In The Eye Of The Eclipse: Julian Assange

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The next eclipse takes place this week, on July 2nd. As I was looking at people with birthdays on or around this date, I came across the horoscope for Julian Assange (born July 3rd, 1971).

Assange is the founder of Wikileaks (2006) who was granted political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012. Asylum was withdrawn earlier this year, he was arrested and is currently in Belmarsh Prison awaiting extradition to the USA.

Assange Horoscope

I’ve posted Assange’ birth chart below which very quickly reveals how extraordinary this man is – note the loaded angles for starters. Assange had an eclectic childhood shown by Mars in Aquarius on the IC, which also alludes to his incarceration. Jupiter is his ruling planet in the sign of secrets, Scorpio, next to illusory Neptune in the sign of truth, Sagittarius.

Both planets are in the hidden 12th house – the house of self-undoing/prison – but were rising at his birth. There are so many rumours around Julian Assange, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

Also, note Saturn in Gemini, the sign of the writer, on the Descendant opposing the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Assange has won many awards for his journalism and he was Time Person of the Year in 2010. This was a pivotal year in his life when sexual accusations were made against him and Wikileaks exposed thousands of US government documents.

Yet, what’s unique about Assange is that he divides opinion. He has huge support from many people but attracts major opposition too. He is both loved and admired, hated and ostracised. Some people view him as a criminal, other people see him as a victim of injustice.

In The Eye Of The Eclipse

2010 was the last Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle. What caught my attention right now is the position of his Sun Cancer. This week’s Solar Eclipse falls at 10 Cancer 38, exactly cazimi Assange’s Sun.

Plus, to add to the intensity, his natal Mercury is at 24 Cancer 03 and the coming Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019 falls at 24 Cancer 04. Assange is right now in the eye of the eclipse.

Julian Assange: The Debate

To add to the eclipse symbolism, there’s a ‘sold out’ debate on Assange’ legacy and future in London which takes place on…. July 2nd, 2019 at 7:30pm. The Solar Eclipse is exact on July 2nd, 2019 at 8:16pm (BST). In the eye of the eclipse? Absolutely. I’d love to have a ticket to be there.

Extradition Hearing

Assange will face a full extradition hearing next February, 2020. This month’s Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn pulls in Pluto, currently at 22 degrees Capricorn. On February 21, 2020, Pluto will exactly oppose Assange’s natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 03 for the first time.

His extradition hearing is scheduled for February 25, 2020. The astrology hints that Assange’s case is once again going to arouse strong opposition – Mercury is ruler of his Gemini Descendant . It’s going to be hard to escape that Pluto in Capricorn – the power of authority.

Pamela Anderson

Also, when I was reading about Assange, I saw that he has a fervent supporter in the actress and model, Pamela Anderson, who’s visited him in jail. Anderson’s birthday? July 1st, 1967, making her a fellow Sun Cancer in the eye of the eclipse.

Anyone else with a birthday in the first few days of July rocketing to fame or making a name for themselves?

Julian Assange Horoscope

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  1. Andries H. Cats

    Julian P. Assange.

    Rectified birthtime 14h,59m07s0.

    Progressive aspects according the Gieles minus 1 system.

    11 April and 23 September 2019 are connected by Neptune 45 degrees Asc. mutual and Neptune 45 degrees Ascendant.

    Dutch language.

    1-Apr-2019 -03°,33’31 MC # C-11
    5-Apr-2019 +20°,31’21 Maan # Asc
    11-Apr-2019 000°,18’56 Boogsch. Nep 45 OND Asc
    18-Apr-2019 022°,58’37 Leeuw Ven 150 C–3
    26-Apr-2019 +15°,02’30 Ven // OND Plu

    14-Mei-2019 007°,42’08 Vissen C–3 120 Maan
    22-Mei-2019 015°,24’50 Steenbok Asc 60 AR05
    26-Mei-2019 025°,28’52 Leeuw Zon 60 Ven

    30-Jun-2019 005°,40’56 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Sat

    1-Jul-2019 007°,50’00 Vissen C–3 135 AR01
    6-Jul-2019 013°,46’13 Waterman Drac 60 Chei
    10-Jul-2019 006°,01’26 Leeuw Maan 45 C-11
    26-Jul-2019 025°,38’34 Leeuw Zon 45 Zon
    29-Jul-2019 +19°,17’53 Maan // OND Sat

    2-Aug-2019 015°,24’50 Boogsch. C-12 90 AR05
    3-Aug-2019 006°,49’48 Leeuw Maan * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MAAN )
    12-Aug-2019 007°,08’35 Leeuw Maan * NORTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    22-Aug-2019 007°,58’37 Vissen C–3 45 C–3
    24-Aug-2019 +18°,58’26 Maan # Mars
    26-Aug-2019 +18°,56’45 Maan # Maan
    29-Aug-2019 007°,42’08 Leeuw Maan 90 Maan

    2-Sep-2019 -15°,44’30 C-11 # Plu
    7-Sep-2019 008°,01’13 Leeuw Maan 150 OND C–3
    11-Sep-2019 +14°,53’37 Ven // MC
    11-Sep-2019 010°,28’52 Waterman C–2 135 Ven
    14-Sep-2019 025°,46’26 Leeuw Zon 60 AR09
    15-Sep-2019 +18°,41’42 Maan # Jup
    16-Sep-2019 008°,19’22 Leeuw Maan * SOUTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    19-Sep-2019 +18°,38’31 Maan // Sat
    20-Sep-2019 +18°,38’02 Maan # Nep
    22-Sep-2019 008°,31’59 Leeuw Maan 30 OND Merc
    23-Sep-2019 014°,39’16 Waterman Mars 135 ZMnT
    23-Sep-2019 015°,42’37 Steenbok Asc 45 Nep

    11-Okt-2019 009°,32’28 Weegsch. MC 0 Ura
    12-Okt-2019 009°,32’37 Weegsch. MC * VINDEMIATRIX (SAT – MERC )
    17-Okt-2019 -03°,47’16 Ura // OND MC
    22-Okt-2019 009°,32’28 Leeuw Maan 60 Ura
    23-Okt-2019 009°,34’36 Leeuw Maan 60 OND MC
    23-Okt-2019 013°,08’30 Scorpio C-11 45 C–2

    15-Nov-2019 010°,38’34 Waterman C–2 150 Zon
    19-Nov-2019 010°,28’52 Leeuw Maan 45 Ven
    24-Nov-2019 010°,38’34 Leeuw Maan 30 Zon
    24-Nov-2019 010°,39’57 Leeuw Maan 180 OND C–2
    27-Nov-2019 010°,46’26 Leeuw Maan 45 AR09

    7-Dec-2019 011°,05’22 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Ura
    21-Dec-2019 009°,44’51 Weegsch. MC * CAPHIR (MERC – VENUS )
    22-Dec-2019 028°,18’35 Maagd Plu 45 OND C-11

    6-Jan-2020 008°,21’09 Maagd Merc 180 OND C–3
    6-Jan-2020 010°,46’26 Waterman C–2 135 AR09
    7-Jan-2020 012°,09’26 Leeuw Maan 45 Plu
    8-Jan-2020 012°,11’40 Leeuw Maan 90 AR03
    14-Jan-2020 026°,05’41 Leeuw Zon 45 OND Ura
    16-Jan-2020 012°,26’50 Leeuw Maan 30 ZwZn

    5-Feb-2020 013°,08’30 Leeuw Maan 135 C–2
    8-Feb-2020 013°,14’35 Leeuw Maan * ACUBENS (SAT – MERC )
    10-Feb-2020 013°,18’51 Leeuw Maan 45 OND Plu
    15-Feb-2020 013°,27’57 Leeuw Maan 90 OND C-11
    15-Feb-2020 -18°,56’45 Jup // Maan
    20-Feb-2020 008°,28’31 Vissen C–3 * SKAT (SAT – JUP )
    23-Feb-2020 013°,44’12 Leeuw Maan 180 OND Drac
    24-Feb-2020 013°,46’13 Leeuw Maan 120 Chei
    26-Feb-2020 013°,50’50 Leeuw Maan 135 Pars

    2-Mrt-2020 014°,00’32 Leeuw Maan 120 AR02
    7-Mrt-2020 024°,04’34 Leeuw Ven 30 Merc
    18-Mrt-2020 014°,32’23 Leeuw Maan 180 OND Mars
    21-Mrt-2020 014°,39’16 Leeuw Maan 45 ZMnT
    30-Mrt-2020 014°,58’24 Leeuw Maan 45 AR12

    11-Apr-2020 015°,22’58 Leeuw Maan 135 AR07
    22-Apr-2020 +15°,58’00 Maan # Drac

    3-Mei-2020 016°,07’18 Leeuw Maan 120 OND C-12
    7-Mei-2020 016°,15’24 Leeuw Maan 150 OND Asc
    7-Mei-2020 016°,15’33 Leeuw Maan 180 Drac
    8-Mei-2020 016°,15’33 Steenbok Asc 30 Drac
    10-Mei-2020 +15°,44’30 Maan // Plu
    16-Mei-2020 013°,43’29 Waterman Drac 90 OND C-11
    21-Mei-2020 011°,06’42 Weegsch. Ura 120 OND C–2
    23-Mei-2020 -15°,58’00 C-11 // Drac

    1-Jun-2020 013°,46’13 Scorpio C-11 150 Chei
    14-Jun-2020 026°,29’49 Leeuw Zon 60 C-12
    21-Jun-2020 013°,49’33 Stier C–5 * ALMACH (VENUS – )
    26-Jun-2020 016°,15’33 Boogsch. C-12 60 Drac
    29-Jun-2020 013°,50’50 Scorpio C-11 135 Pars

    2-Jul-2020 018°,09’43 Leeuw Maan 0 AR06

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