2012

Scorpio MandalaIt’s a powerful start to the month as Mars, your ruling planet, completes its journey through your sign of Scorpio. The spotlight’s on your personal goals and ambitions and what you want to achieve for yourself. Scorpio rules your 1st house and this is about your appearance as well as your profile and image.

On the 5th, Mars is joined by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens. The pressure’s on and the desire to perform and make something of yourself takes hold. If you’re a typical Scorpio, you know that focus, hard work and dedication bring rewards and as Saturn remains in Scorpio until 2015, here’s your chance to begin a 2 or 3 year project that will transform your life.

Whilst Saturn’s in Scorpio it remains in “mutual reception” with your second ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn. Mutual reception means that these two planets are in each other’s signs – Saturn’s linked with Capricorn and Pluto with Scorpio. So they work together in unison and this is not only about laying strong foundations, it also goes one step further and suggests a kind of rebirth, transforming who you are and how the world sees you. It will be interesting to see which Scorpios rise to the top in the world over the next couple of years.

Saturn isn’t a pretty planet, however, by any means and for some this may mean facing difficult experiences that test you. However, yours is the sign of the survivor and you often grow stronger through facing up to the tough times, dealing with them and ultimately overcoming them. Many Scorpios shed a skin throughout their lifetimes, wipe the slate clean and start over.

Back to this month and the focus is on asking for what you want and sharing your knowledge and expertise, and the 9th and 10th look powerful for a key conversation or negotiation that moves you forward. It’s an excellent month to turn to your female friends for support and inspiration and to share your ideas with them.

In fact, the more you can get done or set in motion this month the better as Mercury turns retrograde in November which suggests a theme of backtracking or needing to review your situation. This is the month, October, to pick up the pace and make things happen.

Your planet Mars also speeds up as the month progresses as it moves into Sagittarius and your money sector on the 7th. There’s an urgency to financial matters this month and you may realise that if you move fast you have a chance to substantially improve your earnings. It also feels lucky for you although you do have to take care not to be overly generous or spend money before it’s in your pocket. The charitable planets Jupiter and Neptune both clash with Mars this month so check your impulsiveness and ensure that when you give, you can afford it and that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

The 15th looks wonderful if you’re seeking work or a new job when Mars teams up with Uranus in your work sector. This is a great day to take a risk and with a New Moon on the same day, it’s wonderful for creating new intentions or beginning a new project.

When it comes to love, the most important date is the 29th when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Passion and commitment are key to your marriage or long-term partnership now and this is your chance to prove your love. It’s rare for you to be in a superficial relationship as you need a deep connection with a fellow human being to feel complete.

Once again this month, however, your planet Mars and your partner planet Venus are out of sync. Bear this in mind and learn to compromise so you meet both sets of needs. Don’t put a lot of pressure on a relationship at this time but focus more on yourself, your own ambitions and how to turn your dreams into reality.

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